ArtPeace!! Postcards Series and Life

Been feeling a bit sick-ish here and there coz Singapore is suddenly sOoOooo cold (me in hoodie at night) and at times the days get as hot as 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees Fahrenheit. But super glad that I am well enough to function about.

Little bits of this and that here and there but things are still on track. Someone once told me before that people/things can never be ready. I guess the key is then to be ready ENOUGH.

Biz class started again after 2 weeks and it felt like I haven’t beeeeeeeeeen to classes since forever. I am really loving it that we got a big class this round. =D ❤ There is sO much to learn from everyone. ❤

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ビジネス日本語 Round 3 始まりました!!前のクラスメイト以外、他の6人新しいクラスメイトがいます。全員14人。賑やかね~~!! 皆も日本語上手。 関西弁の“値下げる”=“勉強する”?! ビジネス場で相手は“これちょっと勉強します”を言うなら、本当の意味は“値下がるについて相談させていただけないかと思っております。” It is still crazy that I am doing this course! But I love it!! I was so scared that M Sensei will forget me but she didn't!! Wooohooppopoppoooopuuu!! Good night EBIbody!! 🍤🍣 #daysatbunka #japanese #ビジネス日本語

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Yup, I am also loving the times with my Mum a lot.

And yes. Other than my own life and all, Orange Range basically occupies my other times. It is kinda funny too, I thought the hype will evaporate after a while. But… It has been a year and more.

It seems like the older we get in age, the faster time seems to pass. Yesterday over lunch with Mum, I recalled an incident. I once had this fellow schoolmate who is a little spoilt. Still, it wasn’t not like it maims her and the people around, or so I thought.

Of coz as time goes by, I was irritated enough to unfriend her. One of her bestie, someone related to her by blood and who literally grew up with her would always try to help reconcile things. And being a rash 20-ish, I told this bestie that said friend is also the very same person who went around smiting her name and character.

It was painful and shocking to that bestie. Yet in the end, everyone just decided to carry on with the same thing again and again.

A lot of us bought and sold this idea to ourselves that in our very human lives, there is bound to be people like that around and we just have to suck it up and deal with it.

And really I am rebellious, I believe and know that also in our very human lives, there are good souls who love and HONOUR us. Our hearts know and it is high time that we allow ourselves to be back to a human with inborn intuition. ❤

Only YOU and you yourself can make the choice to start looking for you soul groups. It is never too early and never too late. It is a very strange thing but when we take the leap, the universe seems to be working so much in our favour, it is like we are cheating.

I don’t mean this in a sad way but one day you will really realise that time is passing away. The last thing you want is to find yourself surrounded by people whom you can’t laugh with till tears roll down. For me, I need and want folks whom I can talk with on the absolutely adorable Yama and Naoto.

And if you don’t agree with me that Ryo is hot, YOU TOO CAN’T BE MY FRIEND!! ROFL!

Too many people like to keep a long list of “friends” and yet they don’t really honour them. I find that rather asshole-y, but at the same time I can’t tell them how to lead their lives. I always take my own leave when the times call. It is apparent when conversations get one-sided and they have all the time for others and never for me. I can be telling them that it is hard to choose between all the 3 Hiroyama brothers and yet they never tell me anything about their wedding.

At times I wonder, if they do not trust me enough with details of their lives, why bother listening to me ALL THE TIME? I am guessing that it is either that I have brilliant stuff they love or they have zero idea on how to lead their own lives. And I doubt they are the people laughing with me till we all cry together.

And to YOU reading this, I hope you will find the opportunities of such laughters ALWAYS surrounding you. And BLESS all your tears of joy!

Ok! Artpeace #78. Mr Kuni at the beach being brighter than the sun.


This loving looking man is a bestie of Yamato. I got to know about him when he appears in many of Yama’s IG Live and Story.

One night Yama was saying stuff like he miss someone’s smile and all those, that it has to be that ONE person. I almost thought that Yama is in love until…


The original KUNI SAMA!!!!




And look! This is a real postcard! I can really send this all over the world and maybe into the galaxy.


Haven’t try this sealer though.

Artpeace #79 and this is it!! I am really drawing EVERY IG STORY of Yama on the day of each of their tour. =D



Me size 12 flat brush is a little to big for my postcards.


And btw, that seems like a picture + word play from Yama. 光ほど良い。As good as the light or fire.


I think this shows the paper texture well enough! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!


NEW BRUSHES!!! Got these at ONLY $5.95 and they are made by Winsor & Newton?! I read that they got awesome watercolours and these brushes are awesome too!!!



Getting crowded!!

Artpeace #80 Apparently these 2 folks are outdoor looking at an incoming snowstorm. The guy on the right looks like Naoto though. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME SO??

Dear Yama took this behind a piece of glass. Isn’t Yama a happy person? ❤ I love that Sloth. Yes, Yama looks like a sloth.



New brushes are also half an inch longer.



Having my JLPT today and I hope to complete 100 pieces of Artpeace by the 31st!! ❤ I love Chu again and again for this project!! ❤ ❤ ❤


I have been receiving messges from people telling me that my art inspires them and literally THANK YOU for them. YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME AND WAY VERY KIND!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Bye bye!!! ❤ ❤ ❤



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