ArtPeace 4: Rakuen Graphics


This marks my first attempt at watercolourising a logo. O__O!!!

Rakuen Graphics design stuff. Designer Youki Matsuyama started his designing work upon meeting Seiji and Tetsushi (NEENEE) in 2010. So yeah, Rakuen Graphics designed many CD jackets and music posters and the such.

And if you are overseas, you are in luck too! They designed a poster for a restaurant in Indonesia, so it is likely that they fulfill overseas requests too. Not sure about the language used though, but these days there are sO many help online. It is almost impossible to have too big a miscommunication.



It is sO cool that I gotten a little Thank You and Re-Tweet from Rakuen Graphics themselves. ❤ ❤ ❤ Frankly these got me to feel really great about it all. That over times I am reaching to people with my… art!! ❤ Yes, I am made. ❤


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