Teaching Day 001; Ode to All the Onii-sans and Onee-sans

It hadn’t been too common but at times for trial classes, we do have an older sibling accompanying the younger child. And usually when the older sib needs to come in, it is that the younger is crying and not willing to come in.

And interestingly enough, the older child is always the cool type.

I will always remember the first sister I met. She called the class a baby class and she got the things in class even without reading. xD Actually it is a really lovely thing, that once they are around the primary school age, they start to be fully responsible for themselves to they best they can.

But the sweetest thing was actually that she recognised the cartoon of myself I drew on the board and sincerely asked for my name.

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今日6歳のお姉さんと5歳の妹さん一緒に5歳のトライアルクラスに来ました。 お姉さんと私“あれは先生ですか?” 私、“はい、そうですよ。” お姉さん、“先生のお名前は?” 初めて子供さんが私の名前を聞いて、100%正しい発音で読んでくれました。 I AM MADE. ⭐⭐⭐💟💟💟😁😁😁 又は、“私は今年6歳よ!このベビークラスの生徒ではありません。” 子どもたちへ、皆小学校入る前わたくしに会うのは大変ありがたい。Always 宜しく致します。 #senseiz

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Aspiring to be a Teacher

As I teach the oldest age group for now, I only get to see such situations in other classes. One time in the 4 year olds’ class, a Primary 1 sister came in with her brother. She was giving him water and etc.

At one point point she picked up the books at the back of the classroom and read out to herself. Frankly, I was a tad annoyed because by then some of the children were already getting restless and they started looking at her and all.

It all quieten down as soon as it started and it was soon an activity of pasting coloured paper. Seeing that there are some uncoloured cartooned, she took out her coloured pencils for her brother.

It was all ok until the boy beside them also “borrowed” the pencils and at one point the two children were grabbing at one single pencil. I panicked and OH MY GOD.

This ANGEL of a human being actually stopped the snatching before us and managed to calmed both boys. She even patted the head of the other child. I was flabbergasted and begun to reflect on my OWN life.

While re-telling this to boss and colleague, boss told us that the sister had told her (when boss took her to the toilet) that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

This week the brother gotta be in class alone and Mum and Sis left the boy quietly thinking that it will be good, turned out, the little kid had such a disorientation, he practically ran out of the class door with teary eyes and a fearful face. I felt like a kidnapper even when I was lightly holding him back.

I finally managed to calm him enough to wait at the reception where we folded a least a hundred boats and finally this piece of artpeace when Teacher S got him one of the class worksheets.


That morning was the first morning ever that I taught a young child how to crush paper and tear paper and how to turn more glue stick out and that we have to wait for glue to dry.

Was really thankful that the parents came earlier and the boy was so happy he went back to class all perfect.

I once read from Cheesie about children being brave. Just imagine this, just being barely 4, they have to be by themselves and all those. Even as adults, not many of us find it all ok to be by ourselves.

Candy in My Hand

The most recent case was this, a 7 year old boy with his 5 year old brother. The little boy was so much in tears, a tiny voice in me said that he might skip the lesson. Finally when he sat at the back with his brother, he stuffed a candy into my hand. The siblings got them at the reception and the older bro already opened his, but a little too cool to help his little brother to open.

I thought he changed his mind and didn’t want the candy anymore, but he told me, “Can you open it for me?”

Frankly, I tend to be the worry-type at times. I was so worried that he might choked on it or something. But at the same time my heart literally hurts to see him fidgeting with the wrapper in vain and frustration. So I kept telling him that let’t eat it after class.

Eventually I decided to trust that he is amazing and the wrapper proved too tough to be opened by me too. Then I went to get a pair of scissors. Later on, the brothers quickly dashed out and back in after getting more candies. And this time the older bro went to where I took the scissors and again I helped the younger boy opened his candy.

For some reason, when I saw that everyone is finally enjoying themselves, I got teary in my heart. It feels good to have done something humanity plus.


Usually during my break days, I have so much to blog about. If not, I can just sleep back the hours I need and whatnot. Only having a day off for this week so we can have a longer Chinese New Year break. =D

How is life going one for everyone??

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