Hello Futago!

Futago = Twins

Prior to teaching, I have heard many (a bit too many) overly romantised sayings about children.

Or so I thought.

One of it is that children has all the limitless creativity and “regular education” kills it all more than anything.

Today we had some free time so we did Origami.

A little girl was telling me that she wants a FLYING SHIP.

Right about immediately I had it in my mind that it is impossible.

We did the boat as usual and I started the green bow as she went onto talking about it. I thought she just like the bow enough to remember it from last week.


She then got us to stapler the “bow” onto the boat.

“There, the ship has wings now.”


I did the same with my own materials to replicate what she did.

Frankly, I was so in awe. I had grew to adopt a set of ideas and mental models that when not challenged, seems REALLY apt, but also block me on many levels.

And this is the wonky eyes WITH LASHES I drew.


I would say eyes are quite one of the harder bits to draw and on the path to perfect it, I adopted every other style I find attractive. But really, at times we should just draw what we deem fit.

Chu said something which I love A LOT, yet it is a little strange to praise it here since it involves me. :333

As I mentioned before, Chu draws REALISTIC stuff. While I don’t think it is a bad thing (like how can that be even bad????!), Chu also mentioned that realistic stuff is what everyone can eventually do if they draw enough, in fact, she likes that I got a style of me own.


For about a month I was indulging in extremely sweeeeeet milk tea almost every morning, and sometimes also in the afternoon. And then, I just got sO sick of it all. I decide to go back to plain tea and I even gotten a Starbucks thermal cup.

It freaking cost $32.90 and I did felt foolish to pay such a price.

Turned out, it is practically magic. The only complaint is that condensate will form thickly on the cap and each time I open the cup to have a drink, I be drizzling Sakura flavoured water around.


The best thing is, just about ONE entire day, my clothing got looser. And I got back a lot of my energy.

Also at the same time, I am switching into healthy snacks like lightly salted roasted almonds and all.

What can I say, LIFE IS GOOD BABYYYYY!!!

Still, I have taken up a liking to sweet stuff. It may seems like a huge ass counter but I am not piling in a large quantity of sugar at one go. Plus, with such a happy heart, these snacks can only be good.


Bamboo shoots! I gotten the Mushroom version some while back and it was SO good. Folks on IG suggested getting the Bamboo shoots version and I thought I would NEED to go back to Japan again to get it.

The instant I found it at a SALES, I was the happiest person on earth.


Karinto Manju. It is basically a fried bun made with flour and brown sugar and with reallyyyy delicious red bean paste. It is a product of Fukushima Prefecture and I had thought it was from Okinawa since Okinawa’s brown sugar is often praised.

I think there is REALLY something about Japan and me, right about after I got this, I found my Meiji Bamboo Shoots.


What is your favourite doughnut? Mine is the old fashion glazed doughnut. I do love all the fancy new stuff, but it is still the regular ones that got me going back. It is true, as one grows older, the more old school they might find themselves to be.


Regarding the above, I have thought if it is because the pace of life is on the fast side, that is why a part of us still haven’t savour everything from the older time belt.


The other day a Mum came with her older daughter to wait for her younger son’s class to finish. The little girl is in the 2nd year of primary school and she asked why is there a hole on the bears’ head.


Her Mum was a bit apologetic and immediately told us that her daughter asks a lot of “strange” questions and many times she can’t answer her too. It took me a while to figure out why there was the holes but upon hearing what they Mum said, I thought it is better not to go be a smart ass.

The holes allows air to pass, so there isn’t won’t be any air suction/blockage occurring during the removable and putting on.

It has some basis in this, air can sometimes be a huge resistance.

And what is work live without lunch food!

I try to do a food log but at times I just finish my food in half a bite. Plus, I am not too sure what to write about them. For example, this pasta was made less than 5 feet from me, doesn’t taste magically fantastic and is pretty costly. I returned my tray and utensils but the card reader wasn’t working and I didn’t get my points.


Met my parents for Knife Cut noodles near our area. Asked for LESSSSSSSSSSS chili and the lovely chef insisted giving me extra chili in a plate coz he thought that I might need more.


And with the tiny, TINY, TINY bit of spice he threw in, my mouth still got numb. SO!!!! This is how Sichuan people like their level of spiciness. The next time I order this, I be asking for ALL the chili in a dish, so I can add only ONE drop and not burn myself.

And this is sO delicious I can brave it all. ❤

The lady at the register actually told me that Dan Dan Noodles taste better with a kind of finely cut noodles, I immediately beamed and said “but I like Dao Xiao Mian more! <3” She smiled back brightly too.

At times I feel like I am being like the twins in my class. They are full of curiosity and would take chances to explore and find things out. Of coz these don’t always run in relationship with the curriculum and it get difficult to watch two active little boys.

But always, at the end of the day, we love them so much. And I am thankful that I get to meet two very special humans before they even reach 7 years old.

I still love what Morgan Sensei said, that children are children. ❤



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