ArtPeace, I Mean Inktober 2017, No… It is About Orange Range Again. Teehee~~

I don’t want to mix art peaces up in the categories of Xingible Art Project 2017 and Inktober 2017, but but but, just allow me to talk about this today. =D

Day 3 of Inktober is POISON.

And here, unceremoniously, Day 2. ROFL. I actually didn’t keep the original photo. I still can take another one, but that will be different. Also, I ate real pizza and pasta that day.

Ohh~~ Back to the main stuff.

I remembered “中毒” (poisoned) being used by fans on IG with regards to Orange Range and how about let’s just do it! If you ever find yourself in a fandom, people at times say the darn-est things. And that is just really in the name of fun. Don’t get offended by it.

And when I mean crazy, it can be married ladies with cute children saying that they want to have affairs with memberS of Orange Range. Maybe not your cup of tea and one can arguably say it is misandry, like what, why are these people thinking of forcing themselves onto these people, just because, just because they are… men?? ;__;

Fandom can be really unpredictable, but I love the people I know, they are nice and polite and would even offer me Japanese help. What I love most is looking into the snippets of what they share about their lives. ❤ LOVE THOSE! And Thank You!!


I proudly showed Mum this and her first reaction was, “Omg, how did you get it so accurate??? O__O”

Knowing that Mum had never seen my reference picture, this means, my Mother, actually thinks that I can draw people out from memory, in such nice poses. O__O


(I had thought that Ryo was resting his shin on his brother’s shoe, I died a little, in a good way coz too cute. ❤ But nah~ he wasn’t.)

I think, in life, one of the grandest thing we can give someone is to believe in them to such an extent. Purely from the heart. Purely from faith and love and all those goodness. Becoz with logic, I can’t jump to drawing people realistically from memory just after Day 2.

Mama Love is awesome and magical.

And Orange Range’s original interview is here. I cannot look at Naoto straight coz he is too cute and…

My real blood mother looks like Naoto.

It is starting to get unclear if I really have crushes on the Hiroyama brothers (bless the fact that Naoto has two other older brothers who are twins <3) or just coz SCIENCE! I naturally feel connected to them.

Btw, sometimes, we learn from ourselves if we just go do stuff. Drawing is something I had been wanting to get my hands on but put it on hold coz… I don’t think I can draw, so I don’t draw and the cycle repeats.

Frankly, on my first piece today I drew Yama (middle guy) too large and I won’t be able to fit in Hiroki (left) and Ryo (right). I really love my sketch and I thought, maybe I should just save time and list Yama as my Poison. Plus, I was really worried about how inking everybody will turn out.

Then I thought, no, let’s just DO IT.


One fear I had with inking is, I don’t get the sketchy links that will smooth out things. But this turned out good!


Adding some shadings. Wheeee~~~ Hello Kitty pen at 0.38 point to the rescue!! I usually use 0.5 and preferably 0.7 pens. I love thicker lines but I have to admit that fine pens make shadings better.

And the white highlights are just amazing. A large reason why I use brown paper.

These that I bought are counted as craft paper, so they cost crafty, but I am sure it can cost less if it is really recycled paper. Yet, the good thing is there is ZERO bleeding. I want to splash my watercolours on it someday. Heeehaaa!!!


Apologise for the greasy bag but hey!! It is delicious McDee fries!! Work desk today before sketching!


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