My Love Affair with Japanese Instant Soup

Me quest on Japanese food continues.

Instant soups.


I was one of those who FEARED MSG. Science name: Monosodium glutamate. But I had since eased that thinking A LOT after reading Cheesie’s good post on in here.

It all goes back to 2011. Unsure about how and where to get breakfast, I opted to have the 200 Yen breakfast at the hotel DAILY, for all 11 days. I then went back to this hotel TWO other times 2012 and 2014. Wanted a third time in 2015 but they were all booked.

And really, I can just go back there again. ❤


It was the same things except bread and soup of different flavours.

At first, instant soup was just a thing to get me back to those mornings. And believe it or not!!! This became my favourite breakfast until 2014!!!! Until it was matched with this in Okinawa.

I had just wanted to talk about soups but, THANK YOU to my 24 year old self. THANK YOU FOR GOING TO JAPAN THAT YEAR AND SO MUCH THAT MY LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL NOW.

Thank you. ❤



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