Hello November!! <3

First up, do you guys know that there are October Sakura? Literally the Sakura that bloom in October. They were something that I previously knew nothing about and I was sOOOOooo thrilled to see them in real life!!

You can say I was silently screaming at that moment.


I just love Okinawa more each day. I love you Okinawa. Thank you for always loving me back more.

I learned that Wants will keep coming and after we got what we want, we will want more and the cycle repeats. So, the key to happiness is to get the balance. This was something that I disagreed upon, it is only now that I begin to get it.

Turning 30 is quite the most amazing thing ever. I actually feel the youngest ever. Younger than my 20s, my teens and yes, this is the youngest that I ever am.

Frankly, I have been thinking about the times in Okinawa. It just struck me that those moments were by themselves the best things of my life. Yet, I had thoughts of worry and all then. Rightfully my then-worries should dissolve now, but I got new Wants in life.

It sure doesn’t mean that we should drop everything. It is a realisation and realisation is the start to goodness.


I wish that EVERYONE will get to experience watching a sunset in Okinawa with people they love. I love Okinawa so I was with an entity I love too. I had it, I wish it upon you people too. Or just anything that will make you as happy, if not more happy that I was.


I be such a frequent shopper at Tower Records. Btw, Orange Range, NEENEE and Delofamila had their albums out!!! Among them I am actually most interested to listen to Delofamila.

Interestingly, it is not becoz of Naoto. SURPRISE!!! I think I am starting to fall in love with Rie Fu herself.

I think one of the most amazing present one can give to one self is simply go explore

  • something entirely unexpected
  • something that you don’t think you will like
  • something that scares you a little (in a good way)

And just things like that.

It is good to keep yourself grounded and occupied with what you can handle, but find the balance. Something unfamiliar usually show to one that there are more possibilities than what one currently know of.

And from there you can do new things and improve.

And if they don’t work, just release all those that don’t serve you.

But give the best and enough chances to people and things and situations. Your heart knows when something is too much.

A few years back I set out to explore every prefecture in Japan, I started from Okinawa coz it was warmer than Hokkaido. And the rest is history.


I read that human still need to get in touch with nature, but our modern world has little of that. It is thus important to give ourselves more chances with that.

Next! Inktober ended.

My favourite would be Day 3’s and seriously something magical just happened from there.


I never thought I could draw people.

I also learn that a lot of the cannots and whatnots in life are actually due to one’s own limiting beliefs. But to know what they are, and to change them is HARD. That is why in the above I suggest EVERYONE to go explore something. It worked for me, and hopefully you.

Yes, there are times where time appears short. But think about this, to have started thinking about wanting to change one’s life is a SIGN. It can be just one conscious minute of deep breathing, to 3 year commitments to something. It is un-science and weird to say this but, at times the Universe DO conspire to make everything happen FOR YOU.

And when it doesn’t, at times it could be protecting you from something that is actually bad for you but appear good or there is something even better.

Also interestingly enough, these sayings can be refuted by deeper logical arguments and all. The point about it is, find out what works for you.


My 2nd favourite Inktober2017 piece and I can go on and on about how my comfort zone is pushed out and I discovered so many new art techniques. =D


How is Christmas gonna be like for you guys? In Japan there is actually NO public holiday on the 25th of December. Although there are so many lightings (call illumination) and all on the Christmas theme.


This is the Starbucks Christmas cup this year.

I actually don’t have a favourite drink yet.


I started making Origami. This is a chestnut.

Perhaps the GRANDEST plan this year is…

I am moving to Okinawa.


I am excited to start on a new project. Which is gonna be 3 year long. The last time I committed to something 3 year long was back in 2004, my Ploy studies.

This will be a present to myself 3 years later on my 33rd birthday. I have been looking at 33 years old since forever, coz I was born on the 3rd of March. 😁😁😁 So, what is this all about?

Recently I was going through tones of Japanese pre-school materials and it was shocking that I don’t understand sO many of the content. And reading everything in Hiragana itself was unfamiliar. Yet at the same time, I have been studying Japanese for 10 years, did a bunch of cultural immersion and basically everything. I even got into a Business Japanese class now which is quite equal to JLPT N2 and 1 level.

So… What happened?? This felt like one day I got a crash course on Relativity. I can understand and explain it but all the foundation building up to it just wasn’t and never was in place. It became weird that while I can do Relativity, I can’t even explain magnets of opposite attract.

So this will be a game, that in 1 year, then 3, I will study from Primary school material and up. With passing JLPT N1 in one try and applying for Okinawa International University as goal.

I look forward to this. 😃😃😃#projectyuxing33 #seeyou2020


The first night I read the introduction and message from the author, I got emotional and my shoulders shook and I was crying silently loudly.

I felt like I am giving myself another go in life. I am being my own parent and studying Japanese as a child. It is a beautiful thing.

Next, I finally went into Chic-a-Boo at Marina Square. They always smell sO good but I never went in. Guess what, I did believe that being a vegetarian is better and all. Although I think that too much meat is still argh for me, I want to go after what I feel right about.


Proudly present!!! FISH AND CHIPS. I know… I will get chicken another day. The mashed potato is so good. The gravy has some chicken bits. Any mashed potato with chicken bits gravy is good. And I love American biscuits. CHU!! Other than cheese covered cheese fries, I WANT BISCUITS TOO!!

American biscuits is not our Kong Guan biscuits yo!!

And dear God, after being an Hikikomori ALL MY LIFE, it felt sO good again to walk in a giant posh mall again.


I know some of you were Hikikomori like me, I use WERE here coz you can live a life you want too. I didn’t die. The key really is, know that it is in you to fully provide for yourself. Did you guys ever wonder why you are like this? The real you is great, somewhere you took in a small idea and you believe and bought that idea.


Just don’t.

We will meet one day, surely someday. Promise me. And you will come out and meet me.


And I just love fast food. THEY ARE MY SOUL FOOD.


Hello Dover san!! ❤ ❤ ❤



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