With Dearest Dawn to Johor Bahru

It was quite an impromptu trip.

Last week I asked Dawn if she wants to go for some long walks and she told me that she is going to Johor Bahru, which she had been going regularly to. Needing to get a pair of new shoes and there ain’t any that I fancy here, I asked if I could tag along.

Took the Causeway Link buses and before I knew it we were there.

It was only on our 2nd trip there that I got what Dawn said, sometimes, getting out of the country just have a very special feeling. Maybe it is also by being with Dawn that makes everything so good. ❤


This lady used to my boss literally.

Given how I maimed every relationships I had with human beings, it is a dear surprise that we are still friends. LOL. Since 2009.

We had Japanese food that day and I remembered exactly that day Dawn first treated me during one of my work days. She continued treating me many times and she is just so nice and lovely.

Salmon Sashimi with mayo is also LOVE. ❤

Although we only gotten closer during this couple of years, Dawn is actually someone whose words stay with me and REALLY give me positive effects. There is this story that I always remember and it teaches the notion of we need to be clear of ourselves and be our own best friend first.

So, Dawn knew this 5 girls and 5 boys. 4 girls and 4 boys became couples and they eventually went on to get married. Then the horror happen, likely out of good intention, these 8 persons suggested that the remaining two “try it out.” They went on to get married and parted bitterly blaming their friends.

I personally find this story really frightening. That two grown and learned person got into this mess all because they listened to what others suggested for them without thinking much.


Malaysian Starbucks! ❤ ❤


Shilin Chicken, Taiwanese snack. I think Singapore still have this, ours is slightly different. AND OMG I was so glad to be eating this again! ❤ The chicken piece is ONE ENTIRE LARGEEEE piece and after I finished mine, I took Dawn’s remaining. She couldn’t finish it and I even ate the part she bit. I think she find that ever sooooo slightly repulsive but just didn’t say it out.

And Lemon Cooler. So GOOD.


Couldn’t find anything I like and we went to Popular (bookstore) and DEAR GOD!!!! I found THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY GSM paper!!!! And this cute fluorescent pink poster colours!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I have been wanting to try out fluorescent colours but was too cheap to buy them here.

And I don’t want to sound like yet another of those snobs. Here is my humble and truthful saying.

  • Singapore is tiny, represented by a red dot on the world map, that is coz the pen to draw the outline of other countries are too thick to even draw us. We are totally cool but still there is some limit in our stuff.
  • We are also very high up in the world’s most expansive city, No. 5 according to here.
  • SGD to MYR is currently 1 SGD to 3.15 MYR.
  • Malaysia also has LOTS of stuff produced locally and hence no additional cost from importing and shipping.
  • I never really thought able this but… Since fresh food and water are not frozen and shipped about in Malaysia, does that actually mean that they has nicer foods?!!!! Dawn told me that she saw FRESH chicken (meat pieces of coz!) being delivered to KFC one morning. Pretty much everything is frozen and imported here.

SO!!! You see why a Singaporean would fancy travelling to Malaysia sometimes? ❤


And JENG JENG JENGGGG!!!! After FIFTEEEEEEEN long years. A&W used to be available in Singapore and there was always this invisible void in me. A bunch of friends and I agreed to visit there one time and before anything materialised, A&W left Singapore.

I was silently screaming when I saw A&W in Okinawa the first time. It is like the whole Universe conspired to make me happy. I was REAL close into walking in one but told myself each time that I HAVE TO COME WITH FRIENDS. Help me Kami Sama!!!

And Dawn so cute, she took this photo without me asking. ❤ ❤ ❤

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15 年ぶり A&W~~ 💟💟💟

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Also, Dawn is seriously one of my craziest friend. While waiting for our order, she actually asked the staff if we can bring KFC over, and we will clear the table ourselves. The young man was quite taken a back but smiled and told us that it is OK.

I think coz it was morning and the crowd was light and they are just being real lovely.

It was minutes to 12 noon so no KFC Chicken Rice yet. I gobbled down everything in said time and Dawn was very surprised that I can take such sweet drinks. I think I am immortal when it comes to fast food.

Of coz Dawn so graciously paid AGAIN (this time I got my MYR already) and I fought to pay for KFC. In the process I forgot my change and the wonderful, wonderful staff came over to return us the money. I was so grateful and at the same time embarrassed.


Malaysia’s KFC has plates and metal utensils!!! Everything here is in paper boxes, how is KFC like in your country?

Parents told me that when KFC first entered Singapore long along, they have silverware and it was pretty posh! I also took the one tub of Dawn’s cheese. SO GOOD OMG.


Saw these in the supermart and they were a popular drink from Taiwan. I am beginning to think that Taiwan has magic milk teas. Dawn told me that they were once sold in SG and people actually queue for it in 7/11. Where was I?

Probably too busy lamenting about life than to properly live. ROFL.

I think the main gist to these were, they are totally rich and VERY milky. I don’t drink coffee and I already love Dawn’s coffeeeeee!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I might have missed this out but I don’t see squared exercise books in SG??


Buku is Book and Latihan is Exercise. This is Exercise Book.



This trips got me to want to pick up Malay. Singapore used to be part of Malaysia but we parted due to some differences. Although English is our first language now, Malay is listed as our NATIONAL language.


And look at this foolscap papers!! ❤ No frills, just the papers in a bag. So fancy covers and back cover. ME LIKE!


31st August is the National Day of Malaysia, I guess this was why their National Flag was hug up all over the mall. And there was sO much National Day sales!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I also love Dawn a lot!! ❤ ❤ ❤



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