Project Bleach – I Need to Go Back in Time

This shall be a project that might not even happen. Or, after some feeble attempts, dissolve into nothingness.

So! For some really strange reason, during last Oct/Nov, I goolged up High and Mighty Colour‘s Days one day at work. I was doing translation and would appreciate some background music.

And the song somehow got stuck.

As I got the song on loop, I start to go into other songs and artistes of that era. As with Orange Range, I got to know them all when I was around 18, in 2005.

Our souls are always telling us things and we should really acknowledge that to the best that we can. I got the message that I have something incomplete from then. And I am just gonna complete watching Bleach and research on the musicians and all. :3 And to keep creating artpeaces to connect with them. It is insane how people are connecting with me from those. Seriously, I am living in an era that is sO different from what was before. The last generation who have played outside and only gotten the world wide web in my teens. At times, it still feels all strange that we are all connected by the www.

Are you reading this with me? Please give me some love. コメント really means Comment.

Shall just proceed with things as long as I got the time. Me is happily fulfilled these days. I am even sleeping well. ❤ And waking up equally well. It is like I totally cleared bad Karma. =D

The universe really works in very strange ways.


It is like Kami Sama heard my prayers. Maki is back with a music unit. How is that?!

カテゴリー: Muse


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