Momiji Watching

The following happened on the 13th of November 2017, Monday.

Right when I was riding the Narita Express, I got that there won’t be much Momiji to be seen. The Universe have gracious blessed me with spring flowers, Sakura, snow, lotus and quite a bit of seasonal goodness so far.

Autumn leaves will be a new addition.

As a child, the first season I wanted to see was Autumn.


First up, breakfast!

This round I was *always* getting more than enough. It often helps in a way that I need not go meal shopping again, only on my last day that I got a cream waffle 2 days after expiry date. No food poisoning. I was all mighty.

But look! Starbucks Banana Milk! With some cheese and almonds and banana bits. Spicy Roe rice balls always have a special place in my heart. My first kind of rice ball in Japan. ❤


Was totally on a milk tea this time. I ONLY drank this Lipton milk tea ONCE. Rest of the time I was trying out others.

And the Familymart doughnut. I know.

It was really good.

There is also another special film within the pack, on the glazing side, such that the glazing won’t smudge. Amazing.


Colonel Santa. やっぱりケンタッキー!

Continuing from re-learning Japanese from pre-school, it is really amazing how much one can learn again from things in daily life. What do you call juices that are watery?


I got this from a variety show a few years back and it got stuck.

I am still trying to figure this out. While we do learn a lot of new stuff, usually not found in textbooks, from TV, it is also true that we can’t understand enough to find TV interesting.

So… what would it takes to bridge this gap?

What would it takes to bridge this gap?

What would it takes to bridge this gap?

What would it takes to bridge this gap?


Wanted to get to Sensoji but walked towards Skytree. Lucky that I googled-mapped in time. That was a strange moment coz I really thought they were in the same direction!



I went drew 3 lots. They were BAD, BAD, AVERAGE.

The first 2 were really wishes and the 3rd was asking for guidance. I think, life is already good enough. Not realising it would be BAD and BAD. Still moving into this new reality got me to be in a middle lane; AVERAGE.


Sunlight can get rather glaring.

And during days where the sun sets early, it is better to go out earlier. I only went out at 9+, 10am.



Got to Ueno Park later, Taiwanese hoping to join in the 2020 Olympic Games.


For a long while I thought of coming here but never made my way up.

Finally got up and realise that it was a Kannon (観音) Temple.


Poor cat has a sore eye. And he was fierce.

I seldom come across cats that are wiling to be patted or come around rubbing people’s legs.


A red tree!



This guy was playing a few classics and those moments were just surreal. Like time stopped a bit kind of surreal.




I really enjoy parks. There is just something special about them.


Seeing those trees was surreal!


Been to Ueno Park a few times and finally I went for an exhibition!! ❤


Totally in luck and saw the works of Unkei.

I was totally awestruck when I set eyes on the sculptures. Like… how?!

There are even vein details on the back of the deities’ hand. Just amazing.


Probably the biggest yellow tree I saw.

And Gantz has a scene here.


Took the same picture when I was going back.




Sunlight gets more glaring as they are setting.


Butter and soy sauce chips. SO GOOD.


Veggies curry Udon.


Explored more of Ryukyudisko this afternoon.



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