ArtPeace 38: Engakuji Reimagined + Progress Picutures

Engakuji Reimagined

❤ Done! ❤

So~ There is this pretty amazing story with Engakuji (Okinawa). Engakuji is a family temple of the Ryukyu Kings. In the 2nd Sho Dynasty, Sho Shin had this temple built to enshrine his father, the late Sho En.

The first time I was there in 2014, I found the right side gate and went in. I was very thrilled to go inside a ruin and started photographing and exploring. And then I came by this spot and I immediately wanted to cry.

It was strange coz it was a sudden thing and I thought, well, maybe it just hit me that I am inside a building damaged by war so it is natural for me to feel sad.

This year I went back again and went in to take a look. When I stepped back at that very same spot, I was choking up with tears!!! I got sort of scared and left. Went back 5 more times to see if it was all my imagination and 3 of the times I started tearing. The other 2 times, I was focusing on not letting “it” affect me.

And recently, during a meditation, I saw a man in red robe looking at me. Ryukyu Kings has red robes but this guy has no crown. And strange enough, the Ryukyu Kingdom was overthrown.

I did all the researches I could and apparently there are nothing crazy on the temple’s right side. In fact, the important halls were on the left.

I don’t know what happen and may this painting be my good wish that Engakuji get rebuilt soon. Until today, people still pray at the gates, explaining why there is an incense holder at the door.

(Did a post on the findings I have on Engakuji here.)


Used my new brushes! Frankly they are a bit stiffer than my OMNI brushes. But I love these sizes and all. =D


Daiso’s house brand white poster colours blended well with my Sakura’s colours. ❤


I usually mix 3 kinds of grey for my stone walls.

  • Yellow grey (medium-ish diluted)
  • Light grey (most diluted)
  • Darker grey (most opaque)


First sketch! I was quite worried about how to put in the other doors, it looked like I lacked space totally.


Somehow it worked! =D


And 2nd gate added.


And the bell tower. At this point I was wondering if I should put in the main hall. I was afraid that it will look too cluttered. At then, I put the idea on hold.


It was challenging to paint in the walls and all!


Stone wall done!!


Added in Nio chans. I actually felt quite, kinda strange and somewhat embarrassed to draw in Gods. O__O


Added in the side buildings and finally decided to fill in the main hall.


First bits of green~ ❤


I thought of looking for galleries and whatnot to display my paintings and CM and Morgan Sensei said maybe I could do something with the backgrounds.

I got so excited until… I realised I only got like 2.5 pieces of work. (Sogenji Re-imagined and Asato Bashi Re-imagined.)

Surely someday yo. May the good gods bless me.



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