I Successfully Created a COLD Room in My Room

Another piece of travel memory that I really want to keep and share. ❤

Back in late March, I got a double room in Okinawa City.

The weather was getting a bit warmer and with the air conditioner (on warm air) and just a single sheet of blanket at night, everything was fine. In the wee hours of the night/morning, temperature can still drop to as low as 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 F), but it is generally an upper 10 (50 F) degrees in the day, sometimes even going into the early 20s (68) degrees.


The above is the layout of my room and boy, it is REALLY spacious (not a high-end hotel still!!!). Those beds are the 3/4 beds which are a cross between a single and queen sized bed.

The single most queer thing was really that they have wardrobes so HUGE I am sure I can go to Narnia if I walk in deeper. They are build on the wall and the top compartments reached all the way to the ceiling.

However, the single most unwelcoming thing I feel about it was… the inside are all unfinished wood. Everything looked a bit worn and I just feel that I might get a thin piece of wood stab into my finger/feet and have it lodge there. >__O

To make it even more mysterious, the room light doesn’t reach the deep interior when the natural day light cease; it just looked scary.

And too cheap to pay for drying, I would hang my damp laundry at the next best place, the shower curtain rod. I marked it as a row of X on the drawing.

Wanting to speed up the drying and to prevent things from stinking, I had the bathroom’s window wide opened too. Then the door closed. Next, all the cold night air entered and stayed there.

So… each time I visit the bathroom/toilet, I essentially stepped into a very cold room. At one point I had to place the extra smaller towel on the floor if not I be stepping on tiles made of ice.

Dealing with anything below 30 (86 F) degrees Celsius is still a very curious thing to me. I live in Singapore, a tropical island near the Equator.



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