My JiN Ji Department

Our last Japanese lesson was one filled with much laughter.

I can’t put this across in words but I totally mispronounced JIN JI BU (人事部: Human Resource Department) so bad that one guy in class let out a laughter.


Also at the same time Mi Sensei corrected me and I just got giggles with me.

“E san, why did you laugh?” Mi Sensei asked, and towards the end of her sentence, she too, laughed. I am quite sure that Mi Sensei meant the following in a funny way but she was kinda laughing the whole time when she said that too, she should be THE ONE laughing given how odd we pronounce things sometimes.

This hit me quite a bit, for Sensei is always serious when she is accessing us, she must be really holding it back a lot. ROFL!!!

And then we were all just laugh-ish whenever we got to JIN JI BU.


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