Life These Days and Children and Origami

Yeap! Here it is!

This started with the Meiji Chocolates.

Frankly, I was never a sweets-loving person until very recently. I would chose pasta/breads/carbs and salty snacks anytime over sweet stuff.

And it all happened that one day after lunch I walked into Chateraise. I was really trying to get an feel of Japan coz all items were flown in from Japan. And I think, think, think, should I start doing those little things that connects me to Japan?

This baby got the ball rolling.

Since I started a new-ish job, I am not too sure when I can walk to ❤ Hamahiga Island ❤ again, SOON. And I must stay connected right.

Plus, it shall be soon again that I be exploring new prefectures in Japan. =D

First up! Oranges from Setouchi. ❤ Get to know about the place from Cheesie’s blog. I love places near the seas. ❤ They are just lovely.


Country pie, Red bean version from Kyushu.


Milky Chestnut pie.


I am starting to get unsure about the places of origins, and it seems like they are all pretty much the house brand of Chateraise.



Breakfast today.

I mean this in a very beautiful way, these days I keep getting flashbacks of the times during my travels. They only makes me happier. Like wow. Dear Okinawa and all the places in Japan still remembers me.

I can’t even. ❤

This is the grown up version of the “kiddy” Takenoko no Sato. Bcoz I am a grown up. It is chocolate biscuits inside and the chocolate coating is slightly to the dark choco side.


I shall not attempt to translate this in haste. Thing about it is, it is so beautifully written I got all the feels and I thank my older self for picking up Japanese and going through it all. ❤ ❤ ❤


Comes in a cute and nostalgic shape. (This brand has been a household brand, for example, if you are a Singaporen and born in around the 80s, YOU KNOW KOKOCRUNCH right?! And to most people, it shall be McDonald’s Happy Meal.)

Easy to eat, comes in a one bite size. (Forgive this childish words.)

For the sake of a special taste (referring to the texture), choco with less sweetness and crunchy cookies (biscuits) are used.

This is Takanoko no Sato for grown-up’s taste only.


Sorry, for the mushroom! xD Saved the picture and totally don’t want to redo it again.

Dear Chocolates, where have you been all me life?? ❤ ❤ ❤


And this extends into good meals!! At Japanese (fusion) restaurant.

Strangeeeeeeeeeee as this is, my favourite kind of Japanese food is their Japanese-Western fusion.

I know.


I must add this in abruptly.

I met Morgan Sensei last week and among his kind wishes for me this year is…


Yes, dear Naoto, please replace the yellow plastic bag soon.

And also yellow plastic bag is from Don Don Donki. I GOT STRAWBERRIES.

I can go cry in happiness for a little while.

And my life of a blessing. Been shopping for teaching materials as and when. It might sound like I gotten the plague of a workaholic but dear god, these are all #sparkjoy!!!


My bro, like real blood brother taught me this when I was 7 or 8. Or even younger.



It is strange how we can remember things after a looooooooooong while. This is why, what we bring to people is always a sensitive one. We can be just “casually” grumbling about the world at large and some impressionable mind can get horribly maimed if they take us for real.

Try this today, be nice to others, see what happens.

Also, don’t beat yourself up if there is still something bothering you from the past. If we all can just “let it go,” we would have long ago done it. I love how Prof Rao put it, in a way, we can’t remove the bitterness of a coffee. We can only add more milk, sugar and water. Then, at some point, it is all pleasant again.

Experimenting with a new flour-based play dough.


I SO LOOK FORWARD TO THE LESSON. What will it takes for everyone to have a smashing good time? =D ❤


Apparently my pack of Origami paper has WHITE pieces. Funnily in Singapore, we call them COLOUR Paper, seeing a white sheet is just weird. The kids were all curious and they even said, “that is just a paper, NOT colour paper!!”

Seeing and hearing all these, I told them, let’s not use those. Then! Them angels helped pulled out the white ones.

Ain’t them lovely??



A kid told me that he made a flower. I told him to teach me and he totally skipped all the guide lines folding. xD I wasn’t sure that he was gonna make a stalk/leaves so I asked, “I gotta have the 2nd piece green?”

“Of coz!” he replied, “have you seen a leaf that is not green??”


  • Kid: 1
  • Teaching Yuxing: 0

Many times I underestimate the children, I was actually afraid to let them use the stapler and scissors, even though they are 6 year olds as of this year. I will be a better teacher my dear children!!!

Next, one of the most adorable child insisted on exchanging his boat with mine. I told him not to take my boat but he still took it and went home happily.


And mine was brown, not even his favourite green. Could this be a present? ❤

Cute little boy.



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