Work Life

Experienced with lugging around a small luggage/market trolley to and back from work. It wasn’t so bad until I got a few escalators to use and I now use one of the busiest stations in Singapore. Usually single line queues are each marked beside the doors, this station has DOUBLE on each side.

And basically this is also one of the stations where folks don’t care much about letting others alight first. I guess one reason is because there are 4 platforms here and sometimes people are just using the stationing trains to cross over, explaining the rush.

The first time was to bring back the large amount of books and teaching materials I got back from Japan the last time. And then it was teaching materials and all those.


It seems like for a while, we will be preparing teaching materials every week, which means right about daily. xD


Me shopping around for the right stuff.

Also, if you notice, I have successfully went over to wearing my watch on my left hand. It started sometime randomly in September. For years I KNOW that there are some disruptions, especially when I write (OF COZ!!!!!!!!) but I managed to live with it. I thought, maybe just try switching over?

And switch was sO smooth. The only time I remember about it was a few days back in the train, left arm was holding something so I thought it would be nice to see my watch on my right wrists.

This is philosophical in a way.

So many times we think that something is OK, and finally we start the change, it is just so easy. I am 31 this year, still very young in today’s time, and if there is something I have to preach, it really is, focus on what is good for you. Leave and drop all the OK stuff. Don’t listen to people from another generation and time have to say about YOUR life. Of coz, have the wisdom to decipher what is good and bad.

And always let yourself be beautiful.

Recently something really sweet happened. I was being half-assed with really entering a Japanese university but posted about it on my IG nonetheless. And an older lady gave me her blessing, and even went on to sharing that her younger brother graduated from the very university that I want to enroll in.

I was bitching to Chu some while back that I had a “friend” who would stay with me for hours and hear me talk but never gave her input. Until the day she got something major in her life, and that was a good thing. I got really iffy about it because it just seems like she is just leeching stuff from me.

Either she can’t/don’t know how to say No to meeting me, or that she really likes my stuff a lot.

Chu told me this, paraphrased a little (Chu, please tell me if I get you wrong!), that some folks is so dead at creating their own lives, they end up looking into others as they themselves has nothing going on.

I stop my side of contact and other than a few-word text, I never hear from this person again.

To anyone reading this, I hope that it is IN you to know who are profitable to you and who aren’t. Profitable here don’t just mean financially, it is about well-being. There is a fair share of miserable people who don’t know how to lead their own lives.

A while back an acquaintance got hooked on reading online manga, about how some people are paying heavy prices to go back in time. For some reason, I happen to resemble her husband and son (from what I know) and probably out of painful escape, one day she lashed out on me. Basically things like I am being too dreamy and not truly living. I was still out at 10pm after returning from Japanese class and she was “loitering” in a mall after a tiff with her husband.

Sometimes people project their own unhappiness about life towards us, and if we are blindly nice, we might just take in their shit (literally) and maim our own lives.

Of coz, don’t just throw away friends. May we all know what to do and when to cut cords.

And for the record, I still REALLY love Orange Range and is chasing after them and all the Okinawan musicians A LOT. It is still on the level of I WANT TO MARRY NAOTO and I live and breath everything YAMATO. It is a given that they make positive music, and I also love that I keep meeting positive people along this journey.

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!!!!

Keep doing what you love and life will reward you greatly. Maybe this is what I am meant to do.

Daiso is now my favourite place to get stuff and last week I came upon Carl’s Jr.


Been a while!!


Pity that their ice cream shake is not ready!!!!!! Maybe it is also a sign. I have successfully switched over to Coke-Zero. I used to hate them SO MUCH! And came up with this crap theory that I rather drink sugar than chemicals.

BOO to the old me!!!

And what is work life without the lunch baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My workplace is a unit in a rather mega mall now. SO!


Big Fish Small Fish. They call themselves a Fish and CRISP place. And the portion is huge.


And plastic gloves are provided.


The entirely most amazing thing was this. Cup holder through the table. This way I wouldn’t be knocking my drinks all over the place, yet it is difficult to drink it. Unless I got a really long straw.


And we went over to the other food court.

It is a regular Cai Fan. Literally Dishes and Rice.


It somehow made me really happy about it. ❤

Also tried Arnold’s Chicken. And yes, I got fish and chips. I must be a cat or something.


The last time I had Tori Q was 14 years ago. Right about when Tori Q san first came to Singapore. A senior at my temporary job gotten us all lotas pork stuff, I almost died. It was only when I pick my own skewers and ate again with my colleagues, I then realise… what have I been missing all these while?!!!



Chanced into a vegetarian eatery and I miss Morgan Sensei!!


Tea time with parents on 1st January. My rest days would be on Monday and Tuesday now, so kinda odd to go out with the parents. Maple syrup and butter egg toast. I was really full but ate it still. It was good.



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