My Japanese Learning Journey

I still remember this vividly.

One time while waiting for the school bus when I was in Primary 1, some kid’s younger siblings started crying out loud.

I had no idea what happened but got kinda concerned and tried to help the kid. There were parents all around and everything. And for some reason that I never figured out, my Mum then concluded since than that I love children and has a penchant towards children.

Frankly, it had never occurred to me that I particularly like children. Even when I had lofty ambitions, it was the youth and older folks that I was looking into.

So, how did I became a teacher for young children? Me lived 31 years of this current human life and the longest choice I worked on was my Japanese learning. Coming 11 years of it. That is about one-third of me life.

And considering that other parts of my life had sO much emphasis on regular studies and then work, that is QUITE A BIG DEAL.

Somewhere in my tertiary studies, I had the grand ambition of joining the JET Programme and teach in Japan. After a few years of carrying this dream, and literally starting to live like I got it, I finally applied for it in 2015 and… DIDN’T got it.

(I need to write a post on how turning 30 and generally growing older in years is an awesome thing.)

Sure I was disappointed and at the same time relieved. Like Daigo in Okuribito. He aspired to be a cellist all his life, but when the orchestra he was in disbanded, he actually felt relieved.

I don’t quite remember the story in Okuribito, about why Daigo felt this way. But for myself, I felt that there was just somethingS that I hadn’t quite settled over here. In my own life.

So, these days, I almost can’t get into the tone of complaining. Yeah sure, it do look like I am acting all cool, but really, to get into something so fitting to what I want in life is just, just grateful-worthy.

Since the start of this term, my break days were mostly spent on stuff regarding work (today too) and since little kids are tiny, I often had to kneel/squat down to talk to them. I too does the Seiza. And because I had only started doing these on the 30th year of me life… My knees are basically hurting the whole time. It is slowly going away though, as I am getting used to it.

And yeah, this isn’t complaining. It is those “pain” that you know makes you better after you cross the hurdles.

I had gotten these Japanese picture books for self-study last Nov/Dec, turned out, they are also wonderful teaching aid to what I am doing now.


Just look at this page, colours!!! Someone tell me PINK doesn’t have sO much names! xD


Quick concluding here. So, working with children got me to feel like I got another go in life. It is like I got the ultimate cheat code.


And yes, I want to walk back to Hamahiga Island again this year.

Dear Ryukyu Kami Sama, please grant me wish and bless me!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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