1st Haircut of 2018


My new, new year resolution is…

I mean another of my new year resolution is to keep my hair neat.

For some weeks my Mum had been asking if I am gonna cut my hair soon. And I wondered why.

Turned out, my hair is all overgrown, I could actually tie it. O__O!!!

Chat with Molly san was pleasant as always and look at the awesome snacks she got! ❤

A Japanese restaurant was being advertised over the radio and Molly showed me that it is from Osaka.



I managed to blog on a workday night. I am magic. xD ❤



C & X Art Project 2018: Artpeace 001

C & X = Chu and Xingible

And this is my first Artpeace for 201Eight!!


Mongol800 when they are 20?

They got together to form a band during their University days and have been together since.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Like, everything about it.


Sometime 2010.


2016, 2017.

明日のMONGOL800の一大イベント “800だよ♪ 全員集合!” in大阪 台風のため延期になっちゃいました‼︎ 悔しいですね… 沖縄なら台風当たる事は想定するけど、まさかの大阪で… 人間なんて小っぽけなもんです… 自然には敵いません! 800だよ、沖縄と東京でしかやってないから、是非大阪のみんなにも観てほしいんで、 10月11日(水)に難波Hachでリベンジです! 10月11日です‼︎ 詳細はコチラをご覧下さい。 また来週〜! http://www.800dayo.asia/2017/info3/ #800だよ全員集合 #MONGOL800 #赤犬 #浅草ジンタ #ドーベルマン #粒マスタード安次嶺

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There is something with Satoshi’s armpit, I am sure about it.

Takashi only grew cuter. He is sexy-cute. O__O

Yesterday there was one part of class where the children were shaking the hands of each other. Initially, with my adult thinking, I was wondering if they will dislike that, after all, it is still the 2nd lesson and everyone is not close yet.


Instead of the regular shaking hands, they were jumping up and down and the Futagos even did a 10x jumps!! They are just happy, like really happy about interacting with “strangers.”

It would be really amazing if we can all interact like this again. =D

Seeing people who have been together for a long time, I always got this burning question, how is life with such close friends around?

Love and light to everyone reading this!!! ❤

Hello Futago!

Futago = Twins

Prior to teaching, I have heard many (a bit too many) overly romantised sayings about children.

Or so I thought.

One of it is that children has all the limitless creativity and “regular education” kills it all more than anything.

Today we had some free time so we did Origami.

A little girl was telling me that she wants a FLYING SHIP.

Right about immediately I had it in my mind that it is impossible.

We did the boat as usual and I started the green bow as she went onto talking about it. I thought she just like the bow enough to remember it from last week.


She then got us to stapler the “bow” onto the boat.

“There, the ship has wings now.”


I did the same with my own materials to replicate what she did.

Frankly, I was so in awe. I had grew to adopt a set of ideas and mental models that when not challenged, seems REALLY apt, but also block me on many levels.

And this is the wonky eyes WITH LASHES I drew.


I would say eyes are quite one of the harder bits to draw and on the path to perfect it, I adopted every other style I find attractive. But really, at times we should just draw what we deem fit.

Chu said something which I love A LOT, yet it is a little strange to praise it here since it involves me. :333

As I mentioned before, Chu draws REALISTIC stuff. While I don’t think it is a bad thing (like how can that be even bad????!), Chu also mentioned that realistic stuff is what everyone can eventually do if they draw enough, in fact, she likes that I got a style of me own.


For about a month I was indulging in extremely sweeeeeet milk tea almost every morning, and sometimes also in the afternoon. And then, I just got sO sick of it all. I decide to go back to plain tea and I even gotten a Starbucks thermal cup.

It freaking cost $32.90 and I did felt foolish to pay such a price.

Turned out, it is practically magic. The only complaint is that condensate will form thickly on the cap and each time I open the cup to have a drink, I be drizzling Sakura flavoured water around.


The best thing is, just about ONE entire day, my clothing got looser. And I got back a lot of my energy.

Also at the same time, I am switching into healthy snacks like lightly salted roasted almonds and all.

What can I say, LIFE IS GOOD BABYYYYY!!!

Still, I have taken up a liking to sweet stuff. It may seems like a huge ass counter but I am not piling in a large quantity of sugar at one go. Plus, with such a happy heart, these snacks can only be good.


Bamboo shoots! I gotten the Mushroom version some while back and it was SO good. Folks on IG suggested getting the Bamboo shoots version and I thought I would NEED to go back to Japan again to get it.

The instant I found it at a SALES, I was the happiest person on earth.


Karinto Manju. It is basically a fried bun made with flour and brown sugar and with reallyyyy delicious red bean paste. It is a product of Fukushima Prefecture and I had thought it was from Okinawa since Okinawa’s brown sugar is often praised.

I think there is REALLY something about Japan and me, right about after I got this, I found my Meiji Bamboo Shoots.


What is your favourite doughnut? Mine is the old fashion glazed doughnut. I do love all the fancy new stuff, but it is still the regular ones that got me going back. It is true, as one grows older, the more old school they might find themselves to be.


Regarding the above, I have thought if it is because the pace of life is on the fast side, that is why a part of us still haven’t savour everything from the older time belt.


The other day a Mum came with her older daughter to wait for her younger son’s class to finish. The little girl is in the 2nd year of primary school and she asked why is there a hole on the bears’ head.


Her Mum was a bit apologetic and immediately told us that her daughter asks a lot of “strange” questions and many times she can’t answer her too. It took me a while to figure out why there was the holes but upon hearing what they Mum said, I thought it is better not to go be a smart ass.

The holes allows air to pass, so there isn’t won’t be any air suction/blockage occurring during the removable and putting on.

It has some basis in this, air can sometimes be a huge resistance.

And what is work live without lunch food!

I try to do a food log but at times I just finish my food in half a bite. Plus, I am not too sure what to write about them. For example, this pasta was made less than 5 feet from me, doesn’t taste magically fantastic and is pretty costly. I returned my tray and utensils but the card reader wasn’t working and I didn’t get my points.


Met my parents for Knife Cut noodles near our area. Asked for LESSSSSSSSSSS chili and the lovely chef insisted giving me extra chili in a plate coz he thought that I might need more.


And with the tiny, TINY, TINY bit of spice he threw in, my mouth still got numb. SO!!!! This is how Sichuan people like their level of spiciness. The next time I order this, I be asking for ALL the chili in a dish, so I can add only ONE drop and not burn myself.

And this is sO delicious I can brave it all. ❤

The lady at the register actually told me that Dan Dan Noodles taste better with a kind of finely cut noodles, I immediately beamed and said “but I like Dao Xiao Mian more! <3” She smiled back brightly too.

At times I feel like I am being like the twins in my class. They are full of curiosity and would take chances to explore and find things out. Of coz these don’t always run in relationship with the curriculum and it get difficult to watch two active little boys.

But always, at the end of the day, we love them so much. And I am thankful that I get to meet two very special humans before they even reach 7 years old.

I still love what Morgan Sensei said, that children are children. ❤

Chu & Xingible Art Project 201Eight! : Xingible Art Supplies! <3 (Part 3)

IT IS 2018!! And the eighth day of the year. (Continuing this on the 9th!)

This photo is from Chu and I can’t wait to see all the awesome art stuff she gonna create. =D


Before this all this gonna happen, I am gonna block and delete any form of inferiority that will arise. xD SHE DOES INCREDIBLE CROSS STITCHES AND QUILTS AND DRAWS REALISTIC STUFF. And wait till you see all the HAND-MADE items she does for her family!!!

I shall ask her for permission to post up her artwork here as and when.

And this is a cross stitch work she did for me.


It REALLY MEAN A LOT to me. I was being the baby-ist of all baby that one time. I actually got all teary at work during lunch one time coz I miss Morgan Sensei. I know right. Also, you have to agree with me that I am a rabbit to be my friend. Also that Ryo is one of the most handsome man on earth.

Also, other than to stop saying “I miss Okinawa,” another thing I gotta make a point to not say is “I got no friends.”

Sure, it had sucked so bad to know that folks I held dear actually felt so little towards me. But, such things happen as and when. I shall be better equipped to know who are my soul friends and who aren’t.

And of coz, gotta love Chu’s humour.


I actually cried when I discard the box these came in. SO STRANGE.

And meanwhile, an update on my art stuff.

Liquid Colours

1. Pentel Water Colours

I am not sure it is just the pigment or that I overdose everything with water. While I love the colours, I am hopping to have something that is transparent yet more pigmented.


2. Staedtler Watercolours


3. Sakura Poster Colours


4. Buncho NEON Poster Colours

They are pretty much highlighter-ish but doesn’t show up much on photos. Pretty lightly pigmented though, can’t add too much water.


5. Daiso White Poster Colour

I am thinking of getting Gouache white paint for all my cloud dotting.


できました!🌞💟 @higa_kuni & @yamato_ganeko at Chatan area? I think. (Go follow them! 😙💟💜💙💚💛) For the month of November I shall draw EVERYTHING from #yamato_ganekoig story. 😃😃😃 #everthingyama And I shall also get #Gauche colours in white. I used Poster white this round but the #Watercolours still ate the whites. Look how the sun is shining on #KuniSama . 😎😎😎 Also, 今日は祝日よ、ディーワーリーです。だから少しい時間があります。今月ニートライフの生活やめさせました。 It is really wonderous how Life gift one eh. 🙇🙇🙇 I shall also start speaking properly. But for nao~~ I できません。😂😂😂😂😂 I feel like I am back to 7 year old and having to be bilingual. 💃💃💃 Thank you to Morgan Sensei, my family, everyone, you and you and YOU. 🙏💟

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6. Pentel Brown and Pink Poster Colour

Liquid Colours Tools

7. Glass for water

8. Colour plate 1

9. Colour plate 2


10. Foldable Brush Washer

So cute!

While packing all these, I remembered that I bought a few of them just for my trip to Okinawa last year. Please meet me again this year Okinawa san!!! ❤ ❤ ❤



Non-Liquid Colours

11. Colleen 60 Coloured Pencils

One of the best pigmented and affordable colour pencils in Singapore!

I can’t wait to try them again on my 300gsm papersSsSSssSSS and all.


12. Pentel 16 Oil Pastels



Either I colour with them like a pre-schooler or that I paint liquid colours over them. This was a technic I learned from a really smart girl in my class in primary school.

13. Watercolour Pencils

Saw that Chu got a pack of watercolour pencils too. Shall copy whatever she does. :3


I actually got some comments some while back that… WATERCOLOUR PENCILS EXISTS?!!!!

Yeah, I was equally surprised when I saw them. And they look like regular colour pencils.

And again, I am so excited to use all these mediums on my 300 gsm papers. =D



16. Pentel Aquash

I really love this brushhh!!

And yeah, surely they need some getting used to. I love that bcoz it comes with a water tank, it is possible to just gently squeeze and create gradients. Good for larger surface use. (Right now my muse is postcard sized papers~)

17. Chinese Brush

Bet it is good for lettering. Only issues lies in my skills. ^^


18. Round Brushes in 5, 3 and 1

Got them from ArtFriend (Singapore) and the brand appear to be ASHLEY. Good for fine parts and all. They come in packs of 3 and pretty affordable, works well, but not the best kind of flexibility I look for.

My favourite would still be OMNI. Or simply those OMNI brushes (or the black brushes) commonly found in POPULAR.

The last time I was there, I either cannot find the sizes I want or I got too stingy to pay for it. xD


19. OMNI Flat Brush in 12, Round Brushes in 8 and 6


I know this is strange but one random thing that makes me really happy is slapping on colours with this giant flat brush. It makes me happy like a child.


20. Winsor & Newton Flat Brush in 1 and 2 and Round Brush in 3

I grew to love painting on the base colours with a flat brush. And got these smaller brush for my postcard sized papers. I was surprised that they are pretty affordable at ArtFriend. Given that the watercolours they produce cost at quite a premium price.



21. Regular POPULAR House Brand Sharpner

Baby actually works amazing. Just that I got a decayed set of olddddddddddddd colour pencils previously and they can’t get sharpen at all. So I thought I got a wonky sharpener.

22. Fancy Cute Sharpener from Kinokuniya

5 different points of sharpness and the blade unit can be changed. Given that I get to Japan, managed to speak in Nihongo and asked where it is in the bookshop. xD

But then, Japanese products are known to be sO lasting and in high quality.


One time Morgan Sensei and I were packing goods. We were using some cheap tapes and Sensei gotta tape twice. We got on the topic of tapes and he joked that, “those made in Japan tapes… even after the boxes disintegrate, the tapes remains.”

It ain’t so much about that plastic is naturally lasting than paper. It really was about the quality.

23. Zebra Black Marker

24. Zebra Blue Marker

Again I can’t wait to try them on better paper. They bleed in drawing block paper (135 gsm smooth paper) and it has been a while that I do this kind of outlines. I gotta throw away some dried markers last night.


25. Pilot 0.7 Blue


26. Pilot 0.7 Black


27. Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38 Black

Super love. I use it for my drawings and writing and everything.

28. Sakura Micron 0.05


29. Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.2



30. Sakura Ballsign 0.5 in Red, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Royal Blue and Purple

They are all waterproof. Etto, is this the correct way to call it? xD Anyway at times rarer colours like yellow and a paler blue (which is absolutely LOVELY) will pop by in POPULAR, keep an eye out for them.

I *think* there is also a set of these Ballsign pens around.

And oh, Tokyu Hands and Overjoyed totally has like a gazillion of these variations. GLITTER PINK anyone? =D Gotta stop myself. Gotta stop myself.

Perfect pens for coloured ink drawings.

31. Sakura GellyRoll 0.8 in Silver and White

They are perfectly smooth pens and the silver may or may not show up in photos. The white pen is quite the only and BEST pigmented white pens in the market now. Try using them for highlights, for me I loveeeeeeeeeee the effects to no end. I felt like I became a pro in that instant.


32. Pilot JUICE Pastel Pens 0.5

Looking back, it is good to just invest in packs of colour pens than getting them one by one. This is from a pack though.

The only draw back is, the white here is hardly useful for highlighting, I still go back to my Sakura 0.8 GellyRoll.


Pastel colours!! ❤💛💚💙💜💟 #PilotJuice

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33. Daiso Yellow and Pink Highlighter

Yellow one comes with 2 tips.

34. Midliners

Very good for reading highlighting. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL ME LIFE?! But the yellow is not so visible for drawings.

For both, I use them for highlighting and base colours.


#Inktober2017 #インクトーバー2017年 Day 8: Crooked Highlighter is also ink right? This was more difficult than I thought! I was reminded of this thing Prof Srikumar Rao taught (look for it on Youtube, "Srikumar Rao on Happiness"). Do you remember a time where you are confronted with a scene of such spectacular beauty that it took you outside of yourself and into a great place of great serenity? Rainbow, mountain range or a valley. Have you ever wondered why that happened? Somehow, for some reason, at that instant, you accepted that Universe as it was. You didn't say, that is a beautiful valley but the tree in the foreground has too many crooked branches. If you give me a chain saw in 20 minutes I will make it ever so much better.

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(Scroll to the 3rd picture)

35. Ballpoint Pens

The Faber-Castell 0.5 pens are magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really the BEST ballpoint pens EVER!!!

I have been having this art challenge in me mind, that is, ball points only, a regular pencil case only kind of art.

I was those manga-ish characters who drew diligently with items inside my pencil case back in school. ^^


And look how prepared I am.

Totally not being a Singaporean for overbuying during sales.


36. Mechanical Pencils 0.5 x 2, 0.7 and 0.9

I am fiercely old fashion when it comes to mechanical pencils.


Also, they must have an eraser (although I don’t use them) at the end and a needle for clearing the tip.


But as seen above, I totally broke all my old rules. Simply the kind that I like are no longer in production. I like them all because 20 over years ago, that was what my Dad introduced me to.

I always find shaker type annoying, like I didn’t ask for my lead to extend out just coz I happen to shake my pencil. Actually in real life that doesn’t happen, one gotta use a bit of force, but still.


Don’t force your idea on me! xD

And perhaps the strangest part is… they cannot have a pen counterpart. As in some companies produces both a pen and mechanical pencil in the same shape. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. xD

36. Mechanical Pencils Leads

Pilot 0.7 Red and Blue (One piece is about 20 cents. I be making the best art everrrr!)

Pentel 0.7 and 0.9 regular leads in 2B.

Pentel and Uni 0.5 regular leads in 2B. I have them since decades ago. I can’t seem to finish them.


37. Sketching Pencils

At one point these were my favourite medium. And it is everything and anything colourful now.

And again this is philosophical.


Don’t get me wrong, since when I was younger, I always thought that it is one of the most amazing thing ever to live in the same place and do the same things for as long as possible. It doesn’t mean that we stop growing.

I means we have found and is gifted something that we love ENOUGH to dedicate time and effort to it. And to perfect them to infinity.

But, I guess few to little of us get this something right about immediately. Being in Life itself, sometimes we spend a long time looking around. The best and only way to shorten this search is to keep searching.

It is still fresh in my mind that back in Polytechnic a classmate rolled her eyes and turned away judgmentally when she learned that I had quit basketball and when on to try out a bunch of new things.

(And yes, now all of you know that I once played basketball and that I am tall. xD)

Indeed, also judgmental on my side, but I pity her for staying in something “just because,” while I had done so many and discovered so much more. I still love the outdoors (remember my 18km walk in Okinawa, still gonna do it again!) and all those, but really I hate doing them on a “challenging” level.

You can say I am the intellectual type who prefers a good cup of coffee fusion and a book. And lotas blogging.

And lastly, I think even when one thing serves us a lot, it can still fade and one day we gotta find something new.

Just like I used to draw lotas caricatures of my schoolmates with pencils in secondary school. It made them happy. And then now I use mainly watercolours for my art and people like them too.

If I keep staying with pencils, I will get so miserable and cannot get anything done.

Do what makes your heart sing.

And in 2014, I saw Kinoshita Susumu‘s art in Okinawa. (Google his name for art image!)

His pencil works were absolutely stunning and I was in awe. LIKE, PEOPLE CAN DO THIS?! However he stemmed into a different style of oil painting. People often like and tend to say that it is a waste. What is a waste is never doing what your heart yearns.

38. Tools

Corner cutter! Yup. I am making more post cards size papers! ❤

Foldable 30cm ruler.

Penknife, I use it to correct errors on paper.

Liquid paper.

Pental Soft Eraser. (I ONLY USE THIS! xD)

UNU Glue Stick.

Clear Tape.


39. Golden Ballpoint from Morgan Sensei  and his Wife on My 29th Birthday

There is a refill but I am not sure where to get it. So I am just not gonna use this gem.

And them wonderful people got me this coz to them I am studious person.


40. Date Stamper

Gonna last me 5 years after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. ❤

I love this baby because I tend to write my dates the English way of Day/Month/Year.

Like it is 9/1/18 today. Folks in Japan and America at times get confused. So this stamper does the job. It prints as 9 JAN 2018. Still in the format I use, but it spell out the month.



41. Blank Post Cards

My new muse! Postcard size 240 gsm paper. I got it to draw and send postcards to people. But I ended up doing nothing with that.


I even got a sealer. xD


I love the texture.




Current type of paper I have:

  • 135 gsm smooth paper, drawing block, cut to slightly smaller than A4
  • 340 gsm smooth paper, for acrylic paint, slightly smaller than A4 due to the perforated cut from the ring
  • 300 gsm hot pressed, A4
  • 300 gsm cold pressed, A4 —> ALSO MY MUSE!!!
  • Brown recycled paper, A4


  • Cotton wipes
  • Cotton cloth
  • Toothbrush
  • Magic Sponge



Yes, it is Origami now. =D


Work Life

Experienced with lugging around a small luggage/market trolley to and back from work. It wasn’t so bad until I got a few escalators to use and I now use one of the busiest stations in Singapore. Usually single line queues are each marked beside the doors, this station has DOUBLE on each side.

And basically this is also one of the stations where folks don’t care much about letting others alight first. I guess one reason is because there are 4 platforms here and sometimes people are just using the stationing trains to cross over, explaining the rush.

The first time was to bring back the large amount of books and teaching materials I got back from Japan the last time. And then it was teaching materials and all those.


It seems like for a while, we will be preparing teaching materials every week, which means right about daily. xD


Me shopping around for the right stuff.

Also, if you notice, I have successfully went over to wearing my watch on my left hand. It started sometime randomly in September. For years I KNOW that there are some disruptions, especially when I write (OF COZ!!!!!!!!) but I managed to live with it. I thought, maybe just try switching over?

And switch was sO smooth. The only time I remember about it was a few days back in the train, left arm was holding something so I thought it would be nice to see my watch on my right wrists.

This is philosophical in a way.

So many times we think that something is OK, and finally we start the change, it is just so easy. I am 31 this year, still very young in today’s time, and if there is something I have to preach, it really is, focus on what is good for you. Leave and drop all the OK stuff. Don’t listen to people from another generation and time have to say about YOUR life. Of coz, have the wisdom to decipher what is good and bad.

And always let yourself be beautiful.

Recently something really sweet happened. I was being half-assed with really entering a Japanese university but posted about it on my IG nonetheless. And an older lady gave me her blessing, and even went on to sharing that her younger brother graduated from the very university that I want to enroll in.

I was bitching to Chu some while back that I had a “friend” who would stay with me for hours and hear me talk but never gave her input. Until the day she got something major in her life, and that was a good thing. I got really iffy about it because it just seems like she is just leeching stuff from me.

Either she can’t/don’t know how to say No to meeting me, or that she really likes my stuff a lot.

Chu told me this, paraphrased a little (Chu, please tell me if I get you wrong!), that some folks is so dead at creating their own lives, they end up looking into others as they themselves has nothing going on.

I stop my side of contact and other than a few-word text, I never hear from this person again.

To anyone reading this, I hope that it is IN you to know who are profitable to you and who aren’t. Profitable here don’t just mean financially, it is about well-being. There is a fair share of miserable people who don’t know how to lead their own lives.

A while back an acquaintance got hooked on reading online manga, about how some people are paying heavy prices to go back in time. For some reason, I happen to resemble her husband and son (from what I know) and probably out of painful escape, one day she lashed out on me. Basically things like I am being too dreamy and not truly living. I was still out at 10pm after returning from Japanese class and she was “loitering” in a mall after a tiff with her husband.

Sometimes people project their own unhappiness about life towards us, and if we are blindly nice, we might just take in their shit (literally) and maim our own lives.

Of coz, don’t just throw away friends. May we all know what to do and when to cut cords.

And for the record, I still REALLY love Orange Range and is chasing after them and all the Okinawan musicians A LOT. It is still on the level of I WANT TO MARRY NAOTO and I live and breath everything YAMATO. It is a given that they make positive music, and I also love that I keep meeting positive people along this journey.

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!!!!

Keep doing what you love and life will reward you greatly. Maybe this is what I am meant to do.

Daiso is now my favourite place to get stuff and last week I came upon Carl’s Jr.


Been a while!!


Pity that their ice cream shake is not ready!!!!!! Maybe it is also a sign. I have successfully switched over to Coke-Zero. I used to hate them SO MUCH! And came up with this crap theory that I rather drink sugar than chemicals.

BOO to the old me!!!

And what is work life without the lunch baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My workplace is a unit in a rather mega mall now. SO!


Big Fish Small Fish. They call themselves a Fish and CRISP place. And the portion is huge.


And plastic gloves are provided.


The entirely most amazing thing was this. Cup holder through the table. This way I wouldn’t be knocking my drinks all over the place, yet it is difficult to drink it. Unless I got a really long straw.


And we went over to the other food court.

It is a regular Cai Fan. Literally Dishes and Rice.


It somehow made me really happy about it. ❤

Also tried Arnold’s Chicken. And yes, I got fish and chips. I must be a cat or something.


The last time I had Tori Q was 14 years ago. Right about when Tori Q san first came to Singapore. A senior at my temporary job gotten us all lotas pork stuff, I almost died. It was only when I pick my own skewers and ate again with my colleagues, I then realise… what have I been missing all these while?!!!



Chanced into a vegetarian eatery and I miss Morgan Sensei!!


Tea time with parents on 1st January. My rest days would be on Monday and Tuesday now, so kinda odd to go out with the parents. Maple syrup and butter egg toast. I was really full but ate it still. It was good.


One of THE BEST Coaching Advice From Morgan Sensei

and it happened organically.

The first time I heard it, Sensei was in the middle of talking to another person about “let children do their thing, and the grown up do their thing.”

I thought it was pretty much the kind of intellectual talk to put up with people but it turned out to be a great teaching.

Sensei’s wife used to take care of toddlers and one time it was a boy from a British family. The boy is full of energy and would run around, yet at the traffic light, he would stop, wait for his caretaker to catch up and lead him cross the street.

Sensei’s point is, there is pretty much no way that you can get a young child to act and behave like you and me who walk steadily on the pathway, press the traffic light button then wait to cross the road.

A child is a child and they still haven’t got all the years of experiences we have. For example, if you run around you might fall and hurt yourself, or that you may bump into someone and hurt them and etc. And all the this and that of social knowledge, empathy and all.

HOWEVER!! The parents of the little boy did it perfect to instill the base discipline of, stop at the traffic light and allow oneself to be accompanied.

I used to be those miserable person who judge children a wee bit too harshly, but with this learning from Sensei, and experiencing hours with them, I get that children truly has a lot for us adults to UN-learn.

Along the way, many of us picked up feelings and teachings of people that not only doesn’t serve us, they too maim us. I read that it is one of the utmost misery to have never discover one’s true self. And to this, there is more to discover.

One thing is this, I was tasked to take some promotional pictures of a class and I was so filled with worried. What if I disrupt the class? It is so rude of me. This and that. This all came from a past event where I was the photographer. I took fantastic photos, but them bitches and man-bitches were complaining behind my back that their image was taken and all. It was an event and they are the staff, it doesn’t make sense that they can manage to be out of any official pictures.

It is funny how some folks does not practice a wee bit of common sense some times.

And the worries they have… either stemmed from them disliking their own lives or themselves. And how many times you remember the faces of folks in promotional photos?? Unless it was some celebrity endorsement or a one in a thousand year beautiful face.

Oh, beautiful Kana really caught me eye.

So, upon entering my colleague’s classroom, the two little toddlers remember me from their trial class and was HAPPY TO SEE ME. That feeling was, if one day I am faced to make a decisions that has a heavy weight, I will remember this day in me life, that I am bestowed such grace. It is only my duty to pass it on. xD

So the photo-taking begins and children didn’t care a bit.

Everything was so natural. And I was beyond thankful.

It also makes me wonder, at which point/s of our lives did we get so judgmental about our own looks?????

And if you are wondering about the whole moral about it, it is now common to have one’s photo (usually, 99.9% a group photo) taken and used for promotional use. And it is so common that it is a norm. So if you has some special concerns, best to tell the organisations and everyone about it.

Of coz, I am not talking about outlining cases, just that to a vast majority of folks, such things are common and people are either OK or like it. Like, “Hey! The TV caught my face!”

Ohhh!! And back to Morgan Sensei’s teaching.

So I got this pair of twins in me class. They speak well and are sO full of curiosity.

Yesterday together with their classmates, they were taking apart boxes of different weights. For them little souls are just sO curious about things. At one point I told one of them to not do that as I need to pack them for the next class. He smiled so beautifully at me and begin taking them apart further and with more speed.

He had thought that I mean to pack up things so he put in all in effort to take things apart to keep them.

Sure, he created a mess. But, a child is a child. He had given me the best help he thought he could.

Before you think that they are “bad” kids, they are absolutely amazing. I notice that their grip of the pencil was not good and demonstrated to them, they are totally receptive to that and tried their best to grip the pencil carefully.

Deep down they are wonderful people, open to receive and give, and as a teacher (hehe!!!), it is my part to understand that a child is after all a child.

And if you ask me, can I allow children to do all they want and whenever they want, I would say no. Like the British parents whose child Sensei’s wife took care of, it will be the best that I can allow kids to run around but know when to stop.


All About 刀削面!!

My food muse as of now, DAN DAN DAO XIAO MIAN!!!


Dao Xiao Mian (刀削面) literally means Knife-cut Noodle, and this is how the magic happens.

And Dan Dan is a kind of spicy Chinese noodles.

Adding to this whole thing, I actually first tried Dan Dan Noodles in a Japanese Chinese Restaurant. xD

While I did heard of Dao Xiao Mian, I thought they are more of a food art thing. Coz afterall, this is how LA MIAN (Pulled Noodles) are made. Yes, all the Ramen/Ramyeon came from the same Chinese name.

Skip to 1:30.

I know right.


Until I read Ishida’s book, I got to know that there is another whole new texture to Dao Xiao Mian.


Simply put, the noodle is cut to a diamond shape. And the centre is chewy and contains all the BOOMZ.


Wrote this in Japanese for IG.

Really cute how I got to travel around the world this way.

And I got my Dao Xiao Mian fix at a foodcourt near to my house! Given the complexity of the making, it had seems like only upper range restaurant serves this!!!

Andddddddddddddd!!! Since my neighbourhood foodcourt caters to all folks of Singapore, they do not bring in PORK and lard.


(As far as my memory goes back, I cannot eat pork. I will end up vomiting them all out if I manage to eat them. And rest of the time I run a few miles away when I smell them.^^;;;)

Adding to this there are also Chicken Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) and pan-fried Chinese buns with chicken fillings.

I am such a happy kid!!!