The Orange Range IG Fandom

This is suppose to be a recap of my Biz Japanese class but…

Let’s talk about Orange Range. ❤

Soooooo~~~ Everything started back in last October.

There was an Okinawa Festival in Singapore and through the performing musicians, I dug deeper into a band that I knew from before but never really probed about. And that was Orange Range.

So all the online stalking begun and one source was on IG.

It is still coming at me that just in a matter of months, I had contacted folks who holds accounts that post OR only stuff and have daily people graciously share their pieces of lives with me all coz we got a common love for Orange Range.

So… It was just all really pleasant. At times I actually find something missing if I don’t see posts from them folks around.

And this leads me to, as much as we can try to keep a fair enough social circle, it ain’t all the time that we are getting and giving to our optimum. Whenever I look into strangers’ (not directly or 2nd degree directly related to me) lives, I always think of how their lives can teach me something.

I really like Yamato actually. Just look at his stuff.

So cute! 😚💟

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While I have always have dokis dokis for my Naoto, it was only last night that I… find him… sort of pretty. I can’t find a better word and my heart is exploding. I just find this guy oozing with innocence.

How is that?!

My loveeee just grew deeper. :3



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