A Review of 2017: Becoming Yamato!

Funny enough, “Yamato” is also a term for Japanese people.

So!!! The ONLY resolution I have for this 2017 is… TO BE AS CUTE AS YAMATO.

This is Yama.

Yama’s IG.

Did I really became as cute? I guess so. :3

Thing is, right after I made that goal, there Yama was helping Kuni Sama puke ON THE STREETS with HIS FINGERS so Kuni wouldn’t have a bad hangover. And they have been doing this for years.

Right about immediately, I think Becoming Yamato is nao impossible.

And then, everything is just amazing. I can go on how it is the best thing on my 29th year of life that I started seriously and YET subtly follow a music group. The last time I did something like this was in 2010, chasing after Super Junior. My travelling started then and till today it is still something that I look fondly back on.

Was just talking about it the other day and I find myself smiling so proudly and cutely about it. :3

SO! We must all follow celebrities. It is one of the things/events that get LIFE opening up to us.

NAO!! My review. Not in order. I think. But obviously to some extend of order. xD

1. TacoRice’17: A Month’s Stay in Okinawa

The logs of all 31 days in March is recorded here. And logs written during the month here.

Got this email a couple of nights back, the tile was “Remember Naha?” Yes and always, since 29th April 2014, Tuesday.

Expedia Naha.JPG

I am VERY SURE that I must have had a past life there.

Most folks remember Okinawa as an island paradise with pure turquoise water and it seems like not a lot of folks know that Okinawa used to be an independent Kingdom till the 18th Century.

There were still some remnants of the old Ryukyu elements around.

I still don’t know why all of them brings tears to my eyes, even as I am typing this. That is why the past life explanation is really apt. xD

I remember being about to burst into tears during a live performance at Ryukyu Mura. It scared me actually. I wondered if it was just a regular reaction, like I finally see a real life Ryukyuan performance after seeing them on Youtube. Like maybe I will also cry when I see Orange Range live.


Also, right after the first time I went into yet-to-be-restored Engakuji (Okinawa) in 2014, I will always choke on tears at the right door. I did asked myself, am I just being a regular earth person who feel heartbroken at a site damage by war carried out by fellow people?

And then it just got all really bizarre.

Anyhows, this got me starting a project to re-imagined all the unrestored Ryukyuan stuff; Ryukyu RE-Imagined. Would totally love to work with anyone who can use these works! ❤

Engakuji Reimagined

Yes or no, I guess the meaning of it all is in THIS life. Surely someday again and SOON ENOUGH!!! We will meet again OKINAWA SAN!!! ❤

My greatest takeaway for the trip?? It is very , very strange and surely politically correct sounding, yes, it is… BE KIND.

Perhaps for the start, it is give-up inducing enough and seems like a silly idea to be kind. But yeah. It is by being kind that all the goodness and wonder will be shown to one.

The real question is, how should one be kind? Enough?

I hope that all of you reading this will get to experience a mega shift in paradigm one day. People are pretty flexible actually. If it doesn’t suit you, than yeah, find something new.

Ever wonder this? If you want a change, it just means that the current model don’t suit you already right?

Also… I think this blog post will reach some 10,000 words. Another take away is, I guess I am those really rare lucky ones who found a place that I love sOoOoooOOoooo much. There is not a day that I don’t adore Okinawa. I even made it a goal to not say “I miss Okinawa.” For that implies a lack. Life is really, REALLY, REALLY full of wonder sometimes.

And also life is Kind. Be Kind = Be Life. Be Life = Live. To live is, Life itself. You guys see that?? Till I was a young adult, I never thought that I would ever travel and find a place so close to soul.

2. Mindvalley

Yup, this website. It was a long, long story to how this went about and here it goes! One day I chanced up the 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy by Luminita D. Saviuc and was curious as to why an Asian name, Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley, Luminita was a staff there), wrote the foreword.

Frankly, I still don’t know why I got so curious about it. Usually I would just dismiss it as a US-based international company. But boy, was I not happy about the whole thing.

There are of coz many, many amazing things at Mindvalley and in a one liner, this quote from Vishen’s Wiki said it pretty well; “Lakhiani argues that a person’s outlook on life is shaped by conditioning and habit, and offers 10 laws to help readers break free of this mindset.”

So far I signed up for Professor (I think he is a Doctor) Srikumar Rao‘s Creative Personal Mastery and Christie Marie Sheldon‘s Unlimited Abundance (Home Training) and Unlimited Abundance Live (on-going <3).

The courses can be costly (courses are sold in USD!!!) for now but at times Mindvalley have them on insane discounts. And the best thing? There is a 30-Day money-back. =D At the worse, you lost that few hundred dollars (if you only find the course not useful after the 30 days), at best it change your life for the very very best.

It worked for me. Again, I really wish that YOU reading this can gain such profound learning SOON too. There is a $30 USD Consciousness Engineering thing at Mindvalley (some free course too~), which I also find really awesome. I was just telling a friend, that, at times I might not agree, or just feel nothing about the speakers, but to converse with another mind is a very, very enlightening thing already. It we keep staying inside the same circle, there are many many things that we wouldn’t be seeing. (Still, love those who cherish you. They probably don’t meet what you are looking for but they are your great treasures.)

Yet, isn’t it very amazing to one day find the people and place I love so much that I can stay and live with them forever? I think that is some kind of REALLY amazing happiness too.

A snippet of Prof Rao’s TedTalk on Happiness, watch it! Forget about reading this blog! Do you remember a time where you are so moved and touched and in awe of a nature beauty? Like a rainbow? Do you know why? At that time you truly accepted all of it. WATCH IT! Come back later for this post!

My life profoundly changed on Day 2 of the 45 Day Quest of Prof Rao. ROFL, you can ask for a refund after Day 2. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! But then again, you won’t want to miss all his gorgeous teachings. ❤ Reminds me of Morgan Sensei too. ❤ Thank you and thank you to all you wonderful, amazing people.

Isn’t Christie gorgeous. Basically, Christie clears old energies and blocks. It sounds really baffling yeah? Just watch this first, don’t bother reading this post. I mean, read this later.

It is strange but, really we do bound ourselves with old beliefs and all. Again, not only it is amazing that we get to access these teachers at amazing prices via Mindvalley, you can always quit it within 30 days with just an email request. It is all about seeing if it suits you or not. Other course I want to take on are those by Marisa Peer, Lisa Nicole and Jeffery Allen.

And for the love for yourself, I am not secretly paid to write for Mindvalley. I wasn’t a person to pay for these “ridiculous” pretty stuff, but yet, I couldn’t be any happier to have my life shifted to a higher vibration.

I thought my Mum would be upset at me, but she was GLAD that I changed for the happier. This is crazy. I too had thought that I have to stay miserable enough to stay in this sad, sad world. Which is not.

Naoto is born on this earth. How is the earth not lovely??

As miraculous as the teachings are, one really gotta do the homework and follow up.

Also more amazing speakers. One of them BO EASON.

I CRIED AT THIS. It is like watching a very inspiring J-Drama, just that it is ALL REAL.

The list go on and I will talk more and more along the way.

3. Chu & Xingible Art Project 2017

This is a buddy thing with Chu. (She is awesome! Go to her blog nao!)

I want to continue next year as Chu and Xingible Art Project 201EIGHT. Not sure how Chu will receive my wordplay with English.

Before this I always got this nagging want to draw out stuff that I didn’t get to photograph in all my years of traveling. And I finally start on the 18th of January 2017. Also I think I improved a great deal, heehee~~ all peaces are logged here. I thought I would give it all up after the 5th sketch, I was planning on what excuses I can give Chu. And then I got to number 81 now. Planning to get the 100th piece done by 31 December. :3


I was just thinking of improving along the way and perhaps move on to real life, real time urban sketching. Before I knew it, it all turned into projects after projects sO wild that I never thought of and SERIOUSLY  I was enjoying myself sO much. =D

This first thing was discovering 300 gsm (140 lb) paper, of cold pressed surface. My self-introduction is now, “I love Orange Range and I love 300 gsm cold pressed paper.”

I am sure anything just look good on them.

And yes, watercolours. WATERCOLOURS! A whole new world baby!! =D

For Yamato

And yes!! I am still sticking to Becoming Yamato. I was just trying to paint out an IG Story from Yama and I got a #everythingyama project.

View this post on Instagram

できました!🌞💟 @higa_kuni & @yamato_ganeko at Chatan area? I think. (Go follow them! 😙💟💜💙💚💛) For the month of November I shall draw EVERYTHING from #yamato_ganekoig story. 😃😃😃 #everthingyama And I shall also get #Gauche colours in white. I used Poster white this round but the #Watercolours still ate the whites. Look how the sun is shining on #KuniSama . 😎😎😎 Also, 今日は祝日よ、ディーワーリーです。だから少しい時間があります。今月ニートライフの生活やめさせました。 It is really wonderous how Life gift one eh. 🙇🙇🙇 I shall also start speaking properly. But for nao~~ I できません。😂😂😂😂😂 I feel like I am back to 7 year old and having to be bilingual. 💃💃💃 Thank you to Morgan Sensei, my family, everyone, you and you and YOU. 🙏💟

A post shared by Yuxing (@xingible) on


And then… it got to #CoolNeeSama

Yes~~~ discovering all the new paper medium is all real rad. I love my Starbucks cups! ❤

Then I got on Inktober2017. It was an amazing discovery for me. I had disliked working with inks, and thought that I could even fly, but never draw human figures. Yet…



Of coz there is the Ryukyu RE-Imaged project, which I am really proud of.


Tennoji Reimagined

What I wish to go on further is caricature. I have A LOT of meshed up ideas and whatnot but I can’t seem to be putting them out in how I intend them to be.

Princess OR


4. Friends!!

One time, another lady and me overheard the guy next office yawning.

He was usually a really loud guy and we overhear him all the time, yet that day, we were just laughing ourselves to tears.

This simple gesture got me to realise something deep. If I can’t laugh with my “friends” like this, I probably don’t have friends.

At times there are folks who have no idea with how to lead their lives. Yes, they appear regular folks, earning a salary, perhaps married and all those. But as years go by (REAL GREAT TO BE 30!!!), people start to get pretty mess up if they carry with them the years and years gunk.

And we just pick up their vibes.

Recently an older lady with a young child thinking of divorce had the nerve to come berate me on how to lead my life. Going on to insult my family and even Morgan Sensei. I am usually soft, but try me BITCHES if you try to touch my family and friends.

I do consider that she is probably in very foul emotions, and this is a case example of how some people who don’t know how to do their own lives like to find solace is giving such advises.

Indeed of the indeeds that I can’t expect people to be nice. Yet, I am also sure that I deserve people who love and honour me.

Perhaps not all cases are such direct ones, the key is simple for me now, the heart knows. If a friendship is no longer serving us both, then it should go. I am always open to let them go. And yes, we all remember things. It will take time for things to settle, but it is always worth it in the end.

At times we simply grow so much that we can no longer shrink ourselves back to those overdue relationships.

Perhaps this gonna sound like I am trying to be positive, but finally I met enough people to get that, at certain points, we just outgrow certain people, places and all. It could be that neither parties are “wrong.” We all just move on.

If I continue holding everything in my hand, I will have no room for new things.

That is how people receive things too.

Yet, there is always something that requires some thoughts. When is it just a down time? When it is the real time to let go?

May we all NEVER let the right people go.


SHAMELESS XINGIBLE ALWAYS STICKING MY WARM FACE ONTO YOUR COLD BUTT-CHEEKS. This is a Chinese saying, I know it sounds awfully weird, but you get me. Basically I am the kind that wouldn’t let people go.

Until it is really time. But don’t be sad, maybe when you don’t talk to me one day, it is that you grew sOOoooOOooo much. I will meet you again, coz I promised that I won’t leave. =D

5. Shigoto

Yeah, something awesome to happen and it is just the start, I got so much to talk about and review about it in 2018!! xD

6. 2018 Resolution: いちゃりばちょーでー

Ichariba Chode

Yeah, of coz I am not putting the details here yet, will review them again in the 2018 review. And I can’t wait for it all to come.

Thank you, thank you and thank you you you!!! ❤

7. How Do You Teach Life Skills to a Child/Young Person

Yeah, thinking about this makes me feel smart and not very smart at the same time.

Usually I tend to think that people have to go through some tumbles before they get something, yet… the danger is, not all people recover from tumbles. Sometimes, they just got maimed for life.

At times I get very self-righteous and wonder if I could have helped.

Indeed the following story is again my view, but I remembered about this senior back in Polytechnic (or specialised school). He was 25 while the average age group of Poly students were 17 to 20. He had a belly, very bland in his fashion and looked way older. For sure, with his life experience, he had lotas amazing stories to share.

Most of the time we loved it but Uncle A would never get when to stop.

Also another time was, ALL OF US unanimously disliked this extreme social faux pas of a new junior club member. He actually held back and shouted at a girl on WHY DO EVERYONE HATE HIM, and may she tell him why. The poor girl was scared stiff and lucky another senior rescued her.

This soon became a topic and it reached the graduates’ ears. I still remember this like I was right back in the club room, while Uncle A was complaining about things, going on and on, a graduate stood up and say, why don’t everyone just agree and tell this faux pas junior to GTFO??

Immediately the room went slient.

Uncle A went on to say, well erm, if faux pas junior kill himself, we might be involved with the police.

Of coz that was a very weak saying. Not that I don’t value another’s life, just that, Uncle A was even averting his own eyes. Only now I get Uncle A is so used to his suffering, he doesn’t know how, and didn’t want to get out of it.

I am 30 now. Looking back, a 25 year old him had so much MORE. Yet those were the choices he made.

How do you teach someone to be AWARE? To be conscious?

I believe there is a easier way than to painfully watch a person fall to learn it.

Can someone teach me how? For I am nao Zhao Zensei!!! xDD Sorry… just had to make this joke.

Perhaps some folks might even argue that, what if Uncle A finds happiness in that? Well, yeah maybe and why not? If that is the case, perfect, it is just, what if it isn’t? How do we get out of this kind of rut??


This is all for nao.

Surely someday and may we meet sOOOOooooooon ENOUGH. I CAN’T WAIT. How is life over there without me at the moment?? x’D

pS:/ I read my reviews of last year and I must say I really love how this has been. 



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