How I Could Have Saved Money on Classes

In the last Business Japanese lesson, I casually told my classmate that I am at lost at whether to continue on Business Japanese or go back to Pre-Advances classes.

  • Business Japanese of coz allows me to get better in Business Japanese.
  • But Pre-Advance would prepare me inline with JLPT and have lotas conversational practices and it would be wayyy more free and easy without having to use polite to honorific/humble forms.

Then, my classmate, one of the best girl around, told me that two other classmates and her actually have 2 classes per week. This current Biz and Advance class.

All three of them are quite the best and most vocal people in the class.

As years went by, I notice, this arrangement ain’t for me.

Especially that I only developed hobbies and what not when I started working. Fancy as it sounds, I would love to have a DAY to do my stuff. Be it blogging, painting and all. 日本語を復習しないこともないです。wwwwwww~~~~

I found out that, the best learning way for me is to really, REALLY revise.

I did tried to pile up my week with lessons. And when I got that, I have no time to revise and do my homework and so I don’t revise and do my homework and the cycle repeats. I then don’t retain anything.

I also tried the, “just get myself to a class, this way I get ‘force’ to consume a lesson” thing. Did a JLPT preparatory class for it, doesn’t work.


Looking forward to it all!! ❤


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