ArtPeace 42: Tennoji in Okinawa Reimagined!!

Tennoji Reimagined

As with the usual, I REALLY LOVE THIS!! ❤

This is Tennoji (天王寺), one of the 3 major Royal Ryukyuan Temples, together with Engakuji and Tenkaiji.

It used to be the residential of King Sho En before he became king, he was someone important in the Shuri Court, one of the direct officers of the last 1st Sho Dynasty King.

There were 2 sayings to how King Sho En became king. One is, he plotted with other influential high ranking officers to overthrow the King. The other, Sho En was such a capable man, when there was no heir in place, court officers want him to take the throne.

I am not sure if Tennoji has any buildings from the residential, or that everything was pulled down and temple style buildings were built.

And another interesting nugget is, his son, King Sho Shin, was also born here.

According to this darling site (date of this map is disputed but generally in the first half of the 17th Century), this was how Tennoji used to look like. I couldn’t find source stating which house is what though. And the tiny house at the back? A well or storeroom? And if a store, why a separate building?? So many questions.


Another thing is, the famous Okinawan Red Roof is only introduced in the early 18th Century. And commoners were banned from using it till 1889. The red occurs due to the Iron component in the soil.


(The font gate I drew is modeled after Shikinaen’s)

And opposite Tennoji is a man-made lotus pond named Ringumi (蓮小堀) in Okinawan.


It is pretty awesome considering the time it was made, around the 15th Century, it even featured a mini island. It survived the war but was filled with debris from the nearby Engakuji.

(I removed the wall between the pond and path infront of Tennoji.)

It was said that wells in Shuri then overflowed. Amazing how everything was calculated precisely.

At one point, many of the properties of Tennoji was moved to Engakuji and only the Abbot’s housing remained. The premise was convert to a couple of schools and a Methodist Church also built on it. The remaining Tennoji was later destroyed in 1945 during the war.

In present day, bits of the former stone gates can be found right outside the Church and Naha City, Shuri Library is where Ringumi used to be.

I couldn’t find any pictures on Ringumi but read that lotus once covered the pond. And from this tiny picture, the “lotus” here is white, which means, it could also be water lilies. In Japanese, both lotus and water lilies has the Kanji 蓮。


By the way, I just realised that I gotten meself some hot-press paper. Still couldn’t decide if I like hot or cold press more.


I was just asking Mum if she find Banyan trees kind of creepy and she totally said nope, they just look pleasant, like ropes from a plant. I later researched on Banyan and it appear that they are pretty spiritual stuff. I must be a demon.

It is just me??

I remember a few friends telling me that they find Banyan scary too.

And thing is! I conquered my fear just like that.


The water area at Marina Bay Sands Shoppe has water lilies and among the sea of purple flowers, there are a couple of yellow, pink and white. I used blue here. And I tried the wet on wet technic. I think this will work better on cold press paper.




I really love how this turned out too!


I too totally adore how the tiles turned out! ❤

The last two work-in-progress had been process coz!!! I made a Page on it here @ Ryukyu RE-Imagined. And a bunch of sites.

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Updating them is sure tough although I managed to cross post them here and there. I think I will do a compilation as and when and keeping this space as the main.


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