Yet Another Mobile Post!

It is Friday the 13th!!!

We had an interesting passage theme in our previous Japanese lesson. “生き甲斐,” read as IKIGAI, meaning the reason to live.

Of coz there is a deeper thing to it. Like in this reason, you find enjoyment, fulfilment and is able to do your part to for this bigger cosmos.

During pair work, I told my classmate that I found my IKIGAI. That is just to live each day happily.

It just came out like that.

And, going deeper, making sure that I won’t be unconsciously short changing myself, the next step is, how do I define a happy life?

Surely I can’t just pop in to Okinawa, marry Naoto and have it all done. I am on the train now to work btw, but still in this there is joy. Gonna grab McD breakfast and gasppppp, probably more voice training later. Apparently I speak very fast and kinda soft. :3

And this brings me to a lesson in Prof Rao’s Creative & Personal Mastery. The reason why we feel stressed is bcoz we don’t accept the current (for me, I am not in Okinawa) and bent on wanting it to happen our way. Once we accept that, the stress go away. But by no means we stop striving.

Next, it is true. We just keep wanting more and what is next. After I get to Okinawa, what kind of house should we get, how will our marriage be and etc. It keeps coming eh?

So, the NOW is something important to look into.

Lastly, I saw this clip of dear Naoto yesterday. I think he let out a burp or something. And he is just so adorable I grinned the whole train ride.

How can this man be sO child-like.


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