Ink & Watercolours #EverythingYama

I am truly enjoying my #inktober2017 so much. ❤ ❤ ❤

I had seriously thought that it is gonna be troublesome to work with inks and pens. But… I actually grew to love it sO much! I even got a new pen set. OTL… Something I never thought about trying.


This supposed to be first an ink peace, but I WANT watercolours on it.

I really don’t have the Dokisss for Yama but this guys is just sO fantastic. If I ever get to meet him person, I be leeching all his vibes to the best that I can. I *think* the below is taken at Miyagi Coast in Chatan. ❤


I still remember feeling all excite about #inktober2017 and now… just 10 more days and it is a wrap. A new personal project that I want to embark on is~~~~~~~ #EVERYTHINGYAMA !!! That is to draw/paint out Yamato’s IG stuff. =D


There is just something lovely with high GSM paper. They are so good to use. ❤ ❤


My pen glided SO AMAZINGLY PERFECTLY on the paper. It is actually a #sparkjoy !!!

Another I grew to love is actually highlighting the ink drawings. Since I am using white paper this round, I used highlighters. MIDliners to be exact. (I got the PINK, GREEN and YELLOW 3 pcs pack.)



These stuff are absolutely amazing just that Yellow san can be a little too pale. Added a stronger pink and can I just say, THIS IS PERFECT BABY. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O.


I too love love love love my flat brush to no end. How is it that with just ONE wash of water colours the bleeding, overlapping and all can get sO beautiful? I love I love and I love.

I really can’t wait to get more out of my drawings. Dear Chu I love you for staring the ArtProject with me!!! ;___;


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