ArtPeace 36; A Year Ago Chocobo

Finally got to work on recycled paper!! ❤

I love how the light colours just pops out! It was more than I expected. =D Especially the white ink. I am using the Sakura Gelly 0.8. JUST LOOK AT THOSE LETTERS!! ❤ ❤ ❤


The back story to this post is, I was feeding this common bird in Okinawa (Monticola solitarius) and he later hung around at me feet after hopping off the table. If me could talk bird, I be like, “Mister, you have feathers the colour of the UCC milk tea can.”

And yes, I miss Okinawa so much!! I JUST MISS THERE SO MUCH!! Can the whole universe just conspire for me to go back, and be actively contributing?? I had subscribed to job postings in Okinawa and so far the listings range from working in the airbases to fluent Japanese needed. Yes, I ain’t without shame, I do know that till now I hold a JLPT N3. I think I like no.3.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha…

I want to be doing something educational and cultural related. And I am particularly fond in the ancient Ryukyuan properties, so much that I have started drawing reimagined old Ryukyuan architectures. I just think that they should be restored since they have significant value and were unnaturally destroyed during the war in 1945.

And I strongly believe that the peacefulness of the ancient Ryukyuans can teach the world about living in peace.

(Btw, present day Okinawa used to be an independent Kingdom, the Ryukyu Kingdom, until in the late 18th Century.)

Learning to share my dream coz after having a dream, we start to look around at like-minded people and all those, and I am particularly inspired by this TED Talk. =D

Never know when someone can link me up to my dream.

“Haisai, we would love someone to make reimagined artwork in your art style. Are you Yuxing?”


Oh, this was the art compare that popped up on my FB A Year Ago. It was a quick sketch to so I can’t say for sure I improved A LOT at the milk tea Chocobo.


This could just to my eyes but… DID MY FACE JUST BECAME MORE MATURE LOOKING IN THE LATEST PIECE?? They literally are the same angular chin and pseudo Manga style but but but why is that age seemed to be added??

Another of the stuff that I am doing is, I am learning about PARENTING. O__O Bcoz when the day comes, I too will need to know what to do. I want to have 4 kids.

Again I am very into Mindvalley’s Consciousness Engineering. Today I missed a meditation coz I thought let’s take a break on Sunday, and then I snapped. O__O Not a conclusive thing and I wonder what message it has for me this time. Xingible is afterall unstable??? D=

Interestingly, after watching so many interviews, I picked out this reoccurring thing, that childhood has a scarily deep impact on people. Like more than we generally thought about it. Stuff like people into their 40s and 50s who are still afraid of public speaking probably have that fear instilled when they are 7 and read a word wrongly in class and got laughed at.

Another being, when you pray, be grateful and know that it is already there. Sounds like a good thing to practise on but… how do people get to that level? If I want McDonald’s and my table is empty and I am strapped for cash, how do I get thankful? Well maybe if I can do that and be first grateful, my neighbour might buy me a meal, makes sense but when hungry and broke, it is not that easy to get into that kind of higher level.

At least for me and this is what I think.

Tomorrow is a new day and I got all the great zeal to get more serious in my job search. Sometimes, things really don’t look the brightest.

Let’s play a game, let’ see with a new day tomorrow, what magical things will show up for me to be the best of myself.


Don Jose Ruiz and The Fifth Agreement

I love updating this space OMG. =D

Watched an interview featuring the adorable Don Jose Ruiz (just found out that Don means Mr in Spanish!!) on Mindvalley’s Consciousness Engineering yesterday. It is a paid subscription but for $29 per month it is affordable awesomeness!!! =DDD

I was telling my friends about these and there is this part where they find it hard to start listening to stuff that has roots in Feng Shui, Meditation (that leads to creativity and etc) all those, and in Jose’s interview, Toltec. And I find it as challenging to convince them too.

It is like their NEET friend turned… oddly enlightened. xD

I am paraphrasing this a bit but in one talk featuring Sirkumar Rao, he said that let’s first try to not debate if a certain teaching/life model is wrong, coz with enough logic and intellect, almost all thing can be overthrown and we go into an infinite regression on God created everything so who created God and so on.

For me, it is just amazing to see real life successful people share their slice of life. I discovered so much more about a bigger world, both on what I can improve and work on and get a pat on my shoulders that I have been doing certain things really well, just that there had been times that folks I dealt with delibrately sabotaged things to save themselves. Like how Bo Eason put it, contrary to common belief, the No. 1 is always willing to share and has the best to offer. It is the mediocre that gets “selfish” coz they have nothing to give.

And for the record, asking people out for coffee after meeting at a networking event is totally fine, as Gil Petersil put it. And just because you are an introvert, it is not the end of the world for you. And SURPRISE!!! One can totally allow oneself to relax after talking to a couple of people by going on the phone and come back. =D

Suddenly I am seeing things for a healthy point.

Ok, back to Jose.

I really LOVE how he said that, we are actually addicted to suffering, like a scorpion that kept stabbing ourselves until we are paralyzed. And once we wake up (from this idea) we can never go back to sleep.

I too also love how Jose would address his Dad dearly as “Father said,” and at times he would use “you know?” at the end of his sentences.

Btw, Toltec means Artist, and there is nothing to learn, but to unlearn, unlearn what takes away our inspiration. =D Beautiful isn’t it!!!

And the Fifth Agreement is a squeal to his father’s The Four Agreement. I REALLY LOVE NO.1, Be Impeccable with your Word. ❤


And the fifth agreement is: The fifth agreement is be skeptical, but learn to listen. Be skeptical because most of what you hear isn’t true. You know that humans speak with symbols, and that symbols aren’t the truth. Symbols are only the truth because we agree, not because they are really the truth. But the second half of the agreement is learn to listen, and the reason is simple: When you learn to listen, you understand the meaning of the symbols that people are using; you understand their story, and the communication improves a lot. Then perhaps instead of all the confusion among humans who inhabit the earth, there will be clarity.

Read more:–don-jose-ruiz#ixzz4kns8qEbe

ArtPeace 35: Sogenji Re-Imagined

Edited: Added Work-in-progress below. =D


Sōgen-ji (崇元寺) was a Buddhist temple and royal mausoleum of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, located in Naha, Okinawa.


All the temple buildings were destroyed in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945; only the stone walls and gates, foundations and steps, and some tablets and steles survived. Of two stone tablets erected outside the gates warning visitors to dismount, one remains today. The site is today a public park.

More on Wiki

Found some amazing sites while looking for references, they are all in Japanese but the pictorial information is great enough!! =D

  1. Current Sogenji (here)
  2. Sogenji before plus an ancient map about it!! (here)img074b
  3. Probably one of the most dated colour photo (here)

OOOHHHhhh, I read on the Japanese Wiki page that according to accounts, there were once a pond and little animals around in Sogenji, and while Okinawa had no Momiji (trees that turns red in autumn/winter) at that time, there was a tree which leaves turned red in winter.


Forgot all about this until now! =D This is again my favourite so far. The previous most fav was coincidentally another olden Ryukyuan architecture, Kinjo Ishidatami.

First up!! I finally got 300 gsm paper!! They are more expensive than regular drawing blocks but I TOTALLY vouch for them. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL ME LIFE!!!!! =D


They don’t wrap and I don’t know if this the norm, my paper has a hot-pressed and cold-pressed side. (What is hot/cold pressed?) They are by Derwent Academy.

I first had it in mind to paint everything grey then draw in the block lines and add in the textures and shadows. And when I find myself drawing up little stones, I thought… O__O But I love how it all turned out!! ❤ ❤ ❤


After the gates was done, I was at the stage where I had that, this is the furthest I can go. BUT somehow Morgan Sensei’s voice would appear and I know I must go on baby!!!


I actually tossed and turned a lot last night wondering and wondering if the actual full restoration or whatnot could be done.

Will the resident around find it noisy if constructions were to take place? Will the kids lose a empty ground to play soccer? (I met a group there kicking ball when I was there) How shall everything be maintained?? And then, I just thought, my thoughts are enough. If this get manifested, other brains will come in. ❤

I thought of dabbing in layers of paint but I went on to draw the Momiji. I thought I was going to give up after the 4th leaf, but OMG.


Again I had that, this is the best I can ever get but… at the most this get ruined. >__<


I didn’t dream that this will appeared. AND I LOVE IT!

Folks were also telling me that this is their favourite part of the drawing.

I guess indeed good things get pass on. Grabbing this before the Wiki page get edited.


On the opposite side of the left side, above the stairs, a Momiji was somehow planted. When I was young, for reasons unknown the leaves of this tree would miraculously turn red in the winter. (At that time, red leafed trees were not seen in Okinawa). However, the library, small hill, mini fall and this Momiji were all destroyed, only the gates remained and now it has been reestablished as a park.

I cannot explain why but I just FELT that someone is telling me these. The least I can do in this Re-Imagine piece is to put back in the Momiji.


I thought I am gonna go lazy with the green trees (like this) and again I begun drawing in one leaf by one leaf. For both trees, I mixed 3 different shades to use, the first two layers I diligently painted on the leaves, then the 3rd layers was pretty much splashing in to fill the spaces.

I thought about how shall I go with the lettering and decided that to put it in the written language that I am most familiar with, plus I can share it with my mainly English speaking friends.



ArtPeace Compare! =D

This comic popped up on my FB’s A Year Ago.

Old Comic

Hiji Falls

I grew a neck, some ear details and regular arms, legs and body. LOL!! And my ears became REAL.

But the best thing is perhaps, I am happier nao.

I tried looking into Google Cache and Wayback Machine to find my old pieces. And then… Maybe I shall continue on the #XingibleArtProject more and look back in 2018, 2019 and even 2020. ❤

I hope to be in Tokyo by then experiencing the Olympics and doing caricatures. ❤

I Signed Up For Consciousness Engineering at Mindvalley

When I was a little kid, I told myself that surely someday I will sign up for a subscription. I was really into National Geographic at that time, and a bunch of trial CDs that came with our Windows 95.

And finally, I signed up for Mindvally’s Consciousness Engineering on the 16th.

I was taking advantage of the $1 for 10 Day trial but I am quite sure that I will continue on the regular subscription at $29 per month (that is about $1 everyday). Every month there will be 2 new interviews with teachers (quoted from the web: Best-selling authors, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, Meditation Gurus and more) and I can still access the existing ones.

One thing I absolutely LOVE is that at the end of the lessons, there is a TRANSCRIPT. O__O I love to learn from reading the most!!! ❤

Anyway, how did these got started?

I was already browsing around Mindvalley’s free courses and after a while, I just wanted more and Consciousness Engineering look cool coz it was what I can comfortably afford.

But frankly, I had been skeptical. Is this Vishen Lakihani guy another of those west-y Asian who is good at talking but in the end doesn’t really deliver? And Mindvalley just felt exclusive to me. Me is NEET.

I don’t know why, I then read Vishen’s book, The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind. NOW I HOPE TO GET HIS AUTOGRAPH ON MY BOOK SOMEDAY.

The book started with this;


In fact, I would be hesitant to call this a personal growth book. It’s more of a personal disruption book. This book forces you to rethink aspects of your life that may have been running on autopilot for years.

Like how I accidentally challenged Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy to tidy MY LIFE, my first thought to reading what Vishen wrote was, “Oh yeah really? How do one even disrupt my already such-a-life.”

And then I was reading The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind for the whole time and finished it in a day and a half, which leads me to Mindvalley’s stuff.

So what is the Consciousness Engineering all about at Mindvalley, in an email newsletter, Vishen has this quote;

You see, a common mistake people make is in thinking that this program is just a collection of interviews with some of the world’s most brilliant minds.

That’s not entirely true.

What Consciousness Engineering really is, is a powerful model of human transformation. And it’s framework is based around two key ideas:

  1. Your Models of Reality. By “models” I mean the beliefs and paradigm you live by.
  2. Your Systems For Living. By “systems” I mean the day-to-day habits and practices that shape your lifestyle.

Now, why do I write this post?

Of coz I want to share this with everyone I know or to anyone by-chance is looking for such breakthrough stuff.

However, as the interviews are about 40++ mins to slightly over an hour (based on those that I had view so far), it seems like ain’t no body have the time for that. When I was working 9-5, I was so drained at the end of the day and weekends is for enjoyment. =D

But well, I guess for now, maybe you can look at the free courses instead of some TV stuff that beat up one’s intellect. xD This is a joke I have with my Mum, some plot is so ridiculous, it is like some invisible forces is beating my my logic so I can believe in the plot.

And, it might really seem like Mindvalley and Vishen and any of the teachers are trying to take your money. And I am sure they are. ^^ But not just that and in a vicious way. One thing I learned is that, we tend to view money in negative light sometimes, if Mindvalley is so keen on bringing goodness to the world, why don’t they do it for free right?

This is a really broken question.

Yup, they have a good cause but they still need money to operate and all. A spiritual man living in the mountain also need food which kind people bring to him. We just can’t do away with this kind of material needs. The only thing to question is what is eventually delivered.

I think this information can be found online (I am rushing through this to get on other stuff in real life!), Vishen also donated generously to XPRIZE.

So, after getting past time constraints and is-this-some-company-out-to-get-my-money, there is this one last thing.

Our mindsets.

I always like to say this, that go explore and the immediate circle we are in is really tiny. But little did I realise that, the world outside is even bigger.

The interviews in Consciousness Engineering range from clear cut logical folks like CEOs and retired athletics to a Belgian FENG SHUI Master which requires more exercise on the viewers’ part to get the logic. I am lucky that the first interview I watched was with Franziska Iseli and she laid it out that we need not listen to all the experts and whoever said.

So, I had a good prep as I go into other interviews, this idea is also rehashed in that with Jon and Missy Butcher, like certain things just work for them but probably not on others.

And last night while watching Sirkumar Rao, he said along the lines that, with logic, we can totally bring down all the ideas and whatnot, for example, God made the world, who made God? And we go into an infinite regression.

Attending Consciousness Engineering is gonna be one exciting ride with all these going on, as much as not all is applicable, one still need to take in with no prejudices and see how models will fit us and whatnot.

I told DawnDawn yesterday that finding Mindvalley’s courses is quite the most intellectual stimulating thing for me in a while. And crazy enough, it meets me spiritual and beyond-questions stuff too. Yet not in a crazy manner.

Ok, gonna be “racist” here, but in my layman terms, generally, in Asian context (me is 3rd generation Singaporean-Chinese btw), at the end of the day, we might need to surrender to fate and all those. I like that in these Ang-mo and/or Ang-mo-orientated teachings, they can believe in the bad energies and all but at end of the day provide tools to help and manage to see that everyone is connected and equal.

Ang-mo btw is not racial slur! >=(

So, I hope this help. ❤

And randomly! Watched this yesterday with Dawn. ❤ Watching a good movie can be sO healing! ❤ ❤ ❤


Working With an Ex-Hostess

This shall be the first story of the Xingible’s Anime Life series. Or Laifu. :3


One day in March this year, I was walking out from Hiji Waterfall (Okinawa) to take the bus back to my hotel. And then something very enlightening struck me.

Usually when we talk about enlightening, it is often those awe-feelings and whatnot. Like realising a parent’s sacrifice or simply making contact with GOD.

But there I was, remembering a colleague whom no one in rationale mind would ever like.

This colleague, let’s call her Alice.

Alice was literally a MANGA version of how a young girl of humble background made it to the city and eventually concreted her citizenship and whatnot by snagging a married man at the club she worked at by having a baby.

Continuing this story, unlike how stories often have happy endings, Alice continued to be fearful of how things will be taken from her. She still see her best asset as her sexuality although she is approaching her 50s and her waist started to blend with her hips and her child is now a few years to adulthood.

She is now working again coz a younger women came by and did to her what she did to her now divorced ex husband’s first wife.

Alice made me her nemesis right on her first setting eyes on me and it was really the kind of story we would all blow up at the scriptwriter if we were to be shown this as a movie.

I was younger, and hold a marginally higher pay than her.

And oh, at the time this happened, we are in an office where both of us took on assistant-y roles but somewhat has some executive-y rights.

So, right before I was walking out to take the bus back, I was hiking along the wooden path to Hiji Waterfalls. I was sO surprised that EVERYONE greeted EVERYONE along the way to the point I felt surreal.


And the most beautiful finale was, I was so tired at the end I sat on a rock and watched the falls, soon people were gathering around me to watch the falls. There were Caucasians whom spoke European languages that I don’t understand, local Okinawans, some Asians with American accented English and all.

At that moment, I felt connected to everyone. Like we have been friends although we just met. It was really special and comforting.

Later on I was taking pictures of rocks and whatnot sending them to Chu, it has something to do with the Yonaguni Monuments.

Frankly, in my own context, I felt like a superstar. Like I got a Hollywood red carpet experience. Like all the rejections, both just and unjust in my life was erased at that instance. It is like when I was flying into Okinawa, the ancient Ryukyuan Gods made it that I went to heaven and in Paradise-Okinawa I experience all these.

And I thought, ain’t it that in life, we don’t need the REAL Hollywood red carpet stuff, we just need to be with decent human beings.

I forgot the faces of those greeted me. But till this moment, I can FEEL the old couple who hiked the wooden paths with what looked like ski poles. I am tearing up now as I recall, it was a beautiful and long enough moment of, total strangers just saw my heart and genuinely like me as who I am.

I must have totally gotten GOD DUST or something, I actually thought of Alice and wondered that if somehow she too got such an experience, would her unbelievably Manga level of pain goes away.

I must have been the kindest person ever lived, at some points.

But all these being said, I learned this from a few teachers, it is not selfish, it is not wrong that I attacked Alice back before and didn’t treated her with love. I am no full fledged God. And neither am I God just coz I managed to look past her aggression and hoped upon her to get treated humanly.

The best that I had done was keeping damage at the lowest, both for her and me and did my part for myself as a proper human. The rest, it is for Karma to work her magic.

SO, what did I learn from this?

Human connection is amazing. It might have been due to choices or “circumstances” that we grew up never knowing the kind of human connection the old lady with ski pole shown to me, but go explore, the world is not just the tiny circle we have been subjected to.

The last thing we ever want for ourselves is not knowing what is goodness and giving them all a miss.

If you have damaging beliefs like, Yuxing, you must be every well dressed and look stunning that is why people talk to you.

First I have to agree with the cute part but I was all normal. I actually threw away the top I was wearing at the end coz it was sO worn. And that believe it or not, there are people who don’t look at materialism like we city people do. Also I didn’t get that “tourist favoritism” at all, I look so Japanese that locals are always speaking Japanese to me.

Go open yourself rationally up. ❤

The next day I cried for a few hours over what happened before I went for lunch.

I was grateful.

And… I am not gonna make this look pretty; give yourself time, it is also a brule (bullshit rule coined by Vishen of Mindvalley) that we need to forgive as fast as possible. It had been long-ish and I think I am only starting to understand what forgiveness is a little bit.

A High Schooler From Futenma High School and Bitter Gourd Bento From Okinawa

You guys thought I abandoned my translation project right??

HOHOHOHOOOoooo I am still going strong as everrr~~~ and… JLPT is 2 weeks later. I think I am phenomenally prepared. Never been as good!! Hahahaahaaaa~~!!!

First up, a tweet from NeeNee. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

3rd year Ganeko kun from Futenma Senior High School joined us in the studio today for a practical experience, he has plans to form a band with this high school mates, do your best

(Yamato’s family name is “Ganeko” and “kun” is an affectionate honorific for younger men)

This tweet is by Seiji, the manager, bassist, producer and whatnot of NEENEE. He is 46!

It is quite amazing that Yamato can just totally drop decades with cutting his hair this short. Let’s look back.

This is a random screen shot I found online, circ 2013. But frankly… I think the same applies for all of them.


They almost never aged. *flies to Okinawa immediately*

Yamato got an IG Live yesterday which I missed coz I needed to charge my phone.

The entirely most coolest thing was Seiji rolling on the sofa seeming trying to grab Yamato’s phone. How could I have missed that! But thank you to all the fans. I love following them and they are always so wonderful to talk to and all. Just that I need to up my Nihongo go go go!!

Next, the Goya Bento (Orange Range’s latest single in tie up with Okinawa Family Mart) comes with a pair of chopsticks in a regular paper holder printed with their next outdoor live details.


Quick fellas! Use this in your projects about packaging!!

Digressing a little, I can now better explain all these “idol-chasing”.

This morning I signed up for the $1 ten day trial at Mindvalley, taking up Vishen Lakhiani’s Consciousness Engineering course. I has gone through a few of MV’s free lessons and quite frankly, other than having confidence in Vishen’s teachings, this is also something that I can afford well as of now.

However, something better also happened. The monthly subscription would be $29/month and that still means expenses right? Then I did some math. I DID MATH OMG.

On the average, I call for fast food delivery 3 to 4 times a month. It has been happening for a while and boy, I love fast food and I am skinny. :3

With the $4 delivery fee and $4.50 extra 6pcs nugget to fulfill the minimum order, that is $34 that I am pouring out each month. And let’s not forget that I am ridiculously close to fast food establishments. One is just opposite my block, another a 20 minute walk (burn the fat on the way to fast food, how nice!) and another a 3 minute bus ride costing less than $2 for a round trip.

If I plan my meals properly and not wait till the last minute to call for delivery, not only will I be eating lesser and healthier, I could pay for self-enrichment stuff at MV and save $5. =D

And if MV really don’t suit me after a while, I can quit anytime.

But now the main point.

Vishen talked about Mean Goal and End Goal. They are like, I want to earn lotas money (mean goal) so that I can travel the world and experience different food (end goal). And it should be end goals that we should look at.

Of coz, there is a lot more to these and for now, seeing all these musicians just keep giving me ideas on how outside of the “world” we are familiar with, there are folks still doing what they love, music, and having so much fun and they are just living life.

Could there be something that I can take as a reference?

That’s all for now folks. ❤