ArtPeace 50 and 51: Latte Cup Art



Let’s go back to ArtPeace 5~~!! I really thought everything was just gonna dissolve off quietly. I am also aware that I am repeating this every time I got a new piece. ^^;; But heck! I have come to terms that no one is reading this anymore and it is just my web dairy.

SO! Some weeks back, or just some time back, I got an idea to just draw on paper cups.

I remember seeing some Latte Cup Art on the web and I really love them! ❤ I want to create some myself and as always, there is just something romantic with Starbucks. For now, I cannot shake off the memories of staying in Starbucks to wait for my flights and just hanging about.

If I meet Naoto and he is really single and has some slight interest in me, I WILL ASK THAT BOY OUT FOR COFFEE AT A STARBUCKS.

Now, if I really meet him tomorrow, and the criteria match, I will just die from my own induced stress. Dear Naoto, if you are reading this, please ignore me.

OKAY!! First up!!!

From Yamato’s IG Story, it seems like he attended his schoolmates’ wedding. Kuni sama and him were schoolmates too. And they had like 4 or 5 other rounds of drinking after the dinner. And during which, they got so drunk and…

The last few snaps have them going home in the morning. O__O



Clothed version. Btw, I also bought an Onigiri that has all the rice grains DEHYDRATED. Like they weren’t dried, they were just powery. I spilled a huge mess at the table. I still ate it coz the Tuna Mayo filings were somehow delicious.

Infact, everything still tasted Onigiri enough, just that the rice were powdery, but they weren’t harden or anything.


A funny thing happened. There is a one-for-one thing going on for Venti-sized drinks and the barista asked if I would like to have another cup to go. I was alone. I told him that it is OK. He asked again if I really want to forgo it, moved a little, I asked if they can put a stamp or anything on the receipt and allow me to collect it another day. He got apologetic and said nope, the one-for-one is only only valid for the day.


Maybe he knew that I can drink up both.

AND!! This is the first time Singapore bought in Pumpkin Spice Latte. IT IS SO GOOD I CANNOT.


I am so in love with my own work, I wanted to bring this home. Halfway a pair of secondary school student came to sit near me, probably to use the power points. They are a pair of girl and guy, and they were at some RPG game on their laptops, where the lady is cleanly beating up the dude.

They were really, really lovely. I fell in love with them darlings.


And yeah, I was still joking to myself that I would need a Venti cup to draw the whole of Seiji san, coz he is really tall. Turned out, my joke came true. Also, he was sitting down in the picture.

Maybe this is virtual, but just how many things are real? People can even get married and have kids for the sake of it.

Sometimes, you just have to know yourself.

I enjoy what I do. I appreciate looking into these mens’ lives. ❤


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