Japanese Learning and a Trip to Japan

First up! Taken 2 weeks back along Orchard Road, Singapore.


This year’s lighting is pretty mad eh!!


This gonna be a whole tunnel of light, probably gonna see it often when my next Japanese class starts. Isn’t that cool. Like before I knew it, I have been to Business Japanese classes for more than a year!

I realise, it isn’t the end of things that brings sorrow, it is our mind not being able to be in the NOW that rob us of things. I used to, and still sometimes do that a lot. I don’t mean sitting around and doing nothing, but it is also a darn good skill to know how much and when to accept things.

And that brings a lot of peace and joy.


New Subway presentation for dine in. I really love my meals with chips. :3


Japanese pre-school paper, gotten them from a nice dear friend who has a young kid. Heehee~~ And crazy enough, this is helping me sO much in Japanese learning. Whenever I tell people that I have been studying Japanese for 10 years (12 if self-studying is included) and I go to a BUSINESS Japanese class, people all thought that I be rapping out Japanese songs. But the embarrassing thing here is, I didn’t even know how to say “circle the biggest doll in blue.” And what is a soup ladle call? What is a rice scoop call?

Me is experimenting with starting with pre-school and primary school materials and in 3 years time I am gonna sit for a Japanese University entrance exam.

Pretty amazing a project and so far things are going well. Not just in the knowledge gaining. I seriously felt like I am given a new life, on top of this awesome life. Yup. That is so.


I also learned things like Mama Kangaroo eat (or absorb) the poop and pee of their young.


I have long thought that my boots are simple faded by the loving Okinawan sun. And to my biggest surprise, upon putting on mink oil on them, a healthy pink returned. It looked patchy like ham at first though. xD


Neck pillow for flight. Turned out I was just hugging it, leaning on the window part and totally into the space of another girl during my flight back.


Got a window seat and for the first time I didn’t went to the toilet.


Both my to and return flights were in a timing where I was both in Tokyo and Singapore on the same day. It was sOooOOoooo surreal.


Plane food was actually the main thing I looked forward to. Followed by in-flight movies and meeting new friends.

I used to get bad headaches after flights. At times it get sO terrible, the pain came back on the second night.

Drinking lotas water didn’t help and apple juice helped ease it a bit.

Strangely it got better over the years and I guess the key is to get enough rest. Let the sleep come, don’t force it, don’t try to keep yourself occupied every minute. And maybe milk helped.

This trip marks my first time drinking milk in the sky. That is why I took a picture. PictureS!!

And Delta Airlines has sO many movies?!

It is sure a kiseki (miracle) to catch Kiseki in flight!


Background: Greeeen, a four man vocal pop group went on to great fame with their amazing music and never showed their faces, they too were dentists.

I always find them a really amazing story coz they just knocked down so many presets we have about life.

I notice, when we are exposed to the possibilities in life, we tend to push ourselves and achieve greater things. It can be looking at others, start on something and BAM, the next thing we know, we are living a completely different life.

Not only were the brothers pair so cute, me fell in love with the bad boy Matsuzaka Tori. He is usually very clean and good boy-ish, but woah… *drools*

And I got to know Greeeen from Rookies. My all time favourite. ❤



Snack! Wheeehaaaaa~~~ the chicken wrap was sO good. I love Delta’s food!! ❤ ❤ ❤





Narita Express towards city. Around 3+pm. Sun sets fully by 530pm. It looks all evening-ish from 2+pm onwards.

Sun sets fully in Singapore at 730pm. It took me a bit to get used to that.


Looking into wide fields ALWAYS got me to marvel at how small we actually are. And when faced with the vastness of life, what we really want is simple. Happiness. With people we love.

I know there are sure stress and whatnot in life. It will be unreal to say I am fully zen.

It is really to find the balance point. Be uncomfortable enough to strive for better and more, and surrender enough to be in peace.

Now!! Transparent teas!

So, one time Yamato’s mum mistakenly thought the transparent lemon tea is water, and Yama posted that on his IG Story.



I had thought how many crazy chemicals did they add to water to get these?! Turned out, it is all NATURAL! But honestly!!! Fancy as they are, they don’t taate as rich as the real deal.

I would buy regular ones any time.


I love these rice balls.


Miura Takahiro! My own mum was a fan of his Dad, Miura Tomokazu. Told mum about this and she was like, “Ah, looks like his Dad! But the dad is still hotter.”


TV programme on people living in houses listed as World Heritage. They actually have to keep to a set of rules to maintain their houses. Such as, large children toys like swings and see-saws are keep indoors, flowers are planted and groomed so the whole over all look is balanced, and etc.


Then I met Boruto in Tokyo.

The whole thing about these Naruto thing is just amazing.

I started watching Anime around the time I was getting into learning Japanese, so the whole thing is always nostalgic.

Didn’t intended to eat from Konbinis the whole time but I did. Frankly, being on a work trip has its level of commitment, it ain’t as free and easy as one’s own trip.

Naporitan pasta, surprised to find pepper as a condiment.


Honestly, I still got the habit to look at pictures instead of looking at words. I thought this was honey and butter, it turned out to be soy sauce and butter, WHICH IS SOOOOOO GOOD.


Best salted popcorn ever!!!


Window view was this and at sunset, there is this lovely line of pink and yellow.


The other side, I wonder what is that tall cylinder structure.


Really gorgeous.

And new muse! Face and Hand soap. I was quite afraid to use it coz… ain’t something for the hands too harsh for the face? But it turned out all good.


For the longest time I have been wondering what this is. For bags? For clothing???


Turned out it was a chair!!!! For real.

This morning was exploring Ryukyudisko’s music.


When I was in my early teens, I got into introduced to this genre of music. I love it A LOT but one day I just don’t get a source to them.

You can imagine my thrill when I came across Ryukyudisko last year.

Bless these two beautiful souls and also at the same time I find Tetsushi and Yosuke really adorable. There is something about the Hiroyama siblings.

So, I am just really happy about the growth I have in life so far, I read somewhere that every 1 step you take, the Universe RUNS ten (or more) steps towards you. Also my Japanese learning, I actually looked forward to read my primary school picture books when I was still in Tokyo.

Ok, I actually love everyone.

And I hope to meet Yamato one day. May he introduce me to Kuni sama. xD

Bye and lotas love everyone!!! =D

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