C & X Art Project 2018: Artpeace 001

C & X = Chu and Xingible

And this is my first Artpeace for 201Eight!!


Mongol800 when they are 20?

They got together to form a band during their University days and have been together since.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Like, everything about it.


Sometime 2010.


2016, 2017.

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明日のMONGOL800の一大イベント “800だよ♪ 全員集合!” in大阪 台風のため延期になっちゃいました‼︎ 悔しいですね… 沖縄なら台風当たる事は想定するけど、まさかの大阪で… 人間なんて小っぽけなもんです… 自然には敵いません! 800だよ、沖縄と東京でしかやってないから、是非大阪のみんなにも観てほしいんで、 10月11日(水)に難波Hachでリベンジです! 10月11日です‼︎ 詳細はコチラをご覧下さい。 また来週〜! http://www.800dayo.asia/2017/info3/ #800だよ全員集合 #MONGOL800 #赤犬 #浅草ジンタ #ドーベルマン #粒マスタード安次嶺

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There is something with Satoshi’s armpit, I am sure about it.

Takashi only grew cuter. He is sexy-cute. O__O

Yesterday there was one part of class where the children were shaking the hands of each other. Initially, with my adult thinking, I was wondering if they will dislike that, after all, it is still the 2nd lesson and everyone is not close yet.


Instead of the regular shaking hands, they were jumping up and down and the Futagos even did a 10x jumps!! They are just happy, like really happy about interacting with “strangers.”

It would be really amazing if we can all interact like this again. =D

Seeing people who have been together for a long time, I always got this burning question, how is life with such close friends around?

Love and light to everyone reading this!!! ❤



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