“I know! You are Teacher Yuxing”

First up! Posting this that Chu drew. WithOUT her permission.



And the title is all because… a child remembers my name.

On our last lesson, I was miming some actions like sweeping the floor and all those. I guess a child thought I was asking who am I or something. He went up to me and said, “I know, you are Teacher Yuxing. Teacher Yuxing!

In the best English equivalent, “Yuxing” is a little like when we pronounce “th” and “ph,” together with the intonation and etc, it had seems to me that many people need some practice before getting it. If ever getting it at all.

So, I was really, REALLY surprised.

And to add on, this little boy is one of those really curious children around, so much that they (they bcoz they are a pair of twins) would take out the printed materials from my card case and make little tears to see what a tear is like.


It was sure maddening considering that I had been bringing work home and going to work early to get things done up. (By the way, we also gotten more staff so situation like this will ease greatly.)

Then I remind myself, it is actually a lapse on my part (but not blaming all things on myself!) that I cannot explain to the children in time to keep things neat. And to get angry just because I think my work is not valued is just wayyy too self-centred.

Also, right about every child loves to draw and do their little art.


By a 6 year old girl, this is an OLDEN DAYS BOOK DROP.


Another 6 year old girl.

It has finally settled on me that her esteem is needing some healing. At this age she is “scared” to do worksheets and during activities she tend to thinks that she is the last in class. All these is happening when she is actually one of the brightest child around.

I heard that in school she had been told that she is slow and she took it in.

By the way, these sketching happened on laminated sheets because these children got the listening comprehension printed behind right on first time. And while others was needing some help, they drew.

Of coz, such scribbling happens and it is quite a task to clean them. I need to first clean them off with a whiteboard cleaner, and then the remaining stain with a multi-purpose kitchen cleaner, which dries my hands like crazy. xD


At times my arm actually ache from these.

Also… it is strange but the very child who did those scribbles, would sometimes clean my boards squeakily clean.


All these cleaning can take up quite a bit of time.



Yup, same angle coz done by the same kid. xD

Feeling Thankful and Hurting a Little at the SAME TIME

Me has been told at least a thousand million times that I am too nice. That is something I can work on until I figure out how.

So, at times, some children would take my items and run around, eg. experimenting with tearing them and whatnot. I had tried taking them back but some children had reacted with pulling it back with all their might. Also, being nice still had them smiling at me and tearing the paper.

It is crazy but my take is, I can’t fight a child on this. Unless it concerns something really important.

And when this happens, among them children, among their kind hearts, they all seem to have this unspoken agreement on being kind to each other; one child would firmly take my item back and give it to me.

There will be no resistance and the “aggressor” would appear embarrassed and totally snap back to be nice.

It is a strange, strange thing. I think this is about how everyone is born kind.

So why am I hurt? In both sense.

One part is that I relied on another child to HELP ME. And then, wrong as the other child, it sucks to see them feeling bad about what they did.


Especially in one of my classes, we always manage to find time for some Origami.

And look how amazingly the children progressed.


A child folded her paper this way so she can get a bow when she unfold what she cut out.


The green “star” is actually part of a tree, the child also made the trunk, and stabled it on a cardboard. This cardboard is also the support for the bag of Origami paper. xD

Nao! Brag Fest!

I taught a few kids how to draw a star. And so far, a GRAND TOTAL of TWO CHILDREN had called our school their BEST CLASS. Another child who is often quiet in class spoke out to me FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT PROMOTING.

You are welcomed! ❤ ❤ ❤

Colleague GODDESS

Yup, we got a new colleague and she is a GODDESS.

For now I am literally copying after her. Like playing tic-tac-toe when a child arrives early for class, talking to their soft toys if they bought one to class and all those. This is the first time I am working with someone who work so well with a children. AMAZING.



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