Artpeace #25, #26 and a Whole Lot of Philosophical Stuff

This blog has became my art log. I am sure.

Still, there are a lot of Xingible’s philosophical stuff. :3

First up, a prelude to Artpeace x. 

Princess OR

Humans here are modeled after members of Orange Range.

From left:

Yoh: Elsa (Frozen) + Hide (X-Japan) + Ryuk (Death Note) —> Read that Yoh likes XJapan, esp Hide or Yoshiki.
Hiroki: Snow White with an orange + Naruto + Goku (Dragon Ball)
Ryo: Anna (Frozen) + Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist) —> ROFL, it happened that Ryo, Anna and Alphonse are all the 2nd child to a pair of siblings.
Yamato: Tiana (Frog Prince) + Piccolo (Dragon Ball) —> I read that Yamato was really nicknamed Piccolo sometime along his school days.
Naoto: Cinderella + Ichigo (Bleach)

Trivia: Yamato and Naoto exchanged their items and the Frog got replaced by a Kijimuna.

And after I drew this, I remember that Naoto got 2 older brothers. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Right after I finished #24, I was all on fire to continue on this kind of mash-up/cross-over/gender-bend and whatnot. I haven’t decide on a specific direction to go in my #XingibleRoadToArt but right now I am sure that this kind of whimsical stuff is what I like to do. I actually went online to learn art technics when I usually am tragically too lazy and all to do.

#25 was an intended sketch piece but I liked it so much, I have to make it some kind of work. Just look at those boots, they are the best ones I ever, ever drew. And those watercolour pink hair, and those white and silver pen highlights.

Help, I am really impressed with myself.

(Meanwhile also look at Naoto’s foot and I attempted shading on his gloves.)

Hide Yoh

Learned about these kind of highlights from here though.

Things do happened really unexpectedly eh!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The very, very philosophical thing about this was, halfway into drawing Yoh, I knew that I still lack what it takes to detail things enough for my penchant for those thick, uneven blue outlines. Scroll down to #26 and look how diluted the baseball boys look. They are ok with #26, but totally not the kind I want for my intended #25.

And then I remembered about Morgan Sensei telling me that I give up on things sometimes at the last minute.

But at the same time, I *know* that I cannot apply my outlines and still get what I want. So?? At least I can go draw all the sketches of the characters then call it a day right? And after I was done, why not go ahead with a rough application of colours?

Then I found the way to do colours fade out and shadings and eventually some manipulations on PS. And bouncing this off a bit, digitalising my artpeace is also something that I am looking into.

And before I go on, lets look at this.

NeeNee#24 was really noticed by NEENEE’s manager and he said that the caricatures are good aren’t they, somehow he felt lucky and thank you.



I know experts had warned that FB likes and the sort doesn’t determine a person’s worth and we human beings shouldn’t be obsessed it, still, it is quite crazy that some 93 folks saw this and expressed positive feeling towards it. 8 of them even went ahead to share that tweet to their friends.

I intended for that piece to bring people joy, so I do feel happy with it. And I don’t think that is unhealthy. I did tweeted the initial sketch over first, nothing got back and I die-ed when I got a reply. I basically floated to the kitchen, told my parents and calmed down for a day before telling Morgan Sensei and another day more before telling CM.

The really pretty thing here is, I really did made people happy with my art. ❤

#26! Yup, I wrote it as 25. OTL

Sky Walk

(White road line by liquid paper, white pen to dab out some stray blue ink.)

Saw two young boys hurling baseballs across the road (FOR CARS!!) at a wall and catching their rebounces one time when I was walking in a residential area towards Asato Station, Naha, Okinawa.

It did looked VERY dangerous but since no neighbours came out to stop them, it seemed like there are little to no cars during that time belt. And the boys looked like they have been doing this for some while already.

The more curious thing was however, their uniforms were very, very clean. It was some time between 3 to 4pm, if they just finished club activities, why are they still so clean?? And it doesn’t seem like they are only going to school now to practise.

Anyway they were really sweet darlings, they stopped when I passed by them from the back, making sure that I passed before throwing their balls again.

And twisty roads bcoz!!!!

Generally roads in Okinawa are pretty much smooth and straight, stretching out to quite far. And with the lower housings, it just gives off a very whimsical look whenever there is some bit of elevation or de-elevation along the way. (Like I can see a long wavy road.)

(Typical road among residential area.)

And onceeee in a while, there will be tiny stretches that arched more than 45 degrees. It seems to me that people had to make do and join two roads of different planes somewhat-ly. The steepest one I walked on was almost enough for me to place my hands in front and walk. Each time I would pray that I wouldn’t roll down. ^^;;;

Other rare interesting roads include narrow paths that doesn’t look very road-ish and I only knew it was for vehicles until I saw one driving through.

And oh, at times the pedestrian path is just separated by a painted on white line. So far only one guy said Hi from his car to me, no one yelled at me for walking on the road yet. So that really should be the pedestrian walkway.

And I miss Okinawa!!   

Okinawa is good.

I have started to PS my final pieces these day and interestingly, with this art project, I got to face myself on issues concerning myself. Like how I came to terms with myself not being able to manifest something I have in mind yet remembering not to give up and getting something in the end.

And as much as I want to keep positive, I felt like hit a kind of fatigue point. I was telling Dawn that in order to progress on, I have to learn new technics. I already exhausted what I know of. Surely I can continue on this style and improve. However, that is something that ain’t bringing me the contentment and I want to go ahead to bring out those stuff that I picture in my head.


Even when I drew my first piece for this project, I didn’t ask for comments, in fact all these while I was like, yup, my art work, nah~ But this round, does the twisty road look like a twisty road??


Had wanted this piece to be portrait, but the landscape looked better in the end.


Meanwhile, I found out that the cover to my watercolours can be EASILY removed. That makes clean a 1,000 times easier.

My Self-Help Journey (Part Five)

Continuing from

I got a like on Part One a few days back and I thought I should continue this series.

But… I am not sure how after 3 month’s break.

Part one to four is quite just a free flowing of my thoughts and starting with things now, let’s go back to March.

So, I spent a month in Okinawa. ❤


Funnily, there weren’t any single major dramatic enlightenment. I was just at peace.

I experience what Shunryu Suzuki had said;

Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.

I credit this to, when you are by yourself, you have other pressing and important things that you NEED to pay attention to. At those time, your brain does the auto filtering for you. Yup, the memory of what a nasty colleague did will still come, but you can really not serve your thoughts tea.

I think, perhaps the be-by-yourself works for me this way, maybe it does differently from other people. Most of the time we already have answers within us, the key is to be still enough to hear it. It sounds like a crazy leap, but spend sometime truly alone. See what life brings to you.

Another thing is, by this time, I would say that I gained more wisdom (so to speak) about dealing with people. I had been on auto-pilot and for some reason I had been excessively accommodating to people who are out to abuse my friendship or are simply a piece of walking mess that I can’t help.

How to get to here and by what means do I use to judge? Strange as this goes, it is by when I let some folks go, my life immediately brighten up by some many degrees. And so far I hadn’t let go of people by mistake.

I would say, this is all about knowing yourself and getting in-touch with one’s higher self and/or God. Again, we have it in us to know who are the ones that makes us feel miserable. As a baby/child we knew what it was like to be love by a parent or a caretaker, or at any point got genuine care. Often, we grow up let others’ presets and whatnot bury what we already know.

Have a nice evening! ❤

“何でもない” said Yume san

Before this blog turns into a logbook of me art peaces, I shall attempt to blogalise a bit more. :3 Heeehaaaa~~~


The blog title translates to “Nothing,” the “Nothing” you can use as a reply when people ask what did you do for the weekends.

During my Intermediate 1 Japanese Class, I had an Okinawan teacher. He didn’t go around in a Kariyushi shirt nor did he start speaking in Uchinaaguchi and about Okinawa. In fact, I didn’t know that he was Okinawan till much later, although with a bit more knowledge now, his has a common Okinawan surname.

The first thing Gima Sensei told me on my first day was, “Don’t be worried, you can even speak in broken Japanese, the key is to use the language.” It became a mantra now but back then I was all closed up. Every week Sensei would first ask each of us what we did over the weekend and I would only say “何でもない。”

I was so worried with speaking, I almost said nothing in all my classes, and so, Gima Sensei never got my name, it was always Yume, Yumi and the likes but never Yushin. xD

Finally when one day I wanted to say that I went for Super Junior’s concert, Sensei stopped asking what we did over the weekends, probably due to all the poor responses.

The last closest thing I got to opening a treasure clove of knowledge was this other time where Sensei asked what are we gonna do the next week. I was going to Osaka and he said he could always give us travel tips, Sensei had lived many years around the west Japan region. Again I was so afraid to talk and afraid of everything, I asked nothing and received nothing.

I still remember that the fun loving Gima Sensei actually spoke Uchinaaguchi, Kansai Ben (West Japan dialect) and regular Japanese to us that one time.

Yup, the whole conclusion was, I received nothing from Gima Sensei coz I was too in my own space.

Some while back I was telling Mum about how some people “never get things”. And my conclusion is, it is good to look at and into ourselves especially when we are feeling those ***really*** feely stuff. Eg: To contact back or not an old friend whom we parted not-so-well-ly.

If not one might just become really awkward and bothers everyone including themselves. If I stole a friend’s boyfriend of 8 years, it just feels REALLY weird if I were to personally congratulate this girl friend of mine now after stalking her SNS and found that she is now a regional manager of a biG company. I might have good intentions and things happened so, but realise that how others still feel and deal with the same situation is very, very different from yours.

Then Mum told me, perhaps some people just never figure out things themselves and they never got found by a good friend who guide them to betterment.

The last line hit me a lot.

Initially it really got me to feel sorry that some folks never got help and that I am lucky to have so many wondrous people around. But then… it is also on our part to respect people and listen to them.

If I were to think that Morgan Sensei is some sad delusional guy, I would have never learned anything remotely spiritual from him. If I were to think that my parents are old and outdated, I would have never learn values from them. This and that. Just like I had seen Gima Sensei as a regular Japanese teacher and never initiate to learn more from him. Thankfully I had him on my old FB for a while and got to know more about him online.

I forgot the exact quote, but among 3 wise men in the Ryukyu Kingdom, this was said, “Among a gathering of three, one will be a teacher in something.” One of these men was Sai On.

Artpeace 22, 23 and 24: Ki Kun, Water Brush, Brush Lettering and Viva WATERCOLOURS Baby!!!111

#22: Ki Kun

Ki kun

He is a Kijimuna, spirits found in Okinawa. But I haven’t seen one yet! Legend has it that they can carry you across mountain and seas on their backs! Just that they are after all not very humany and might just throw you off if you fart.

A lot of info online say that the Kijimuna is pretty irrational, only in the Japanese version of Lilo and Stitch that Ki kun is awesome!!   


I was watching this a few days back and it SQUEEZE my kokoro so hard! So this Kijimua is pretty unsure about himself and his friends started to encouraged him, Stitch actually said, “You SHRED on the Sanshin bro.” —> NANI?!

Then Grandma asked:

Grandma: Kijimuna, do you love this island?
Grandma: Then that is enough, if you have that, nothing else really matters.
Ki-kun: Umm *nods* k.


#23: Starbucks and Brush Lettering


Got this sketch idea after reading Howard Schultz’s ONWARD. In the first book there was a lot of mentions on “the third place.”

I think I weaned a fair bit from being a SB fan but really SB is a place that I still always feel fondly towards.

During my stay in Okinawa, I hung at SB *a lot* during waiting times and those were the time I felt very back home.

Is it crazy but I am thankful that there is this coffee house everywhere.

How I got on this was totally unintentional.

I had wanted to start on brush lettering and watercolours for sometime, but I kept thinking that I should first finish up my poster colours and all those.

Then I got this water brush by mistake. I thought it was those that can be filled with ink, something I want to get for my Dad for a while.


So… the next thing to do is to get water colours. =D I actually found a set by Sakura (they made my favourite poster colours too) and they were in TUBES! But then I thought… I want to get those in cakes and follow after how other artist use them. :3


I was entirely blown away. I LOVE WATERCOLOURS SO MUCH!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ What have I been missing all me life?!


And meanwhile, I also learned from the internet that the water brush can be use on regular colouring too!! AND I AM LOVING MIZU KUN SO MUCH!!! And the cleaning is so easy and everything!!!

#25: Haisai Oji San


13th March 2017, Tsuboya, Okinawa.

Was rolling my luggage around when I saw an uncle approaching on a bike. I moved behind the lamp post to wait for him to past.

And then he said “Thank You! (ありがとう!) as he passed.

It was just so genunie and all. I felt really happy.

I forgot how the uncle look like and what he was wearing. I noticed that this kind of light green windbreaker is pretty common among Okinawan uncles, sometimes they are in beige.

And yup, I go around Okinawa like that. マジで。


This time I actually like both the one with no outlines and WITH outlines.


I actually still remember where this took place. Mainly becoz…

  1. Three years ago I was around here but stopped just one road before, and in March I was here again on the other side of the road. I remembered it ALL SO WELL coz I didn’t cross the road to eat at McDonalds that day. I told myself that I *need* to eat local food.
  2. I then passed by here many times during trips to the Konbini, there is a bus stop around so it makes everything easy to remember.

Nice Uncle

I think I squeezed my brush when the water ran too low, some colours got suck back in. See the black part near to the brush. Quickly added water and kept squeezing them out. I did saw online how to dismantle the whole thing to clean it properly, but also folks broke a holding piece inside and their brushes ended up leaky.


I think it is fine for me like this.

And got two more glasses for pens and brushes. My pencil case is bursting with the new pens addition.


Meanwhile, I miss Okinawa! I hope the island/s don’t forget me too.

Japanese Dish: Doria

And Doria is the rice version of a Gratin.

That’s all folks. :3 Bye bye~ ❤ *says in a cutesy Yamato’s voice*


Went to Kotobuki Coffee with CM last month and it was pretty good!


I really love Yoshoku (洋食). It literally means Western food but actually covers ALL European (+a bunch of other countries’) cuisine that has a Japanese twist to them.

Andddd do you guys know that Tempura has its origin in Portuguese food? =D


CM and I also got this cake set and the Sakura drawing on our Lattes stayed for a long time.



A REAL Sakura.

I really wonder how they are harvested. >__O


The most interesting part was there is a REAL musical box with the cake set.

Cake set came with a music box. マジで!

A post shared by Yuxing (@xingible) on


Lovely displays in the shop, this is a REAL cold drip coffee though.


HAHA!! This is another category to store all my missings/loves/whatnots towards Okinawa. ❤


There are still some pieces of memories that I really love to talk about and all those. =D And among them are sketching ideas~ ❤

This is one FB page that I follow for information! It has content on music, entertainment, good locations and etc. And of coz daily photos!

Artpeace #21: NEENEE and Something DEEP

Rabbitkokoro is soon becoming Xingible Art Project 2017.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway! This is my latest piece on NEENEE.

Basically, other than Seiji (light blue hair guy), the rest are from pretty prominent bands. From left, mermaid vocalist Yamato from Orange Range, catsuit guitarist Takashi from Mongol800 and cat headphones Tetsushi from Ryukyudisko (and also his own solo DJ-ing works). I think Seiji is a producer himself and he plays some instruments too. He got together NEENEE after seeing the potential.



NEE NEE is older brother in Okinawan and all four of them are really the first male born of their family. I CANNOT. They are really calling themselves KOR KORs. Or OPPAs/HYUNGs.

It is painfully endearing.

This is them in action and at times there is Naoto. ❤ ❤ ❤

In a recent Tweet from NEENEE (I assume it is just Seiji holding the account!), they mentioned that Naoto is their substitute member.

I got the cat-theme idea from looking at NEENEE’s Twitter, there is a lot of reoccuring cats. Are they Seiji’s pets??

Btw, this tweet is about them waiting for their vocalist who was late TWICE due to oversleeping. ❤ ❤

Yamato is Mermaid coz he just don’t look like a cat.

Cats being Shisa-ish from here.

Nao~~ The art bits!

I am **REALLY** thinking of getting a scanner. Not coz photographing them with my cellphone don’t offer the best quality (me not doing commissioned work anyway!!), it is just that I can further digitally edit works that I really like if I have scanned copies.

I cried a little when I don’t have enough space for Tetsushi’s other paw gloves.


And so far how I edit my drawing photos goes like this:

  • Sharpening with High Pass filter (tutorial here)
  • Rasterize everything
  • Auto colour/contrast/tone

They look fine on my phone though, it is only on my computer that I find the *need* to sharpen + brighten them.

Anyway, the “SOMETHING DEEP” goes~~

Oldest Seiji is 46 and youngest Yamato is 33.

I feel and think that once we left Uni or any Tertiary educations, we start to not go after fun things and all. For me, it is nice to look at people around my age and older still doing arts and whatnot, so I LOVE NEENEE!

Abruptly I shall stop here.

And my parents questioned me about drawing boobs.


I forgot about the preparatory work pictures + whatnots.

Prep Work 021

  1. Sketching Tetsushi and Yamato.
  2. I took the whole Shisa Cats very seriously.
  3. Sketching Tetsushi and Yamato.
  4. I like the 3 cats, but that make no pair Shisa.
  5. Actual sketch before colouring.
  6. Seiji squeezing two cats.
  7. Lol, how I wanted Takashi to be. :3
  8. More finalising on Tetsushi and Yamato.
  9. Takashi is all ready on second go. And Yamato’s Hibicus.


Stopped halfway to take a before-outlining picture.