ArtPeace 52 and 53

Bye guys, this blog will be Xingible Art Project from now on.

Thank you for all these years of support.

The Otaku Xingible, Orange Range Fangirl Xingible will now be gone…


HA. Ha. ha…

Well, just kidding.

I have so much in my mind to talk about, what I learned from teachers at Mindvalley, my Japanese class and just generally about life.

A few days back, my Mum just told me that when she was in primary school, she has this really hot teacher who will make them pass love notes to another married teacher. Since it was back in the 50s, 60s where teaching staff were so difficult to get, this hot teacher was let off with a warning.

She knew the other male teacher was married.

My Grandma happens to know this hot Sensei’s Mum too, so one time hot Sensei’s Mum got my Grandma some prawn paste chili sauce and left it the teachers’ dorm. Hot Sensei than came to my Mum and said, “hurry take the stinky chili sauce home!!!” O__O

As a child, I used to think that my Dad is the one with lotas interesting life stuff, and Mum was just plain in her own measure. However, as years go by, Mum is actually pretty crazy. I think my inherently crazy came from her.

For example, just the other day, she nicknamed my Dad Chow Yun-fat so she can “talk bad” about my Dad in front of him. Before I got the joke, she was already laughing so much to herself that she can’t continue.

And… Dad happened to be of the Cantonese dialect and do look somewhat like Chow Yun-fat. The pun is not unintended.

After all her damn jokes, one night Mum said to me, you are unfortunate (不幸: read as “bu xing,” literally NOT FORTUNATE) to have such a Mum eh? And my real given name is 宇幸 (read as “yu xing,” literally UNIVERSALLY FORTUNATE).


It just got me to wonder, a law lecturer with criminal law and family law background once told us that, the real bad happenings only has 3% of happening. Yet we are all living in fear.

I don’t mean that today we all shall just quit our jobs, duties and studies to go have fun.Just try to look more into the fun things of life.

If I were to forcefully pick one “regret” about life, it would be that I was so prepared for bad things happening, I missed out a fair share of living.

I wish there is a Life Manual somehow, but so far we all don’t have one, I suggest, let’s just be reasonably kind enough, love enough and live enough, with the intend to reach and connect with others. ❤

After all these years, I am quite surprised that I dropped off a large portion of my anger and all. All the times I was unreasonably treated got me to think and remember that when the life tests come, I MUST NEVER BE THAT **SAME** ASSHOLE I HATED.

That is alot!


ArtPeace 52

I cannot get over it that I crossed the 50th line.

*prepares a gratitude speech*

Day 1 of Inktober.


I am inspired by @lethalchris’s brown paper and white highlights.

Also I am adding this to my regular drawing numbers. xD

ArtPeace 53

Did I tell you guys that I cannot get over that I passed the 50th line??

I still remember that…

*prepares another gratitude speech*


Wooden frame progression.

Roof progression.

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Roof!! #watercolours #赤瓦

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Initial sketch works.

I really adore how the roof tiles turned out, I was worrying right at the start if using PINK would be ok. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! =D

Akata Sundunchi was a real place and the history of it is pretty rad! The traditional festival of welcoming the Miruku Buddha was revived in 1994 after about 60 years of hiatus.


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