My First Japanese Lesson

So! I started lessons at Ikoma.

I never thought it would happen but I missed Mi Sensei. How did that happened??! xD

Thank you for EVERYTHING Mi Sensei!


And my classroom is on the 20th floor. First sat at where ALL Anime character always sit at but since the class is smaller, I moved to the 2nd row. And took the WHOLE table for 3 person for myself.

Main Character.jpg

The first shock was, at the start the teacher (she is also a Ms ABE!) and everyone were going through part of their homework from last week. Over the years of study, I find myself at a stage where I actually know A LOT yet can’t churn out full sentences. Especially to make them concise.

A little thought slipped through my mind…

Is this class suitable??? For me…???

Then came the pair works.


There is no way that I can pretend to be alone and !!!!!!

Dear Ebibody,

I did all of you proud. Totally enguaged in class in full Japanese today and volunteered to answer questions IN MY OWN WORDS. Like including going up the board to write answers.

I was interesting, made other laughed and the teacher was totally surprised as it was my first class today.

Also, I told my partner and Sensei that Kakkoi people are trustworthy.

I might be the only Kawaii Otaku in class. For now.

I thought of Mi Sensei and she be proud that I watched my manners. I never thought that I would miss her this way!!!

Coolest Xingible.

From my FB last night.

So, there were listening practice, DICTATION and great focus on grammar and vocabulary. And homework.



Back in my old school, Mi Sensei had told us a few times that she wants us to become lovable people in a Japanese environment, especially in a Business setting.

Frankly, I had thought that, “well, I don’t NEED that!”

Only now that I start to get her effort. Will talk about this soon!!! ❤

Ps:/ Btw, I really recommend the Biz Japanese Class at Bunka Language taught by Mizusaki Sensei. IT WILL TOTALLY CHANGE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN LEARNING JAPANESE.


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