ArtPeaces 76 and 77!! And Watercolour Postcards!! <3 <3 <3

My new favourite peaces!! ❤ ❤ ❤

To think I was drawing at this standard a few months back. I think I improved leaps and bounds. ROFL!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I think is it all about the cold-pressed paper. ❤ Baby it must be it.


So, our dearest Yama posted this picture in his IG Story and there is EVERYTHING to love about it.



Usually I just put in blocks of colours with a flat brush. Funnily, that itself is therapeutic.


Finished work before letterings.


Yeap, these are the details for ORANGE RANGE LIVE 017 – 018, UNITY.

And upon finishing the above peace, I remembered this incident.

So, Yama uploaded a picture of Shibuya Crossing on the 13th of November. That moment I just went into a daze coz right about that time I thought of going to Shibuya too.

Wanted to find that screenshot but nope.



The ink lines look sO good! Me thinks me will do these often.



So, now I got a little project going on. I be drawing each of Yama’s IG story posts on days of their tour.

Not sure how it will all turn out. But feels all crazy awesome!!!

Meanwhile, anyone have any suggestions on how I make my colours more vivid? Like less pastel-ish?? Maybe I added too much water??

I finally got these! ❤

Anyone wants a postcard PAINTED BY ME?!!!!!



Also, is my sealers the right deal??? xD


By the way, this fluffy thing is Pillow kun.


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