No JLPT Till…

Writing this from my phone. Computer is exhausted, tablet laptop on updates.

I was all excited to sign up for the upcoming Japanese Language Profiency Test (JLPT) until… I realise that there is no way to take the test on Sundays as Sundays are working days for me.

However, I still want to take the prepetory course, as part of Xingible’s Road to Nihongo. Just that, I wonder if I really want to pack in classes on both my off days.

What would it takes to have everything smooth out for me?

Since I wouldn’t be taking JLPT in a while, the more I want to have a *MASSIVE* shift in my profiency.

I am getting sleepy as I type this. I still thought that I can squeeze in more stuff to do tonight.

Well, on a secret mission. See you all in… May it be sooooooon enough.


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