BLEACH; After 13 Years

Last night marked a really special time stamp for me. First, I finally found out the actual beginning of BLEACH, got clear of a couple of things and still, enough room is left for me to return to the story one day.

Following post probably contains spoilers, depends on how much you are into the story.

SOOO! Back in 2005 I started watching BLEACH, but for some reason I skipped the first or first few episodes. It was a legal trend to download Anime back then, probably I couldn’t get them or something.

Then I got through hundreds of episodes until how Shinigami mixes with Hollows and all those. I never knew why Ichigo (and his friends) was suddenly made human Shinigami and *GASP* what on earth did poor Rukia did to deserve death penalty back in Soul Society.

  • Shinigami = Death Gods (a little like grim reapers, tidy up lost souls, corrupted souls)
  • Hollows = Corrupted souls who go around eating high spiritual individuals or souls.

Apparently Rukia had a crippling injury while fighting a Hollow (she was protecting Ichigo) and she was just moments into begin eaten. Rukia got a smart plan to temporary make Ichigo a Shinigami by giving him some powers so he can slay that bloody hollow.

Who knows~~ Ichigo was too powerful and managed to take all of Rukia’s power but was too weak to easily return them.

The lapse in power return got the 6th Captain, also Rukia’s adoptive brother (as in the Cap adopted Rukia), to found out what happened and she was later turned in to be executed for this crime.

I once asked a friend to give me a summary of BLEACH and in the end she told me that Ichigo got together with Orihime and fans all went bonkers. I thought it was just a way to be politically correct or just something to irritate fans.

Only last night I get what happened.

Technically Rukia is some old soul, probably 2,000 years older. And Ichigo’s love initially stemmed from Ichigo’s innate telling that Rukia is an old child train as an assassin and could do with some human affection.

It was never romantic, at least from the start, it was just Ichigo’s innocent way of wanting to protect someone rather unfortunate (never got friends, never led a normal life) in Rukia’s shoes.

So, judging from all these, it is natural that this pure relation never blossomed into love.


Recent Diet & Super Powers and Etc~ <3

Recently I started to feel not properly fueled so I asked on IG what to do.

S recommend putting in meat for breakfast and after 3 days of super fuel, I got sick with the increased meat in-take. Anyway, S was so nice to help me out. Knew him for 4 years and this was the first we talked for so long.

Got me to see that we only got this much time, and each second spent with one person means not spending the second with another.

Been going around to different gyms and I am loving it all so far.

View from Cathay.


A nice trainer said Hi and talked to me a little today. So, the gym here was set up since 2008. A whooping 10 years ago. They still use key for locking lockers and equipment has no fancy internet screens. Whoooo but the floor to ceiling window is THE bombz~ ❤


Health took a sharp turn to goodness.

These days eating is a happy thing, like I just naturally feel 80% full after each meal. And everything is x100 times more flavourful.

I was having Anime background of joy and wonder as I ate this.

I used to dine here often with some “bffs”. Looking back now, they were folks who always feel bad about life. And I never heard any congratulatory words from them. Being happy got them to feel grumpy and I always had to make myself small to fit in.

Life is a beautiful thing. Often we make the choices to be with the sub-standards.

It took me till 31 to see this, don’t be me.

Make the effort to work your life out today.

The Universe has your back!

Showering after exercise also didn’t get me to be sick. Immunity PLUS!!!


Pleasant surprise that this has some bit of mustard spread. OISHII!!


Caught Johhny English and Mr Bean saved the day11 ❤ ❤ ❤


My JLPT N2 Preparatory Class – Term 1 ended and we got this Kanji list.

10 weeks of intense classes and more to come! I shall 絶対 pass my JLPT.

Speaking of which, last year around this time, a friend got into a flying rage and demanded that I drop my Japanese studies should I don’t get my N2 again.

I got 50% for my mock test for the first time a few weeks back.

Can you imagine how many people my ex-friend probably ruined?

I notice that there are folks who have no idea about their own lives but chose to and love to go interfere with others’.

After studying the language for 12, TWELVE years, I would say, to regular casual learners, it is absolutely normal to still hang around the Pre-Advance for years. I mean, let’s be practical, we have been at our mother tongue/ first language for our whole lives and yet we developed slangs and colloquial that drives teachers mad and writing and giving a speech is still a struggle for most of us. Let alone going only for weekly classes and no other practices.

I am not saying that one cannot master a language in say, 2 years, just that you know… I am happy with all that I achieved.

Through learning Japanese I gained so much that it takes me at least a few weeks (or forever) to talk about it all.

Of course I don’t mean dropping it all, but we never know when that ONE DAY will come about. Don’t go tell someone to drop their dreams just bcoz you lost yours. Go deal with your own life.



Carbonated pure water. I am drinking them like a kid drinking Coke. MAN!! Where have you been all me life!!!! ❤


So darn glad that I got my binding machine. My notes are piling up! ❤

Found these in my school’s Manga library. Woohooo~~ I be going there on a non-school day just to read them all. :3 Teeeheeheee~~~

Ok, I don’t agree to fighting and violence and I know that the WORST and CROWS series are a lot more dark than what movies/anime depicted, but true enough, I am attracted by the base idea that these boys compete on the basis of raw power. No backstabbings and tricks.



Off to do my 2nd wind workout!

Love and light to all!!!


Express Train

I went for Abe Sensei’s Thursday class last night.

Including me, there were only 2 other people and one of them were late due to work.

I have always heard about this Thursday class from Abe Sensei and it seems like they were a bunch of very lively people. I was really surprised that it was actually such a small class.

I didn’t get the occupation of the lady but the dude is a teacher. Immediately I remember about Morgan Sensei. He holds me so dear, he feels glad every time I get to interact with folks of great background.

It was also the first time I had so much discussion in class.

Before class I chatted a little with Abe Sensei and she now knows that I visited Chatan High School becoz of Orange Range. Ha~ Ha~ Ha~ ❤

Probably half kidding-ly, Sensei told me to occasionally join this class as there are still not much people coming in. I thought it this sounds fun. Who knows. :3

I am so happy and grateful to be going for TERM 2 of my JLPT preparatory class, I had thought that I might drop out after one term.



Sat through 9 real JLPTs and about 100+ mock tests and woohoo!!! FIRST TIME!


Next, progression with my health!

And before I start, that is RYUKYU spice milk tea. Okinawa is always calling. ❤ SOON.


So, suddenly I got it that I can always go to a gym near my school on Sundays. Viva gym membership!

Went to the one at Paragon and didn’t find the Octane Lateral X and got on another Octane that mimicked hiking move. I forgot the model but I felt like I was on some Sci-Fi suit. xD

With all the thing I am lugging, I am thinking of getting a nice mini luggage for all.


And diet!

After about a month, I begun to feel really tired although I am having enough sleep and all. An old friend told me that I can add meat and veggies into my breakfast.

This at first felt counter-intuitive, like why should I eat more when I am working on losing weight.

But, without the fuel, there is not much I can do either.

Added meat and veggies to my breakfast today and I am so good!!! Also made my own lunch of spinach, salmon and button mushroom pasta. Did everything within an hour. WOohoo me!

I am 1.5kg to getting back in the 60kg range. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT??!?!! I am so motivated! ❤

So Grateful & Thankful

I think it was yesterday.

While sulking again that this blog never really “took off,” I was hit with a gentle wave of, no Yuxing, be grateful and thankful that this blog is acting as a letter for you to people who get to read you. Without it, my world would be a much smaller place.

My back and bit of neck got strained AGAIN after a dumbbell routine. ;___; I really wonder what happened. My only conclusion is that is those times when things mysteriously act up a bit to see if I really want to embark on this fitness journey.

I still can go for walks though! Planning on to walk 3 – 5km daily. Gotta train for Hamahiga Island. ❤

A funny thing happened. Apparently I have been “cycling” on the Octane Lateral X the opposite way. It was only by accidental that I get that I can go forward. AND WOW! It became that I am relearning the whole thing again.

FOOD! How can I forget about this. After a month of smaller portions, I ate chicken fillets and a bowl of spinach and mushroom pasta. It has come to a point where my exercises has burnt enough energy to have me feeling so hungry after a gym session. One night Mum got me a HUGE bowl of pasta, I was struggling a little to eat them up but didn’t want to just leave less than a serving of leftovers around.

However, 30 – 40 minutes after consuming… I felt genuine hunger again. Good that it was bedtime by then so I slept.

Blog posts are so much about my gym stuff for the past month. And I am happy about it, it is a real big thing for me. I always, always want to do more with this body and it took me till now. I released a whooping 4 kg since the start! =D

Meanwhile I am getting great improvements on my Japanese studies. Some were really breakthrough-ish. Stuff like passing the reading comprehension component for the first time.

Sundays and Feel-Good-Days

While I was at the Kinjo-cho Ishidatami (ancient stone path in Okinawa, Japan) last year, I passed by a local cafe that only opens on Sundays and Feel-Good-Days. Literally in scripted on their signboard.

Honestly, and totally rather pompous of me, I thought that was just kinda lazy.

I don’t know what hardened me so much to not even think of it as a fun thing. Maybe I was too overwhelmed by not being to visit that magical cafe that day and/or that I was upset that I already knew I was too lazy to go back again on a Sunday and walked those steep stone paths again.

Fast forward now, I made a change to my Sunday morning class again last Sunday.

And it felt good.

It felt sO good to be able to change schedules just like that.

SO. So. Sooooo. SOOOOoOoOOooo. F-R-E-E-I-N-G.

Immediately I thought back upon the cafe I came across. I did the same thing, I only turn up for class on my own feel-good-days.

Then download came, I bought and sold myself the idea that one has to keep being busy to be qualified as successful. And I was making myself miserable with that.

I remember seeing a cat brushed itself against the cafe’s wooden door before stopping in the middle of the ancient stone path and backfaced me.


Probably that sentient being was trying to make me remember this whole thing more vividly. And there is a beautiful saying that if one turn back to look at a place when they are leaving, happen will it be that they will again find themselves returned back to the same place. ❤

WWIT? ❤ With all my heart! ❤

Gym Days and Life and I Caught my First Cold in YEARS

I remember a period in primary (elementary) school where I will fall sick before the school year. It could be excitement or just stress. But I don’t remember feeling stress at those times. Or that year end/start are the colder days and so I get sick-ish.

I read that sometimes our bodies can start to manifest pain/illness if we *know* that something not to the best of our interest is coming up. Weird huh. Like how some folks get completely cured once they are able to drop certain emotions.

I also remember getting sick during some stressful times in school.

Anyway, during this ONE day of under the weather, I was able to look and face things that I had usually ignored. Sometimes we built walls so high, we forgot that there is a whole other side over there.

Ain’t 2018 a year of mind and body change!! LOVE IT!


Forgiveness has always been an interesting topic to me.

It is very, VERY easy for me to forgive (I can say I almost don’t care) things like a restaurant staff who didn’t help usher us in. Probably she is mad that the greeter is not doing his/her job or simply it is just a local cultural thing that when there is space diners can just walk in.

What I can never let go is prolonged deliberate hurt-inducing behaviours from people.

Frankly I get the concept that often people held on to these anger mainly they are still missing/needing the remediation from the aggressor. And I too know that, like how the famous saying goes, all these anger are like drinking poison and hoping that the other party will get it.

It could also be that for example, a boss has been on-going mad coz revenue is not coming in and being inexperienced herself, is so stressed out that they go bonkers. Yet… forgiveness is still hard for me to generate.

I can see the final picture of myself being free, and the other person live their life, I can see how much more awesome I can be, yet… How do I forgive this latter kind of aggression?

The last redeeming thing that made me want to forgive is really that, by holding on to this hurt, I am just making myself stuck.

And a beautiful story about it goes like this; well, after all they say each of us is guarded by angels.

A few days back I was reading mails on Mr Mick’s site (read them here!) and in the middle of it, Jack from the UA programme linked me a mixtape on Okinawan music.

Then it all came to me.

Should one day I meet nice folks like Mr Mick and Jack or just any dear person in my life, NO WAY AM I GONNA BRING AROUND THE NEGATIVE ENERGIES OF PEOPLE WHO DID ME WRONG WITH ME.

And… I can only forgive. Or rather, I am SO freaking willing to not carry this with me. Yes, perhaps I will remember the incidents. I will still freaking push them off a cliff (if possible and they will be fine and only my anger get release!) but I am aiming at that their energy is NEVER going to have any effects on me. And I can only do this within me.


Since I am buying more groceries these days, I contribute to at least 120% of the plastic bags at home.

Turning to re-usable bags and this looks like a singlet to differentiate sports teams. xD


Meanwhile I am reaping really good results from my Japanese classes.

  • Listening Round 1: 46/100
  • Listening Round 2: 48/100
  • Listening Round 3: 78/100


I really think that the more we release the dense energies stuck on us, the smoother we go about in life.

Yet, at times taking the first step already seems scary. And after so many years of having gunk stuck around, many folks probably developed the, WHY BOTHER belief.

So many times people have to get pushed to rock bottom before they change route.

I have now begun to really choose my associates. It is still hard for me to move into this new pattern but yeah. I think one of the worst thing that can happen is being attached to friends/partners or people who are close hat don’t want to bump up when you really, REALLY want to give yourself a lift in life.

I don’t mean ditching people and/or refusing to help others and turn into a nasty person, but really, my own happiness and profit (not just money wise) will also come in equally, if not more important.

For we can only love others to the degree we love ourselves.

Whenever I thought of this, I will remember Morgan Sensei, a modest and simple man. Yet, he can always hold me in my highest version. I don’t think someone can be called a friend just bcoz I have things I want to do for myself in my life and they just think that they don’t like it.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the life one wants to have for oneself. It only become sad when this person begun to dislike his/her life so much that they can only find solace in interrupting with others’ life and telling them what to do.



My notes for my JLPT N2 Preparatory class had gotten thick enough for me to use this document case. The interesting thing is, it just came to me last week that I need not skip a day of gym on Sundays just because I have classes, I can totally go to the nearest gym around my school. =D



Totally forgot that my N2 mock test was last week. And thank goodness I was running late and so I pushed my Sunday’s morning class to Monday’s night. If not I would have spent the whole day in school.

And thank goodness that I bought some snacks to eat before the intended gym session. There was only a 30 minutes break between my last class and the 2 hr 45 mins mock test.


I have now moved to resistant 2 on the gym bike. From 20km to 5km. So lesser time to watch longer videos.

Prof Rao (I know he is a Dr!)’s class was the first lesson I took in Mindvalley. And it changed my life a lot.

Many times a lot of things are not what it seems and we actually have more control than we think.

I think one of the greatest gift we can give to our children (or just others in general) is that while we are the care-taker/guardian/buddy, our children/friend get to live their own lives and fly on their own paths.

It is a thing to see how much parents can actually affect a child. Or how friends influenced each other.

So many times people are not ready and what they passed on to their kids are just painful to watch. It is said that children usually think that it is THEIR fault if their parents divorced. And they carried with them the notion of not being enough with them into adulthood and beyond.


Some protein intake after gym on Monday. And great news!!!

  • My old shirt is now flowing down my hips, previously it was stuck around the hips.
  • L-Sized thights waistband are loose on first wear.
  • Even my M-sized pants are getting loose. WOOHOO!!!
  • Clothing is all looser now.
  • Face is more defined now.
  • I am upping the resistant on my gym equipment. ❤

It is a whole new thing when I start to love myself more.

Yes, why had I chosen to go around with those extra weight and felt unhappy all the time?!!!


I met Iwata Sensei (my pre-class teacher) in the lift on Monday’s evening when I was going for my regular class replacement.

I remember her asking if I am taking the PRE-advance class and I said yes. However when she mentioned that the compositions are difficult ne, I immediately said I am still in PRE-advance. Thinking that Iwata Sensei probably thought that I am in the ADVANCE classes.

And finally! Our cute Abe Sensei told us that now that we are in Pre-Advance T-H-R-E-E~~ we are gonna start having composition homework.

Only at this point I remember that Iwata Sensei is someone who pretty much remember everything. And likely remember all of Abe Sensei’s curriculum.

There were many times when Iwata Sensei would say things like ” For N2 Grammar No. 96, please refer to N3 Grammar 33.” Like she taught for so long she just remembers everything and is able to link things like that.

Anyway, a beautiful story.

Coming from Shikoku, Iwata Sensei used to ring her neighbours’ doorbells and ask for fruits when the fruit trees in her neighbours’ garden bear fruits. Like this a common and do-able thing in where she came from.

Ain’t that beautiful.

I had wanted to draw a cherry tree with a young girl but pretty much all my time are resting after gym and listening to the UA recordings. It ain’t a bad thing. In fact I am so grateful and thankful for this period to shape up.

I know people all say the inner part matters, equally, your inner makes your outer. I know I am not at my best yet.

Slight bit of air-cons dries my skins and I got this since Cure’s dead skin removed is like THE BEST THING on earth.

I haven’t notice anything special on my face yet but…


I was just splashing this on a long-standing dry patch on my right ankle and toe nails.


The dry patch on my right ankle turned into soft skin just over night.

And all these while I have been putting on this other moisturising BUTTER thingy.



Free gift with the bra pads I got. I asked this online and a girl told me this is for coiling ear-piece wire.


Dinner with just Mum after her a casual check up.

I don’t mean this as a sad thing but as we age, Death just comes closer to us. I have older parents than most people and since young it was always a thing. Together with a couple other things, I always feel un-relate-able to people.

I read that this is why a lot of people gave up hope. Since they are conditioned so since they are kids, they grow up thinking that there are no solution for them in life.

But on the good side, folks like us found many awesome thing in our search to belong.

And talk about belonging. I begin to think that we can always be an “outsider” and still feel happy and belonged.

My Mum is quite the No. 1 person who cannot agree with me but still we live in harmony.

Gonna have some winter melon pie with tea now and may I keep finding things and people that makes my heart twang and I get to keep them.


Gym Attire and Stuff

Me after gym.


Current gym routine:

  • 6 minutes on the Octane Lateral X
  • 2.4 km walk
  • 2 km rowing
  • 2 km cycling

“Worst” injury so far.

So, yesterday I did 3 sets of 12 Overhead Triceps Extensions with a meager 3 kg dumbbell and I developed a back neck and mid back strain in the morning. I tried putting on Yoko Yoko and guess what!! I couldn’t lift my arms up and when I could, my flesh was burning after the application.

Took my Dad’s custom massage hammer and he thought he lost it. xD This thing is good!!!


Also! I was developing blisters from the rowing machine!!


My favourite machine so far. :3 Totally on a seat with back rest and a screen connected to the net. :3


Ok!! Gym clothing! Woohooo!!!

I am so in love with Decathlon! And there is a branch at Joo Koon now!! ❤ It was so lovely to go to the west side. I haven’t been there since 2009, when Joo Koon was still the furthest on the Green Line.

Decathlon was a super huge store and kids were just playing ping pong, trying the kick scooters and bikes and whatnots around. Pretty lovely. ❤

Purchase of the day!!!



I am SO ENTIRELY THRILLED that they still carry the Yoga pants I bought in 2016!! LOVES!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Almost bought half a dozen more. If I can only have one pair of pants for life, it will be this!! This is literally my dream pants! ❤

Got 2 other tights/leggings by Domyos too. Also, I am still finding it a tad shy-inducing to go around in tights although they are sO comfortable. Needa have a sexy body soon.

However, I still don’t recommend clothing with high cotton content for gym, especially if you perspire a lot. Get those mesh-y, quite dry types.


I thought I needed lighter weights until Ros got 3 kg bells for me. I am 168cm, not sure if weights of dumbbell goes with one’s height or one’s weight. Coz… I am at least 25 kg too heavy now. ROFL!!! And woohoooo!! I lost 3 kg already! 22 more to go. 25 kg is almost 6 months’ of rice that feeds my whole family of 4.

Also! I am so darn glad that they have the 3 kg bells in RED! ❤ ❤ ❤ Holding a 3 kg bell felt surreal bcoz… that means I had that extra weight hanging around previously. O__O


These are for the ladies I think, they all have brightly colour vinyl on them. There are the regular manly looking ones too. xD


I have really small hands and these fits me just nice.


Meanwhile the rowing machine is causing my fragile paws to blister and I got gloves!

I have no idea how to chose them but the description of these fit me the most.

Also I got L for these!! 不要再笑我小手了。



There are some light padding and ribbons connecting the middle fingers. I wonder what they are for. But really convenient for pulling my gloves out.


Got a new mesh base for washing them! ❤


That is all for now!