My First Taxi Ride in Malaysia and How People Became Angels

So, before I knew it, this was my 4th time to Malaysia, in recent years. In these few weeks.

Dawn is right, that crossing borders just has this special good feeling.

As I grow older, I only confirm that my favourite cuisine is after all Asian-Western food. Yeah. This is weird but really yeah, it is so.

I especially like Japanese-Western food and South-East-Asian-Western food further more feels at home. I am excited to meet Chu one day in the United States and eat authentic American food. Namely CHEESE fries and strawberry milk shake. =D


30 year anniversary! Me is 30 years old too. 30 years is quite a lot of time, yet, compared to all my other ages, TODAY is the day I feel that there are so many things to look forward to. Like help, I feel like I was just born yesterday.

But everything is in a lovely way. Dear Kami Sama… like I am starting to **understand** that at times bad things happen to me for a bigger learning. I AM ZEN.


This is Teh Tarik, this is love. Teh = Tea, Tarik = Pull. This is how —>

But usually with just ONE mug to one mug and minus the dance.

Morgan Sensei is great at that too. He used to Tarik my tea back in the office. ;__; WONDERFUL LOVING GUY!!!

Anyway, talking about food… I think people are all inherently good, they only become nasty when they break their balance. An ex-friend taught me something really valuable. She told me that, she REALLY, REALLY, like very REALLY hates it when her ex goes nitpicking about food.

She said, meal times are GREAT TIMES! Let alone meal times with people you love. And yet he is being such a disgusting jerk.

You guys know what?? Meal times are really magical time.

The only thing that will get me to un-love Naoto is when I find out that he doesn’t like food. Or goes on a bitch fit when it comes to food. BUT! Naoto is an angel right??! RIGHT.

Look, this is Naoto looking at food instead of taking pictures. HE MUST BE NICE.

So, it is just a blessing to be with people who love food, and is generous. I lost count of how many times Dawn treated me. And she always treat me good food and luxuriously. And she will part at least 50% of her food to me.

I am beginning to wonder if it is me who eats wayyyy more than everyone else.

Do I??

I always have a fond memory towards onion rings. I was naturally a picky eater and once I spit out an onion ring after the first bite. My loving cousin (in her 20s, and me barely 7) than ate it.


I think subconsciously it just got on me that I HAVE TO LOVE onion rings.


By the way, we were expecting a **TINY** plate but look how generous.


Dawn’s passion fruit lemon tea. NICE.


Also Dawn’s cheese, cream, tomato and something something prawn spaghetti. SO GOOD. Which she gave me half.


CHEESE STICKS. I ate the last few when they are cooled. YET SO GOOD. I grew another stomach for them.


Cheese is love. I really love baked cheese dishes. They are so gooooood.


Honey water we got later at the herbal shop.


I am not even kidding!! It is just niceeeee honey!!! O__O

Also I need to start on my the continuation of my self-help thingy. And it is self-development actually. I really hate the term self-help, it sounds like I need help and/or anyone need the help.

Life just have a lot of learning right? Learning from a friend over lunch doesn’t mean I am in need of help right? So why then do reading a book written for goodness a sign for help?


OH! And yes, fluorescent orange!!! Super excited about my new projects. And at the same time, so little time, no time for everything. xD Just kidding.

And oooohhhh… this self development journey is so interesting, so amazing, I am excited to share about it.

Usually went directly to only Aeon Mall (Bukit Indah) but today we took a taxi to another mall, Mydin (Bazar Mydin Anjung Nusajaya). Wefie! My first taxi right in Malaysia. Also my first taxi ride outside Singapore I think.


Also, Dawn is super cool.

Upon entering a mall, the security required us to put our bags in the locker and/or use cable ties on our bags. At this point, one shopping bag was already locked in the locker.

AND THEN!!! Dawn told the security that how about let us just be?? And we will just gladly show our bags at the end of the shopping.

The otherwise pretty solemn personnel immediately soften and let out a smile. We even took back the locked shopping bag.

为什么 Dawn 酱 cool 的?

And she also called Naoto as NaRUto by mistake. I DIED.

The hilarious part is… the Naruto series (title of an Manga turned Anime) really had Orange Range’s Viva Rock as one of their ending theme song.


The return part was somewhat crazy. We were told by the previous taxi uncle that the Causeway Link buses do stop in front of this mall. But… there are no bus stop sign and all. We were just waiting by the roads. O__O


Wefie worthy time.


I also couldn’t close my umbrella when I boarded the bus. Has to use some magic.

Anyway, Dawn told me a lot of stuff today. Stuff that only BFFs tell each other. And I don’t know how those stuff will grow on me, if at all. Thing is, I think this is how people become angels. Like truly, from the bottom of their heart they tell you nice things, but the kind of nice things that you probably don’t want to hear.

And finally when they really do grow, I will be thankful to those words.


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