Blocks in Life, They are Both Easy and Difficult to Clear


I wanted to put these stories in my previous post but totally missed them.

And this round I went overseas forgetting my pocket charger. I came home and saw this. Apparently I was grabbing my tissues and charger together to put into my pouch. And somehow I left it on the table like this for a while and…

I then woke up 1 or 2 hour earlier each day to make sure that my devices are all charged.

The last day I found charging points at the airport and my pocket Wifi only ran out of battery minutes before my flight. LUCKY!

So, today is about blocks.

Recently I learned something which I find very useful and makes a whole universe of sense; people are sometimes maimed by the tiniest things that happened long, long ago. Misreading a word in class at 7 year old can lead to a life long of fear of public speaking.

I guess we all heard people talked about “letting go” and “fighting it” etc. I think that is an amazing statement, but at the same time a statement that often comes incomplete and untimely. At times a person forgot the initial triggering incident but had built a lifetime of walls around that. And perhaps tragically enough, people at times DO NOT even know what to do after they let go of something bad, after all it is with them all these while, what will come in to fill this void???

Ever wonder why we all got an accent?? That is all because we CAN remember things at a cellular level and deep into our consciousness and subconsciousness.

I used to have this nice pal around who is hardworking, strong emotionally and all that I thought so. She didn’t have it good as a child and it seems like even till now, she has a heavy share of burdens.

Then one day something sad happened. I was telling her about my dreams and that escalated into her outright berating me. Initially I thought that given that she is a practical person, maybe she did that out of love.

But it turned into a very bad personal attack that involved my Mum and dear Morgan Sensei.

This is life, you know. It is always a bad idea to tell someone not to dream, unless they have something as insane as Hitler’s. Which most of us don’t. And because this is life, we are actually stronger than all we ever know, again little to no one kill themselves over not fulfilling a dream, we just try again and all. And of coz this can go into a deep topic. Which I don’t suggest, live the nao.

On a sharp and bitchy note… try not to listen to someone who has marital issues when they want to pry into your love life. Not because they are “not fit” for it, more like they will always and only give you the tips and suggestions for a problematic marriage, and if you apply that to your own, HORA! What happens to them happens to you.

Finally last night I got a realisation.

The issue with the ex pal was, as much as she was loving, as much as she was sweet, as much as she worked hard, she kept seeing others as not doing enough. Everyone has a higher self, and in this higher self, no one like being around someone who don’t truly love them.

It was not that Life treated this lady badly by giving her all the bad persons around. She didn’t love us bcoz she got a preset of how people should be from her past experience as a child. A child having to work very hard to get love.

I learned that, in Life, we really need to RESPECT LIFE, meaning the choices of how others want to be.

It might irks us to find a well to do friend living underemployed and still enjoying life. For all we know he/she has very sad deep issues, always remember, who are we to comment, if we are really so great as we think, we can already help this person without feeling jealousy and resentment. Or for all we know, the other party is living the life of their dreams, it is our own mindset that is approving of it. DO NOT BE AN ASSHOLE.

The next best thing we can do is perhaps be a decent human being to them.

And of coz I don’t mean sitting around and watching another person under-living. But thing is, few to little of our friends are sitting around smoking hard drugs and mutilating themselves.

The key to it all is really;

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

-Reinhold Niebuhr

Now, why do I call this person an ex-pal. Perhaps one can assign cause to me being petty. But in my words, I really do value myself enough, and those who love me enough to not want to see me feeling drained and hurt by people like this.

I really want to listen to Orange Range’s song without someone “reminding” me that I am using my parents’ money (which I now DO NOT and even so a CD won’t starve us all) and that is it all because I am blinded by Naoto.

Tell me the guy on this right is not sexy. I feel shy looking at this picture already. But he is really not the one singing. I mean I do love Naoto, but I won’t listen to a CD with other people’s voice just coz they are his bandmates.

It is imperative to realise that people sometimes feel us a lot of crap talk and we tend to take those rubbish in coz we love them.



If you heard Yamato’s voice, maybe never you want to hear negative crap like those.

It is often the end of things when we get toxic to people. Unless they are your family or people who love you A LOT, if not no one wants to be with toxic people. Not that they are bad, it is just as it is.

So, how do we work on ourselves?

It is hard in a way, but just do all those things that help you be more conscious and aware, meditating is good, and really you are only stopping yourself if you think I gain stuff by recommending Mindvalley. I have signed up for their courses and they have been so helpful.

Even if you can’t afford, just look at the free courses, do something for yourself today.

If something don’t work for you, just move away and look for others. I find that to prove that we are intelligent, people tend to over dwell on things and go on in details how some things don’t work for them, and therefore it SHOULD not work for everyone too.

It is only normal that we get into such debates as and when, we have emotions. But do NOT waste life on that.


And a story about myself.

I have narrow and long feet. For years I always have my laces do up tightly.

There were no discomfort since my feet are narrow and things just went by.

The only few times I had a problem was when I wore boots like these and walked A LOT. My Achilles tendon would swell but I thought it was just the walk.

Until this March, one time the swell got really bad and I need to wear my waterproof boots again. The only sane thing to do now is loosen my laces.



Loosening my lace was so much better and my shoes still fit me amazingly.

Sometimes we hold on to WORKS, but not to the best of ourselves. And what thought to be unsuitable for us actually work the best, just that we never gave them a chance.

Sometimes “bad” things happen coz the Universe is so desperate for us to move into better things. I know people might get mad and scream what do I mean. So wars are good??

Of coz not and they will never be.

It is really about reaching another level of consciousness.


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