I am taking an online course on Mindvally by Robin Sharma. We are into our 2nd week and there is a lot of talk on journaling.

I love journaling.

I remember how one time I had intended to send a “thoughtful” letter to a school employee whom I had a grievence with. However, upon the completion of that letter, I was at peace. I threw the paper away and was cleared of all those negative feeling.

Since I often write on public platforms, this part of the magic was hidden. Until Robin talked about all the magic of journaling.

I had picked up so much of those, be positive, don’t get yourself into trouble and all. Surely they are good and correct things to follow, but on a personal level, a public blog sure has limitation on how we really write and face ourselves.

Left my earpiece in the office and here is a mobile post on the train home after the 7th lesson at Ikoma.


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