Happy 31st to Me! <3

Today is the 3rd of February. Exactly a month to my 31st birthday and there are only 28 days in February.

Unlike last year where I woke up to the Okinawan sun and sea in Chatan, this year I would be at work. Working with little pre-schoolers. It is hard to remember that once upon a time, we were equally magical and innocent people. I think I still am, but more awesome. xD Working at this job feels like, I got another go in life. An ultimate cheat.

I drew some stuff on my board today in class, but I was in such a rush to prepare for tomorrow, I chose NOT to take a picture.

Maybe on my 32nd birthday, I would think back fondly that I spent my 31st birthday surrounded by little children and a beautiful squad, like how I am thinking back on the immense fortune to have spent my birthday MONTH in Okinawa last year.

May all of us always get to realise the blessing of NOW.


Ps:/ This was from Toguchi Beach. Yamato played the Sanshin against this background. MY LIFE IS MADE.



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