Teaching Day 000 Log; Eats and Life Teaching at a Pre-School

Yes. The next post will be Teaching Day 001 and so forth.

Surely it ain’t Day 000 per say, I can count back in time but just gonna start as Day 000 from now.

First up, Kiseki-worthy. So far, it seems like parents either sign their child up right after the trial classes or never. And then, there was this lovely little girl who joined us about a month after her trial class.

It was pretty much one of my most memorable trial class day. The morning class had 6 energetic boys who dismantled my block robot in 0.5 seconds to build theirs and the afternoons has 6 lovely little girls and the whole atmosphere was just different and that caught me off guard. After all, I had only the grand total of that ONE previous class of teaching experience.


New year cookies that the little girl’s Mum bought for us.

I was thrilled to have her back in my class and I totally danced in front of my boss and colleagues when they told me so.


Lovely sunset in the evening behind my house. Yeah, I live in apartments but I still call it a “house.”


There is a never ending source of cute and unique stationery in the office/school.


There is butter in the centre of these sandwiches. WHY.


Rainbow in the train. Been doing some Japanese in the train as and when. Changing school did me great help.


Had also been treating myself a lot. ❤ 寿司食べたい!


Finally printed my stuff out. The printing shop aunty is a gem!



Been treating myself a lot.

Btw, Chu if you are reading this, my two-tone puzzles art project is not gonna happen anytime soon. Remember this because I was chatting with Chu on FB while I was at this.



Just realise that these papers are of 70gsm. Should have gotten 80gsm!!


Finally, Samsung’s update on the Gallery got all thumbnails to be blurry. Which is bahhhh. I hope they update it again soon!!!


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