Teaching, Birthday, Japanese Learning and Life in Xingibliness (Also Thoughts on Moving in My 30s)

Teaching of This Week

One of my favourite things to do at work these days is to visit *the* Goddess colleague’s classroom and muse over all her cool-est teaching materials.


Honestly, until now… like really, I am not kidding, I had thought that whiteboard markers has only the generic BLUE, BLACK, RED and GREEN. Maybe rarely when a special meteorite visits earth, we get a purple one.


Goddess colleague had told us that finding this was a thing to her as she played with these as a child and she couldn’t find them for some while thinking that these are out of production.

(These are for children to work with to get a concept of units.)


I I was fidgeting a lot of Big Bear (Big and Small Bear is our permanent installation) a lot Goddess colleague whacked me with it later. O__O Teacher Bee was nearby and she got whacked too. xD

And check this out baby!!!

We too have a bunch of ultra realistic looking fruits and vegetables. Some of them are weighted so a potato really feels potato-ish and all. O__O S-U-G-O-I!!


Apparently this is a REAL thing. Sold in stationery shops. Also, it really isn’t a case of me having tiny hands.


I was the first kid to get a magnetic white-marker holder. This way no kiddies can pick up a marker and start getting distracted.


ALL of them will now stand on a chair.

By the way this is the work of the little bro of the pair of twins. We had some wooden sticks meant for comparing length and they started relating them to rifles and they have so much military knowledge. O__O

Having them in the class got me to really get rooted in Prof Rao’s teachings. That we can never guarantee the outcome, the only blessing comes in us giving to the process.

I have had prepared what I thought would be awesome for them but it turned into nothing-muchs and this week, just playing on the floor and filling in worksheets on the chair as tables got them to be so comfortable. ❤

The older bro actually sat by himself to read a book and little bro was thanking me the whole time when he took pieced together units to form a longer train across the room (learning about units too). EVERYTHING FELT SURREAL OMG.

We are talking about little kids who would punch my butt and tear the teacher’s teaching materials just to see how object works.

I spent the last day of my 30th human life using the glue gun for the first time. =D It was easier and more convenient than I thought.


My Birthday – 3rd March 2018

I spent my 30th birthday waking up to this;

This year I was out of my house before the day fully lighten up. The late opening of the train station nearest to me had needing to go to a further station, so gotta leave house earlier than usual.

Parents got me a black forest cake, I actually dislike baked stuff with fruits, but chomped down half the cake nevertheless.


I told Mum that my birthday wish is to meet Naoto Hiroyama (of Orange Range) and tell him that my own Mother looks like him (and if it is his fancy, would he also marry me ❤ ?). Mum rolled her eyes at me.

The Universe works in really fancy way. Who knows? =D

And a really beautiful was about this picture.


My nose literally bled. I am not even kidding. How… Like how did ALL 3 siblings turned out so HOT? And cute at the same time??? I must breath the same kind of air as their parents when I am being becoming a parent myself.

I am not sure if the Hiroyama brother naturally, instinctively always put themselves in this order. There is the oldest bro, Tetsushi, on the left, 2nd bro, Yosuke, on the right, and baby bro Naoto will always between them (go Google and you will see). Or that they have to stop and make everyone wait to get into this position. And if that is so, why???

OHHH!! And the whole thing about this picture is, an IG friend posted this on my FB wall on my birthday as a birthday greeting. She was originally from Okinawa. Also by far the *ONLY* person I know of who genuinely believes that I can enter Okinawa International University in 2020.

Little to we know, we limit ourselves a lot to the little bit of things we grow up with. For example, I only know of Summer, love the warm and hated the hotter days. Little did I know that the world has so many other seasons and whatnots.

Likewise, in the most unexpected ways, there are so many kind people out there that I never know of. I am meeting older ladies, on IG and all those who wish the best for me. I already feel strong with their well wishes.

Teaching on 3rd March 2018: One-to-one class to 2 Girls

There is a beautiful saying that to some extent we met because our highest selves agreed to.


I am so glad to have met them, more on I am glad that they have chose me to be their teacher. Rightfully in my employment contract I am a programme instructor, I am called a teacher because of that is what we usually do. There is just so much weight attached to being called a Teacher. ❤

More lovable children in my next class.


The thing with children is that, they are just so real. I makes me what to go back to Hamahiga Island and stay beside Amamichu.


I am so in love with chocolates and sweet stuff these days.


=( This has little to no earl grey though!! But lightly flavoured so I guess it is healthy and nice.


On the 20th of March 2017, I ate one pack of this as dinner.


Watson sales at the mall I work in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sO love this series!!


McDonald’s new Thai Milk Tea ice cream!! O__O It was good. I was still burping Milk Tea flavoured gas later on.


Surprise!!!! =D

Starbucks in the Sakura season!! But with zero Sakura stuff!!


There was a parent’s talk in my classroom so I worked with our translators that day. As and when I love crashing others’ room to work with them. xD ❤


Materials this week.


Was chopping up toothpicks into the correct length and as I cut them, they shot out. This was the aftermath of the room.


At times I still go out after work hours to buy materials for teaching stuff. Frankly I don’t like the part that it eats into my own time (even though boss is nice to let me take 30 minutes off) but I usually don’t remember it when it all comes into good use during classes.

I consider this an ultra good fortune. To like something sO enough.

Japanese Learning

I have heard of this Tobira series but never really get into it. Finally got like everything from it.

And for the update, I am not even 10% into my childrens’ books from last quarter!

But well, as much as I think that we need to strive, I think somethings are just so. As long as you are on the journey of it, that is the reward itself.



I know right. Surely someday Zhao Sensei. ROFL! :3



Thoughts on Moving into my 30s

The biggest thing about it all is, I am running outta time and the blessing with it, I no longer want to gamble my human life hours and minutes on flaky people. As much as each person has unlimited potential, it is also true that in our current consciousness, we only can hold on to so much.

Empty yourself and let the goodness come.

View everything from different perspectives. I am sure that towards the end of me life, no matter how OK I am with leaving, I will still ask for one more second. This is actually how important your time on earth is.

Naoto and Me//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js



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