I am Finally Feeling for *SOME* of the Espadas, and Tosen and GIN IS STILL ACTUALLY GOOD RIGHT!! ;__;

Before I start, this is quite the 2nd time since I started this blog that I got so much readers in a day. And wow, from 4 different countries.

And oh, this isn’t meant to be a joke, rest of the time I get zero readers or just ONE person from the US, which is 99.9% accurate to be Chu.

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Ok, so~! The whole time I had nothing positive towards the Espadas, nor anyone on Aizen’s side. I even thought that Momo and Kira are being insane to feel for their captains although it is only normal that these youths (in Shinigami context) felt that way.

The only exception is however Gin.

Maybe in the end I would agree with Chu that he is shit from beginning to end, but as for now… 

I had thought that  Tosen was one big self-righteous ass until the end. Aizen blasting him into bits before he can take a good look at Captain Komamura and (my) Hisagi really made me sad. Also, why is Cap. Komamura a bear fox?!

And I get that other than Ichigo, Aizen had pretty much hypnotised everyone, so the irrationality of his followers is somewhat justifiable. If not, he played such mind-games on them, they are totally being manipulated; explaining why so many Espadas turned mad at Aizen moments before they died.

But hey, as much as it is so, I still think they are responsible for themselves to a degree.

First up, all these while I was waiting for the Shinigami to kick the asses of the Arrancars. Like yeah, they are so pitiful. :/

Until it came to Coyote Starrk.

Apparently he was so alone, his soul split up another little girl (Lilynette Gingerbuck) so that they two can keep each other companied. And towards the end, Starrk is no longer clear if it was Lilynette that split out of him or he came out from Lilynette.

He too felt the pinch when his fellow Espada dies because… HE HAD TRULY FELT THAT WITH THEM HE IS NOT ALONE.

Homg. This alone really gave him much redemption, in the sense that he joined Aizen’s army really bcoz he wanted to be with others, but is righteous enough to not go inflict too damages according to Aizen’s whims. Seen when he battles Captain Shunsui.

And wait! If Captain Ukitake is so weak as to wield his swords, HOW DID HE BECAME A CAPTAIN?!

Another Espada I felt for is Tier Harribel and the ladies with her.

I don’t agree with everything she does but it seemed reasonable on her part to gather a few BFFs, look after each other and to kill as little as possible. Joining Aizen gave her better power to survive and yes she still fights but for a cause, Aizen’s cause, and no longer like how she had to look out for her life while wandering around.

The whole thing with Starrk and Harribel is, yeah, they kinda had no better choices like other Espadas, they did less than nice things, but from my opinion what set them apart is, at the end, they managed and chose to retained their own consciousness.

Also, I think Harribel’s battle outfit is pretty hot.

I missed gym again today and push back my class.

Can’t wait for Monday!! ❤

Mid December Update

Down with a little cough so I haven’t been to the gym for 3 days. I think I can tomorrow, as long as it don’t get too cold.

I just feel that as long as I am at places below 30 degrees Celsius (86 degree Fahrenheit), I will start getting sick.

Also, it has been so cold these days. I am finding myself in a hoodie even in the day and there are so much rain and yup, even further colder.

Even the bears needed more warmth. I froze to death while they kept warm.

Anyway, I am still all into BLEACH.

Interestingly, Ishida is gaining more and more of my attention. I wonder how everything is unfolding for him. Although I already gave myself so much spoilers.

Also I had two roll cakes. SO GOOD. I think they are this new healthier line with lotsa grains stuffed in. So nice to nibble on them.

Another thing that is keeping me occupied are

  • Reviews of movies/animation by Chinese/Taiwanese Youtubers. They are so good omg.
  • Top 10 facts about Bleach characters. Wow, while I had admired book authors, Kubo Sensei has to be the first Manga Artist I admire. BLEACH IS LIFE.

And oh, I managed to get out of the house today.

I was looking for the large fluffy brush like those in the videos. And I found none.

And also a brush like this. But I am guessing that I would need a high quality brush to do dry dabbing like that. I probably will damaged a regular brush if I try this technic.

And wow, in both the artist made it look so easy.

Now, a piece of a slice of life with Xingible.

We all made social blunders before. Especially when we are younger. However with the internet and whatnot, we get to learn a lot more than before.

And one thing is, for the love of Kami-Sama (aka God), stop asking people for free art already. Especially when it is for your own profit.

I get that to us regular folks, it seems so easy for artists to come up with an artwork. It just look effortless and seemingly ok to ask it for free.

Note that quality paper and art materials cost money, and even regular materials also cost money. And no matter how it is for artists, they still need time and energy to produce something. Don’t be that ONE BIG ASSHOLE to go ask for it and get angry when the other party says NO.

How about you go be ashamed of yourself for 5 seconds?

Unless you have an insane reach like FB or McDees, if not stop lying that your exposure is gonna help. >__>

The same also goes for wanting folks to do translations for you for free. 

Energy and time are spent on these works.

Of coz there are cases when we really needed help.

I have helped a fellow tumblr user translate a postcard from an animator before, during my work break. It did took up my time and yet I am happy for this dude.

Also I know of folks who just work with each other with no profit.

I mean, people can all ask for things within a reasonable scope. And good for you if you have friends who can help without first requiring a deposit.

If we need something, work and save the needed funds. Not that the world is a cold place, we need to respect others too, and when we do that, we are living our higher selves.

I don’t know why but I am missing Okinawa a lot.

Listening to SP Thanx is helping a lot. xD English translation here.

And yeah, I named this blog after Orange Range’s song, accurate as of 15th Dec 2018.

What Was Ulquiorra Thinking…

… Something I will never know!

So, in my previous post I totally forgot about he part when Ulquiorra totally saved Ishida.

Did he?

I agree with every bit down to the comments in this blog entry. Hohohohoh~ 真的有人比我更不喜欢 Ulquiorra ( •̀ ω •́ )y!(Someone dislike Ulquiorra more than I do, yay!)

Basically the points are as follows;

Ulquiorra didn’t care about Orihime, let alone having feelings for her:

  • Seen in when he kept stopping Ichigo from stopping Melony and Loly from attacking Orihime back in the hall. (But then again, I can’t say for sure, what if Ulquiorra knows that Yammy is coming in for a rampage and stopping Ichigo was the best bet? Folks like the Arrancars are being who lived hundreds, if not thousands of years and are always in life and death situations. Regular folks us don’t really get them.)
  • Before Ichigo came in, Ulquiorra was already trying to kill Orihime. He was just curious with how the human emotions work. And why isn’t Orihime afraid. (Or was he just buying time for Ichigo to come in??)
  • But, but, but… what is one time when a dying person wants to know if another party dislike/fear him? (Now I am seeing this from a human point of view, what do Arrancar truly think like??)

Ulquiorra stopping Hollow Ichigo’s Cero was actually trying to stop the blast from killing everyone, including himself in the area, he still wants to fight:

  • I thought this part made sense. Until… Ulquiorra already know that he is dying and he never did any attack when Ichigo is busy with other things. At this point Hollow Ichigo had gone berserk and is trying to kill Ishida. So, Ulquiorra slicing off a horn to stop the Cero was really trying to save himself?? Not that he was caring about Ishida? 
  • Some propose that Ulquiorra was just trying to kill Ichigo but surprised that it didn’t. Again, it is unlikely that Ulquiorra stoop to that level. Also, why not just slice Ichigo into half? Cutting off a horn is so…
  • Ok, the whole act is to get Ichigo back to fighting him to determine the winner before time runs out. Like it goes back to like how it was back in the hall, finish this fight before he moves on. (And things was simply like this? Is it?)

And Orihime. When I was a teen, I never liked her. Like, ok, there is Orihime in the group and that was it. I was a total fangirl of Rukia, funnily I totally feel little to nothing towards her now. I guess I am allowing myself to look at other characters now.

So, about Orihime.

Like how Chu Sama described to me, Orihime appear ditsy but she actually see and feel things deeply.

I still think that she is above an angel to heal Melony and Loly, and she probably extended her big heart to Ulquiorra too. 

This can be a topic another day.

And yes! I had 2 post on Ulquiorra in one day. Totally not feeling anything too special towards him.

Am I *Still* The Only One Who Felt Nothing About Ulquiorra’s End???

SO!! Among all the nagging voices to watch Bleach again, one of the loudest ringing voice was to look out for Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra was totally one character who straight away attracted my Kokoro before anything. I STILL remember Chu had this picture on her FB a few years back and I was like, damn!! I need to know this guy!

Maybe precisely I had too much anticipation or I just hate all the Arrancars, I always felt that Ulquiorra is quite a flat character. Yeah, he is cold to the point of cool but… that alone don’t make him any special.

I was just waiting to see more ABOUT him the whole time.

And while obviously he is pretty hot, it took me till the last scene to realise so. Like wow, tell me who can still look so good in their 2nd release form?

Now, we are looking at folks whose deals end with either party dying, it is only normal that they don’t look too loving.

So, Ulquiorra fought Ichigo and he perished in the battle. 

The generally heart wrenching part among viewers is, finally when he is feeling emotions, he died. Here is a thread that pretty much summarised it well.

But really I was feeling nothing FOR Ulquiorra. I felt so relived when he started turning into dust, I was so worried for Ichigo, Ishida and Orihime. Oh Ishida is also the coolest.

Now I am gonna sound like an obnoxious self-declared life coach; the whole thing about why I felt nothing for Ulquiorra is… while he probably had his difficulties, he **CHOSE** to be who he is and hurt a whole lot of people.

If Ulquiorra really NEEDED to go know about feelings and thus release himself from his emptiness, he could have go talk with Orihime and learn something.

I know that the Arrancars had it bad. They were first wandering souls Hollowfied and than 贱货 Aizen came and made them into fighting machines. They die if they battle, they also die if they don’t. Look at the Fallen Espadas. I can see why they became so twisted and bitter.

Also most of them were sadistic and screwed. If not semi-mentally inapt. I can see why Ulquiorra can never find a friend among them. 

Yet… He can still chose.

LOOK AT OUR HANATARO. This man is underrated.

In the first season, once Hanataro decide that Rukia should live, he went against everything Soul Society said. He led Ichigo to Sokyoku Hill and dear people!!!!!!!!!!!! He stood up against Byakuya even though he is trembling.

Now is Hanataro smart? Probably not, he didn’t even recognise his own Zanpakuto when it materalised and freaking lost it again when he found him. Also, is Hanataro some brave warrior? His Zanpakuto is practically no more than a healing tool and he is a push over. He even cries when the chickens he looked after went missing and almost suffered an heart attack thinking they are killed and made into chicken skewers. Kon, of all people, stole his faux body too. ;__;

Yet, he made the damn choice to stand up for what he believes in.

Ulquiorra can jolly well turn sides and go be BFF with Ichigo and gang if he needs to FEEL. No one is stopping him. 

Also, Renji, a stupid Ah Beng, chose to follow his heart and supposedly betrayed Soul Society to aid Ichigo in rescuing Rukia. Renji also face death and shame, but he stood up to his choice.

Heck, even the last Bount, Go Koga, who mercilessly sucked so many living souls decided that 贱货 Kariya need to stop. He too put his life into something he believe in.

In the end, I think from a literature aspect, Kubo Sensei did an incredible job with the character of Ulquiorra. I acknowledge that it was a spectacular rendition of a character but on a heart level… I really don’t feel too much for Ulquiorra.

And this interesting thing lingers… 

We all kinda wish that Ulquiorra somehow has an alternate ending right? While he is a cool blooded killer, I feel safe to have Orihime with him. But then again, Orihime is special, not that she dons the main character halo, she is cool as she is.

Fan art Chu linked me. Love them but still not feeling TOO MUCH about Ulquiorra’s end.

I like this but please change out of those outfit!! =(

Chu Sama and Xingible Chan Art Project 2019; THE RULES!!!

I shall unilaterally name next year’s Art Project as so! It is 2019 soon and 2020 is sooner! I am planning to study in Okinawa in 2020 and woah! The great thing about this whole thing is, at least time is moving forward FAST! I can be all ready but it is still 2018.

I came across a science article today about near death experiences.

I don’t know why but I thought of… what if I only got one more year to live??


I personally don’t like to evaluate my life with beginning with the end in mind. I am superstitious like that. But it is really a great tool. Imagine your life ending straight away tell you what is real to you and what isn’t.

Anyway, one of the things I thought of is, how do I move up in my art? Will probably talk about life in another posts.

No More New Art Materials

So, initially I was thinking about NOT buying anymore art materials and finish what I have on hand. This way I get to try everything on hand and eventually will to be “forced” to use my materials in a new way.

BUT!! I really want to try everything ONCE. *looks at Chu* I have one thing that I totally would love to get my paws on soon.  Keeping it a secret now. And something-something. 

Ever had those times where after you bought something for others, you totally want the same for yourself too?? :3

Also, now I know why established artists would suddenly go start experimental stuff and not continue on their already successful stuff. Totally not my business but I was conceited enough to go hate on them at one point. 


So nah, to this rule.

Different Medium Each Day

Then I thought, should I set days where I can only use certain mediums?? Then I am like, oh, then likely I will only work on days that list my favourite mediums. Ha. hA. HA!!

And 2019’s ArtPeace count will be JUST 2 peaces at max. OR some other single digit.

Yes, Ashido is Coming Home

Finally the the grand idea came.

2019’s theme for me will be MANGA. Also, my 2019’s goal is to have frriends like Ichigo and gang, which is basically to have friends.

So in 2019’s project, everything I do has to has MANGA CHARACTERS IN THEM. Basically I am just gonna start on drawing Manga characters.

True that there is a higher chance that my ArtPeace count might stay ZERO till 2020 but this is one RULE that sparks joy. Like tomorrow I am gonna get new materials!!! Erm… But I saw paper for drawing Manga in the store!!! =D

Anyway, while I received many good words for my art, I always feel that I haven’t been able to really do what I want. And a huge part is, I still can’t get human figure to how I want them to be.

So, my graduation project will be to draw Ashido coming home.

Also! There is a BLEACH Illustration book!

I totally found back my reason to work and earn money. ❤ I found my Ikigai people.

Anyway, I having some flu symptoms. Strange as it goes, I always fall sick around a new beginning to things.

Could it be the same this time too?

Ikkaku is One Lucky Boy

Wow, just when the Shinigamis are all ready to go into a real face off with the 贱货 Arrancars, I entered a never ending series of fillers; episodes 227 to 266.

But I love these fillers! So far they are really well done, super great fan-services and more about the characters’ lives. Like yes, I would love seeing Shinigamis at the beach anytime. Just bring along Renji and Ikkaku at all times. Thanks. ❤

Digressing a little, Renji is looking pretty weak since his fights with the Arrancars. I mean, I know Renji should be strong, he is a lieutenant!! Just that it is cool that in the story he is shown to be on his way to become better, not just on God-mode the whole time assisting Ichigo and gang.

Come to think of it, this is the same for Ikkaku and Yumichika and pretty much all the more “junior” roles. Everyone is still exploring themselves.


Also, I love how one user on Youtube described Renji, he is probably 100++ but he is still so shy and innocent. ;3 Did all of you see those parts?

  • During the few times Renji carried Rukia, he is as pure as water. 100% distilled water.
  • When Rangiku playfully teased Ichigo by trying to unbutton her blouse and lifting her skirt to be allowed to stay in his house, Renji had the same reaction as a shy 15 year old Ichigo.
  • Again Renji reacted in the exact same way as Ishida (also 15) when Mayuri revived Nemu in a seemingly weird way.
  • Renji is almost as shy as Rukia when he interacts with Byakuya.

Crazy enough, if I  were to really rate them and refuse to see their individuality, I would say the ONE thing that made me put Ikkaku above Renji is bcoz Renji stayed devoted to ONE person since his childhood.

I mean, this is strange but, his BEST point is also his WORST point. If Rukia and him were already together, then there is nothing too off about his devotion.

Although I did mentioned before that Renji is one REAL man by not expecting returns or hints at his givings, there is just something so sorrowful about his love life right now.


Good that there was a happy ending, but… Yeah, today’s story is about Ikkaku. 

Notice Ikkaku wears something different?!

Ikkaku is freaking wearing a loincloth.

He is probably a super old Ah Peh who happened to look young and look very hot. After all he fought alongside Ashido in his “youth.” Omg, btw I watched all the reviews about Bleach’s ending, there is nothing that I complain about… expect that… WHY DID NO ONE BRING ASHIDO HOME.

KUBO SENSEI!!! WHY, WHY, WHY?!!!!!????

Or maybe Ikkaku is just into traditional clothing.

And Yachiru chan played a bad prank on him.

Btw, in what way is Ukitake sick looking? As Bleach Wiki described. Yeah, he did almost passed out in the sun but he is looking hot with that bodyyy!!! He is just very fair. And Byakuya is fair too.

And before I start on today’s topic, I have to say I was really disappointed that Ikkaku lost his battle with one of the Arrancar and got the pillar that he supposed to protect broken.

Like dude!! Your Bankai at 20% the first round and that sliced up that other guy previously! Why you lost this round?

I think I just hate all Arrancars.

Interestingly Ikkaku is written as 一角, which literally mean ONE CORNER (or Point, or Horn). Broken Ikkaku is really broken pillar.

SO!!! All these while I was rooting for Mizuho to get Ikkaku and totally ignoring Yumichika. But after seeing how Yumichika totally got mad and wanted to rush to save Ikkaku, so much that (my) Shuhei had to knock him out with some drug, I am like, Yumichi’s devotion deserves an applause.

Well, not that it is because Yumichika has “feminine” qualities that is why I think he has a thing for Ikkaku. Over the time it just appears so.

And since they are together for centuries, I think Ikkaku probably knows it. If he don’t at least appreciate Yumichika, the pair would have drifted since they entered Seireitei and make new friends.

And is it me that Yumichika hides his Zanpakuto real ability and wanted to fight with brute force is bcoz Ikkaku follows a Captain who uses his strength more than Kido and Yumichika wants to do the same too?

And now, Ikkaku is one cool guy who show what he thinks. After Mizuho totally entered his showers (omg… GO! MIZUHO!! I mean… erm…), he decided to put a stop by donning on a wig.

And dear god. Why is it that Ikkaku actually look hotter with no hair.

This is just impossible.

Although this appeared to turn Mizuho off so much, for the first time Mizuho turned shy and secretly followed Keigo out to see if he would meet with Ikkaku and Yumichika.

Finally Mizuho told tham that they could stay over anytime, just that do something with that wig. Ikkaku smiled and threw off his wig.

I think it is cute that people can accept that yes, someone likes me in a romantic way and admire me to a crazy extend, but not like they are forcing me to return the love. Also, it is real cool that I can go like someone like how Mizuho likes Ikkaku but knowing that Ikkaku won’t reciprocate and we are all fine with this.

Sometimes we just like another person a lot and that is it.

So, Ikkaku has a best friend devoted to him and a lovely Mizuho admiring him sO much. He is one lucky boy.

Chu & Xingible Art Project 2018; Soft Wrap Up

ROFL, at least from my side I am doing a soft wrap up! If not I will keep procrastinating on posting up my art and their preparations till 2035. After I finished my Degree in Okinawa and already have 4 gorgeous children. I wonder if Naoto will be the husband and if all my fangirling of him will lead to potential future funny incidents.

SO! This Art Project thingy started at the end of 2016, start of 2017. It was just to make art and my goal was to generate a 100 pieces per year.

Got to 80++ in 2017 and I was having a blast at it. Like OMG, if I start on it, I would need a few BLOGS about it. The most memorable one gotta be I thought I am gonna abandon the whole thing after 004, who knows, I was SO INSPIRED by the sea at Sesoko Island (Okinawa), I got on 005 and the project was saved. Also, I begun drawing human figures which is pushing me towards a goal I want to achieve.

After seeing Chu putting in craft works, I decided to follow suit.

But this year I only passed 25 ArtPeaces as of now. I really thought I would hit 100 Peaces and more. I even started my #ArtPeasArtPeace, the cute version of ArtPeace because I was falling behind sO much. My Origami art also didn’t take off as planned too.

I got more mediums this year too. Like insane number of pens and highlighters. :3 Which are lovely.

First up, ArtPeace 26 and 27; Illustration Book!

I abandoned this sub-project as soon as it started and had a fun time using cake watercolours again. There is something really special about cake watercolours, you can never get back the same colours and you never quite know how what you intended will come out.

And the Aquash Brush is the BOMB. *winks at Chu*

ArtPeace 26







ArtPeace 27

I am using the Sakura Gelly Roll 0.8 for the white highlights and a Uni 0.38 for the black outlines. I adore these pens!!





ArtPeace 28

I got no preview of it coz it is a present to Chu. Apparently Chu is still my friend since 2013. Now people I am not being unloving to myself or anything, I do love myself, still… HOW IS IT THAT CHU CAN ACCEPT ME!!

Just last week I found my 2015 photos where I was just… FAT. And I was so complainy about my work back then. CHU HOW!!! ;__;

Anyway, why I decided to ArtPeacefied this present was, THE FEELS.

I forgot how it goes but Chu and I started exchanging books. Not just regular books but books we love and read before but won’t want to keep it and want the other party to have it.

I couldn’t find such a book in my 3865340314 collection this round and I thought I would send another something that is close to me and also something I want to pass along.

I don’t keep MOST of my ArtPeaces, I only keep those that I have a special feeling towards.

Among all, I thought this peace with Yama and a cat makes the best letter paper to Chu. In a one liner, I just love the whole thing with Yoh first meeting Naoto in Kindergarten, then all 5 were pretty much in the same school and classes till senior high school. They then worked together for another 15 years without killing each other.

Naoto was still taking pics of Yama showing his butt cheeks, Yama took pics of Naoto with his hairy legs shaved (why, why, why~~), Hiroki piggy backed Naoto and all those. Naoto also called Ryo an old uncle and all those. Yoh is still their friend OMG. And yes, Yoh often went to disaster stricken areas to help clean up. We fans know becoz these communities post about it, Yoh was so cool and chilled about it, he didn’t go post all his good acts on his SNS.

Also, I met so many lovely  fellow fans online. My friends are really just my Mum, Chu, Morgan Sensei and these incredible fellow fans. This is my life as of now.



Also, another ArtPeace-worthy element was I decorated the letter with stickers. When I still had friends I was too cheap to buy stickers, then now, I only got ONE friend whom I send letters to.

Last and never the least, it was Morgan Sensei who taught me how to properly tape up a box. I am a pro at taping boxessss!!!

While this is filed under ArtPeace, I do have a slice of life thing to talk about.


One thing I learned was, WE ALL BEEN THROUGH A LOT. WE ALL HAVE THE BATTLE SCARS. But instead of still waiting for healing and finding causes, we can always be responsible for our OWN lives.

It is sure easier said than done. But strangely this was something that got me through the past weeks of job hunting.

I get that hurt people hurt people. I probably have no chance to get back the money I gave for lessons that I couldn’t attend, also I cannot go sit people down and demand that they explain why had they chose to be such messed up assholes and apologise.

What I can do is acknowledge that yeah, such stuff happened and stop secretly blaming myself. Maybe you would disagree with me, but Morgan Sensei once said this, we are human after all, somethings we can forgive, but we can never forget.

Bless his kind soul!

I get that as we mature, we really have to start bearing our own things, still, it is perfectly OK to make real friends and share and clear these burdens. After all, research showed that having a soul group is what makes people happy.

Also! I am gonna call Chu as Chu SAMA from now on and hope that she gets annoyed or something.


Like omg, a silent voice always screams in shame when she post her arts in the same folder. I had to keep telling people that the BETTER art is my friend’s NOT me.