ArtPeace 46, 47 and 48

They are all about Yamato, KUNI SAMA and Okinawa.

I now declare that all the skies posted by Yamato to be GORGEOUS.

I actually did a piece here some months back. I guess I still love cold pressed paper more. >__O But but but I really adore the bleeding (is it call bleeding?) here on acrylic use paper. I appreciate the thicker 360 gsm paper too, I could totally use the back for more drawings. =D


It was unexpected, I was just adding on colours with a flat brush.


Soooo pretty already. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

ArtPeace 46


Shadows below and Yama’s user icon done with Pilot G1 0.7 pens. They work sOOOoooOooo good on this paper!! ❤ White letterings and all with liquid paper, some call it correction pen, by Pentel.

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This is Liquid Paper.

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Side by side.

ArtPeace 47


ArtPeace 48: I Shall Draw on ALL my Starbucks Cups From Now On~~ ❤


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