Tenkaiji/Tinkeiji, Okinawa

Artpeace 41~!! ❤

(Progression pictures all the way below.)


3.0 because there is this awesome history, and grey tiles coz the famous Okinawan red roofs only begun in the early 18th Century!! Flowers –> Left: Ixora and Right: Lantana camara.



So! Tenkaiji (天界寺) or Tinkeiji (Okinawan Language) is one of the three major Ryukyuan royal family temple. It was first established in the 14th Century by the 6th King of the 1st Sho Dynasty; built around 1450 to 1456. Some sources state that it is specially to enshrine the unmarried princes and princess, which probably mean the royal children who passed away young, thus, not married.

Initially there was:

  1. Sleeping chamber (probably for the temple’s Abbot)
  2. Abbot’s chamber
  3. Double corridoor (両廊: A building style)
  4. East room
  5. West room
  6. Kitchen (!!)
  7. Well


A sketch of what 両廊 should look like, two other paths on the left and right (usually sheltered) from the gates to the main hall.

A large hall named 大宝殿 and a golden bell was also later added in 1466. However, everything got heavily damaged in a fire in the 1576 and repair works took a while, it was said that this is partly due to that the 2nd Dynasty Sho Kings no longer pay as much attention to Tenkaiji as the 1st and 2nd Dynasty Sho Kings are not related by blood.

The following rebuilding was pretty grand as stone lions were carved with peonies and coloured. There was also a pine forest towards the back of the temple grounds.

As for the well, it was quite a thing coz since the temple was built on rocky grounds, finding water source was difficult, it was eventually dug with the help of a Chinese guy, 蔡応瑞, he is probably those learned folks of Kumemura.

Finally at 2.0 version of Tenkaiji, the temple was transformed into a Mitunchi (三殿内), where shrines of the vicinity’s high priestesses were bought together.

Unfortunately, everything was damaged in the 1945 war, only some bits of the main hall and the above mentioned well remains.


The former temple ground area are now occupied by Shuri Park Management Centre.

The plaque can be found on that spot right before the traffic light.



Additional reading:

  1. Full long history and current photos. (Japanese)
  2. More history and picture of plaque location. (Japanese)
  3. Another page on history and picture of well. (Japanese)
  4. Bits of history and tones of high resolution pictures! (Japanese)
  5. About Tenkaiji. (ENGLISH!! Yay!!!)
  6. Page search for “天界寺” and take the whole piece with a large pinch of salt. It is good history but totally not refined AT ALL. It has usage of “Lolita”, “Otaku” and “Gamer”, so… imagine that in regards to historical writing. (Chinese though!)

My main reference was this old map dated in the 17th Century.





I am sOOOoOOOOoo thrilled with my water colour set! ❤


Wanted the reds and blues to show more but I love how it all turned out! ❤



I was just thinking that I will never get to use this and~~ It makes the perfect sun-kissed wood!



I tried adding white to the neon pink, and it still looks pretty neon.


Stones and coffee hearts on my test pad. Still not very familiar with watercolours.


At times I grab my brush wash water wrongly, but luckily I didn’t drink it.


Sketch a cat for fun. ❤




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