A Year Later in Business Japanese Class

7 more lessons to the end of my 3rd Business Japanese class; 8 week, 8 weeks and now 16 weeks.

I still remember clearly that 5 minutes into my first class, I was thinking how can I ask to be dropped out.

It was that.

There was much agonies and equally much spark of drives which all diminished as soon as they started. And strange enough, I don’t know why, I just got on.

The best that I got to motivate myself is that, this round I am learning Japanese IN JAPANESE. This is something that I don’t get as much even in Pre-Advance classes.

I continued on struggling until some weeks back. I was performing so badly, I thought… maybe I should just hide in the cafe during lesson times and lied to everyone that I am indeed attending classes.

Then crazy enough, I thought, if all that I did didn’t work, maybe it is time to change my strategy. And since what I did was NO good, it just mean I should do the opposite right??


This entirely didn’t made any sense coz during that particularly bad lesson, I was so behind everyone, Mi Sensei had to skip me for a bit. So… how can I even add to my class?

And then I just did. Even just by starting to sit straighter than usual.

Miraculously, everything fall into place.

I too begun talking to my classmates. Then another lady sat beside me. They are all warm people. It is really, REALLY strange, I find that once people start talking, we all actually click. Yeah.

Today I was the first person to answer Sensei where we stopped last week and what I studied during my own hours was put to use in class. I felt like the champion kid at that moment. =D

My Japanese learning journey has always been an interesting one. So much that I don’t have words for it. I am just… living it. It is my life story already.

Entering this Business Japanese class is the latest best thing I did on this learning journey.

I am happy. ❤




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