All About 刀削面!!

My food muse as of now, DAN DAN DAO XIAO MIAN!!!


Dao Xiao Mian (刀削面) literally means Knife-cut Noodle, and this is how the magic happens.

And Dan Dan is a kind of spicy Chinese noodles.

Adding to this whole thing, I actually first tried Dan Dan Noodles in a Japanese Chinese Restaurant. xD

While I did heard of Dao Xiao Mian, I thought they are more of a food art thing. Coz afterall, this is how LA MIAN (Pulled Noodles) are made. Yes, all the Ramen/Ramyeon came from the same Chinese name.

Skip to 1:30.

I know right.


Until I read Ishida’s book, I got to know that there is another whole new texture to Dao Xiao Mian.


Simply put, the noodle is cut to a diamond shape. And the centre is chewy and contains all the BOOMZ.


Wrote this in Japanese for IG.

Really cute how I got to travel around the world this way.

And I got my Dao Xiao Mian fix at a foodcourt near to my house! Given the complexity of the making, it had seems like only upper range restaurant serves this!!!

Andddddddddddddd!!! Since my neighbourhood foodcourt caters to all folks of Singapore, they do not bring in PORK and lard.


(As far as my memory goes back, I cannot eat pork. I will end up vomiting them all out if I manage to eat them. And rest of the time I run a few miles away when I smell them.^^;;;)

Adding to this there are also Chicken Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) and pan-fried Chinese buns with chicken fillings.

I am such a happy kid!!!


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