Hello, Goodbye Mr Nanjo~!

One of the yet-to-be-told stories from my Okinawa trip last year was, meeting Mr Nanjo.

I didn’t exactly planned it that way but for the first two weeks in Okinawa, I HAD SEA VIEW THE WHOLE TIME.

I still remember alighting at the busy Kokusaidori, them went through tiny lanes and all to get here.


Then I met Mr Nanjo.

He was talking on his phone outside the guesthouse office and I walked passed him thinking that the check-in offices are behind.

Basically the story was just this, I MET A REALLY CUTE GUY HERE.

I guess Mr Nanjo was just trying to start on a topic and he noticed that my passport is new. Somehow, although we were both speaking English, it became that he thought that it was my first time in Japan and I chose Okinawa. (Gahhh… accent can be a major distortion, I speak neither American or British English.)

I would chose Okinawa over a few lifetimes baby!! ❤ I loveeee Okinawa.

The whole amazing thing is, until now as I am typing, I can still remember how GENUINELY happy he was about it, how his eyes got slightly bigger and all. This is why I love people in Okinawa, they are just SO real and beautiful about the everything thing.

Why I finally got back to this story was, I got an email today that White Terrace Tsuboya will be closing this March.

Strangely, I didn’t feel the kind of sad-sad, in fact, I was happy that I got to stay there before. Funny and really lovely how I progressed emotionally. =D

It was quite one of the best places I stayed in.

It was like owning my own apartment!


Washing machine in the room! No charge, I can wash my clothes anytime!


Cooking utensils can be rented at 500 Yen. Heater and microwave is free to use though! =D


SOOOOoooo gooooood!!! I love my bag sO much! Still loving it a lot!


I love my balcony. The first night I left the balcony light on till morning. I had my curtain closed so I didn’t know what the switches control. xD


TV/Computer. Really lovely that there is a Google Map with all the good places marked out. SO LOVELY!!!




This was the entire moment of why Xingible Art Project 201SEVEN was revived. CHU!!! The OKINAWAN SEAS saved me project!!! OKINAWA IS LOVE!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Also I started some 30 Day Challenge. It was really good but dissolved off. xD


Also I finally got a taste of having this indented area in my apartment for shoes.



And this is at Chinen Cape in Nanjo.


I never got Mr Nanjo’s name, I did read it on the staff introduction board but forgot about it. I only remember that he is from Nanjo.



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