How Not to Post Self-Centred Stuff and What is Ohagi

Bello~~ I think this is my longest hiatus since forever.

I have been working on a post on my journey in Business Japanese study and it got lost in words. This is so poetic I cannot.

So, instead of letting it all bottle neck, I can just write on a piece as and when.

Last night something really profound happened. In fact, it was the first time in all my school days that I felt such a sensation. Come to think of it, as we grow older, the lesser we get to experience things for the first time. I guess this is why a lot of new parents found the blessing of rediscovery with the birth of their children.

Bunka has one cultural event every 7 weeks and the upcoming one is making Ohagi. I been to an Ohagi making event back in 2011.

Lesson started per normal and suddenly during a conversation Mi Sensei went, “Yushin, have you signed up for this upcoming Ohagi making event??” It was really Anime coz I happened to sit under the poster.

What happened was, this year, I couldn’t get the tickets to one particular event with a friend on the first round of ticket sales. Thinking that it was funny, I posted on the school’s FB thread that this is so unfair, why did all the tickets got to the beginner-learners?

Apparently, just with mere typed words, I had appeared rude.

Mi Sensei went on to say that my comment had surprised the teachers and when she saw it herself, her impression of me went down. I am quite sure she exaggerated stuff a bit as she is pretty humorous but I was blushing sO much, I felt even my neck blazing. I never felt so.

Not that I was embarrassed in front of my classmate, it was just a deep sense of self-realisation, that at times innocent stuff can turn out undesirable if one hadn’t been conscious about it.

As Sensei spoke, the seconds turned into minutes, then this line came like a breath of fresh air. “Please do not post things that are self-centred.”

Do not post things that are SELF-CENTRED.

Ain’t this just a very good thing to bear in mind?? And what that will save a lot of trouble?

I then remember this particular event at one of my work. I was the digital marketer for a street wear brand, and of coz we were pretty spunky. Every month, what the digital agency gave us has contents that cross into offensiveness in the name of having fun. Monday Blues were like Monday Desperation, stepping out of comfort zone became let’s start a riot and stuff like that.

I used to lament to a friend that what on effing earth is wrong with this agency, like we aren’t some angsty gang!

Finally now I understand, unless you really don’t care (you can do aything you want in life, just that you can’t escape the consequences that come with them), if not you can really conduct yourself well as long as you don’t do stuff that stem from self-centredness.

Perhaps to each of you here with different culture, background and all, it could all be some kind of a joke from Mi Sensei and things ain’t as it seems. Still, I find it a valuable lesson.

As we grow old, we might be dealing with bigger audiences and we can still express ourselves without hurting feelings and all. For example, I could have said in the FB thread that it was such a pity that the tickets were sold out, as the event is something that I would love to participate. The school will still get the feedback that there are still students who are eager to join too.

In a way I feel very lucky. That although this is *just* a weekly language class, from the dedication of Mi Sensei, I still learn about the little slices of life that will make me a better person.

Oh, this is Ohagi. Also known as Botamochi.



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