100 Things For Year 2018

SO!! About my art peaces…

Just kidding!!

But something like that.

Over lunch a couple of weeks back I was thinking of what new things should I add into 2018. It was actually something additional coz I do feel that I am quite fulfilled with a lot of things.

AND THEN!!!!!!! I THINK I NAILED IT ALL. Come 2019, nao.

I started my Chu & Xingible Art Project January 18th this year. It was to draw all the things that I didn’t get a chance to photograph. I thought of drawing 100 pieces and sooOoOooOOOOn I kinda side-tracked a lot. A LOT. And I drew a whole bunch of other stuff.

But it was one of the greatest thing that happened to me. Connected with SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE and best of all, I didn’t know I can DRAW! I love, love, love, and LOVEEEEE it!!

So, since just 80+ art peaces can do so much (namely Inktober, 300gsm paper, watercolour and alllllllllllllllllll), I am just gonna work on a 100 peace of the things that I keep feeling a call to.

  1. Korean learning
  2. Guitar

I can already see myself rapping in Korean nao and going to the music store to get 2 picks.

Btw, from now on, I be going to work from one of the busiest station in Singapore. The best thing is really, commuting is cut short some 30 minutes!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ And I get to see a whole stretch of evening sun on my way back.


Office view from previously.

It is from the far end side of SG and under normal circumstances I hardly go there. It was a lovely, lovely experience.


The view for a few months. I remember always looking out to gauge if it is gonna rain or is the rain gonna stop.


The local Yoshinoya has a big change in their menu. PERFECT BABY.


Last week the whole sky was tainted pink after the rain during sunset.


Tropics is the most wonderful sometimes. ❤ ❤ ❤

And apparently I can listen to the LIVE of Hiroki and Ryo’s RECORDED show. Wows.

I think I am really gonna cry and chock on my own tears when I hear them in real life one day.

And yes to all of you reading this, LOVE ME!!! ❤

What would it takes for something seriously magical to happen NOW??? ❤




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