ArtPeace 043: Nakagusuku Udun’s Gate


Number 43 already!! =D

I really love how this one turned out! Especially the two large stones and final door colours. For the large stones, after I painted on the outlines, I wet the insides with a brush then dabbed on colours somehow. I said “somehow” coz you really have to try it around, the best I can put it in words is, try to leave some blanks and see how the colours diffuse.

Next was the doors.


I have been working on small surfaces so everything was good until I coloured the larger doors. They look patchy! Anyone can teach me a better method?

In the end after the paint dried, I added in little strokes to mimic wood grains and everything was good.


The stone wall was challenging too, it seems like a mix of two types of stone stacking, Nunozumo + Aikatazumi.


I have set up another page for the Ryukyu RE-Imagined series and while I love how organised everything is, it can be difficult to keep up with two sides. Post about Nakagusuku Udun’s gate here.


And something really amazing happened. =D

I have been drawing doors opened in my reimagined series as a hope that buildings get restored and receive people again. And then I realised, I have the gates closed this time. But given that the doors has some rare beautiful metal decorations, that should be OK right?

And right after I finished my work, I found this.


Doors opened.

When you truly give your heart, the love will be returned, thank you for always inspiring me!! ❤

And on a really cool news, I wrote to a blogger I love to ask if she knows of anyone or any organisation that would love to take in my stuff for educational or whatnot purposes. While I do have confidence in my work and people around are supportive, it is still challenging to go ask for stuff like that.

I hope I didn’t trouble her and yup! Good day everyone! ❤



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