So! The time had came!

Me will be back to my Business Japanese class next week! ❤

This round it will be a 4-month course and back with Mi Sensei at Bunka again. :3

Like it happened with every other lessons since 2009, lessons with Bunka is always something that I look forward to. And during my Uni days, it was the highlight of the week.

I am always happy about the whole thing. There is just something with this, it is a means-goal to an end-goal.

I now think that the very act of Japanese learning is my Omamori, that is why it is always with me. Deep stuff.

Next thing being, as I went on with lessons, been to about 4 months of formal Business Japanese class and countless Xingible experiences, I say, if you are serious on mastering the language, go for Business Japanese as soon as you can. Upper Intermediate is a good time, around the time you get to N3 level.

This will be difficult if you plan on entering language schools coz the usual base mark would be to have an N2 certification. I managed to get into my current class coz I had been a student there till Pre-Advance 2, equivalent of N2, and I also went through a phone oral test with Mi Sensei.

So first up:

  • Look for study group in your area
  • Self-learning

I read this really interesting piece about this Caucasian guy finding study partners in Japan. It took him more than 8 meets before he found someone that matches his learning. Go out and meet more people!

As for self-learning, start with the internet first. You can find a lot of resources that are good for starters and slowly from there you can branch into finding the right kind of books for yourself.

Now, why do I think Japanese learners should learn Business Japanese as early as possible?

Polite and humble speech is often grouped with Business Japanese and learners outside of a Japanese-speaking environment will tend to think, I just want to be able to speak/write and listen to Japanese, I won’t be using it at work.

Yet, even in daily events, such as notices at this bus stop, there are Business Japanese!! In the form of polite and humble speech.


For the longest time I never got what staff are talking about in Konbinis. It was finally after Business Japanese class that I notice they are speaking to me in polite form. And sometimes words can be very, very different. For example, in regular talk, 147 Yen would be 147円です (147 Yen desu), and in poilte speech, service staff would say 147になります (147 ni narimasu).

It is actually strange that we don’t get to study a large amount of daily Japanese usage until we reach very advance levels.

Totally look forward to classes!

And meanwhile, my muse! ❤


Managed one line today. Meow~~ ❤




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