Interview in Japanese

I did you guys proud!

I had a consultation with a Japanese teacher and… I am now calling her a “Japanese Teacher” because I didn’t ask for her name. O__O Or that I just didn’t catch it.

But still, hear me out.

Poor as my Japanese was, I had my interview all in NIHONGO.

I didn’t asked her to please speak in English nor if I can use English. Please be proud of me.


I was really impressed with the reception area of Ikoma. Like view of Orchard Road!!

I read somewhere that a lobby/reception area is actually one of the most important places, for that is where the first impress comes about. And it also speak about the organisation.

And… after much of the interview, there was no way that they could put me in a N1 preparatory class. And there weren’t any suitable slot for N2. Just when I thought that all is lost… They suggest that I continue on a Pre-Advance course.

I was a little reluctant at first, but then everything set in.

I had heard this before and I myself actually got children’s’ book for this reason; that N1 is built on N2, N2 on N3 and so forth. Without N2, it is a waste of time and money to put myself in a N1 class.

Then, it just all fit in.


Me is a student at Ikoma now.

The most convincing thing was, the N1 Prep Course teacher actually sat down with me and explain the class content and textbook used, although it is not her class!! ❤



I hate to say this but I did feel like I got “demoted.”

I forgot what was the analogy used but it was something along the lines of, at times you need to pull back in order to go forward. Ah! Like the bow and arrow.

Yes, me is bow and arrow.




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