First Haircut Day 0


Yeap, that happened. To think my very first time here was when I first begun my NEET life. That is Strawberry Mango tea, first time having ice tea here.

Underestimated how long it will take to get to Komorebi and extremely miraculously… I was *only* 5 minutes late. And I even got to jaywalk, cutting down on time.

Upon reaching, it was only then that I felt all bad being in 55 minutes before closing. O__O Next time, I will properly assign a free day for hair cutting. ❤

And I was having sO much hair.

I had to dug deeper to gather my hair to tuck behind my ears, and then!!! They bounce out. My last hair cut was *just* 3 months ago. I too had illegally, secretly chopped my own fringe some while in between. Considering that I keep bangs, it is a great wonder to why I can snap sO much off.

Xingible’s hair has a life force on her own.



I really appreciate the haircuts Molly san had been giving me. In fact, she had initiated cutting the sides of my hair short and gotten the perfect short-cut that I really adore. Even though time was a little short last night, Molly still make sure that my fringe is short enough to my liking, she had remember that my hair grows real fast and also that I like Orange Range. xD

Again, while washing my hair again last night (got wax on), I was again reminded why I love getting my hair cut at salons again.

They put in all the care so that all loose cut hair won’t continue sticking around.

And yes. Their massage after a long day is god-sent. *dissolve in bliss*

And some songs.

Recently re-explored HMC’s songs, sO nostalgic and lol there is a a part where Yuusuke was trimming his girlfriend’s hair. So sweet!!! Until… don’t leave me hanging. Did his band mates just spoilt his date? ROFL!!!

I always remember this thing Morgan Sensei said, that “young people must do young people things, don’t only go to a disco when you are 60 in a mini skirt.”

There are so much meaning in that casual one-liner. For me it is, life is progressive, if somehow you managed to skip things or bring things too early, they will come back or get delayed to the right time.

This THING about me had weaned off A LOT, but still there are some bits left, which I too wish to fulfill them as quickly as possible. That is, I feel like the things I skipped in my younger youth is accumulating so much that they trashed my future from unfolding. Now, yes, no, maybe and even what the hell, strange as it goes, I got forced to meet them face on and it was only from there I get to move on.

A lot of people see moving on as letting something go completely, but at times, you just need to go back.

A lot of amazing things have been happening and I am just happily overwhelmed. I want to talk about them here but that would take up time for me to enjoy more of these insane goodness. So, please allow me to settle down first.

Naoto/the man of my dreams is still welcome to say Hi though! ❤

Next!!! Orange Range Chirachira Rhythm. Why do I want to eat ice cream all of a sudden? And Naoto’s guitar strap is sO cute!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And Molly is a fan of Mr Children.

Funnily, Mr Children always reminds me of this thing back in 2013.

It was my first time in Tokyo by myself and I was totally under-dressed (hoodie + tights and shorts and Converse) for a late Spring night of 13 degree Celsius. I remember the temperature vividly coz it was displayed on a large screen.

There was a street busker from Osaka who sang **JUST LIKE** Mr Children. It was surreal. He was sO good, even buskers around stopped to listen. So do smart businessman rushing around the station.

❤ Love and Peace!! ❤


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