Hello everyone!

First up, for the most curious reasons I am very captivated by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.

I checked it out after watching a cover by The Piano Guys and during the first few times I teared. And thank god for Youtube comments, coz apparently a lot others felt the same when they heard the song too.

Then!!! This series of photos struck a heart string so twang twang twang, it got me thinking about it for a few nights.


Photo by 西槇太一 in this interview.

I almost never like any BxW photos but this time… WHY IS IT THAT, THERE IS A SPECIAL FEELING TO THIS?!

Really, it ain’t just coz it is Orange Range in this picture, it is just… And then! It was Tokyo.

WoO WoO wOO, I really want to start walking down Tokyo and taking street snaps. ❤

And just look at Naoto. ❤


Not sure why but despite all his kinda-not-so-decent reputation, I still find Naoto so innocent. Help. This is the face that brings sparkles in my heart. ❤

I am in love with my idea of Naoto.

And! Newest #XingibleArtProject !!!

Working on the theme around Nakagusuku Udun.

By this time, I already finished the gates and I am adopting a sketchbook style for this. =D



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