Printing @ Singapore Polytechnic

This morning I sheepishly went into a printing shop at SPECTRUM (T15, Basement), Singapore Polytechnic.

I didn’t know that there was a door at the side and had thought that the shop runs the REALLY old school way where we pass documents to the staff though the window and they will do the photocopying for us.

Finding me a little strange, the Aunty directed me to the door.

After some fumbling around, I told her that I am a graduate of 2007, that’s why I am new to all these. She was a little startled and I said, “Lol, there weren’t even thumbdrives during my days.”


What Aunty told me next really gave me some instant enlightenment.

She lamented that during my batch (she probably have children or relatives my age), Local University courses for specific diplomas were few. Folks either have to go overseas or, pretty much just little choices. But now, we got more private Universities.

10 years ago when I can’t make into a local University, I thought I was a tragic loser.

Ever heard of the If-Then model? If I get a degree, I then can be happy. If I get a good spouse, then I can be happy. And so forth. I learnt this from Prof Srikumar Rao.

Only today I realise, yes, I could have been happier if I made it to a local University, but still, today I am happy without needing what I thought I needed.

This is good, like BOOMZ BAM BAAAA WOAH kind of good. Not just some encouraging words to hype your day, prepare to be knocked out of yourself.

By the way, I found my really lovely printing shop today, the above mentioned shop. ❤ They charge 5 CENTS per page (Black and White), both photocopies and printing from the computer/thumbdrive. They open Monday to Friday from 8:30am. I have gotten charged 50, FIFTY, CENTS per page for printing from the computer at some other outside shops before. ;__;

Heehaaa~~~ send me all the JLPT Ten-Year-Series nao!! I **ONLY** have just TWO undone exam compilations. :3



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